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Happy New Year From The Escobars

Our Isagenix Family,  Last year is soon to be history, gone forever and the only thing you can do about it, is to accept the fact it was once here. Hopefully you’ve learned many lessons from your accomplishments and your painful mistakes. Think about this, i f mistakes were not so agonizing and painful, success would not be so joyful, enjoyable and rewarding. If you made mistakes and we all have, then you were trying new things and making new things happen. You were learning! You don't ever lose by making mistakes - you lose defending and rationalizing the mistakes you've made. Whether you believe it or not you in 2012 you were experiencing change. Every mistake, every disappointment, every rejection and all the discouragement of 2012 have prepared you for 2013 and that is exciting news. In 2012 many distributors learned from their mistakes and became leaders. Others inhabited them, used them as excuses and got nowhere. Think of every New Year’s Day

Last Call! Build those New Year Cleanse Groups, spark your business in 2013!

Suggestion:  Get something of this nature out to your sphere's of influence right away team! Even better call the people you know and those you see at Holiday Gatherings. Make sure to change the website towards the bottom to your own! "Our New Year Group Cleanse begins January 7th for all of those who want to participate! Make sure to get either your 9 day or 30 day system ordered soon, the latest you would want to order would be the 27th of December so you have your products in time to start with us. It will be so much fun to participate with a very large group of people from all over the world! Please invite everyone to join you, the more the merrier. I have one family of 5 cleansing together now, doing it together makes it so much more motivating and enjoyable. I once had a group of 11 women at a mortgage office do a group cleanse together. They made a little contest out of it and had a winners pot. Their results were off the charts! Another gr

Build you New Year Cleanse Groups!

Now is the opportune time to contact all of your friends and family and invite them to join you on our new year cleanse! If they are to join us it is important that they order within the next two weeks! Make sure to create an urgency around this! I also suggest that you encourage them to purchase a cleanse for their spouse for Christmas so that they can join them in the new year cleanse. They can also purchase the cleanse for themselves for Christmas. Is there a better gift to give ourselves in the gift of health? Often times we invest so much energy in others this time of year and we are under so much stress that we let ourselves go. Let me give you an example of An invitation that I will send out. I will also be contacting close friends by phone and obviously in person. "Who would like to join us on our annual NEW YEAR CLEANSE?! It is our biggest group cleanse of the entire year! If you would like to join us it is important that you get  your order in within the next week or s

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Escobars

Team Body Alive, We are so grateful for our relationships with each of you and count you amongst our most choice blessings.  The Isagenix opportunity for us is all about family.  Our hope is that your family will be blessed with all you hope and dream for this time of year.  These are tough economic times for so many people.  The economic stress burdens people's health, their marriages and their families.   We know of a surety that we have solutions for people who are facing these seemingly impossible economic times.  There is hope, we can help!  Thank each of you for joining us in this mission of sharing this once in a lifetime opportunity forward.  Mom often says that millions of people are drowning and we possess a lifesaver which we can throw out and offer to those who accept.    Tremendous perspective isn't it?  What a wonderful cause we are engaged in.  Thank you once again, all you members of our IsaFamily, for making a difference.  You truly are. Love, The Escobars

Happy Thanksgiving Body Alive Team

Many of you will be joining the team on our post Thanksgiving Cleanse, some starting Pre-Cleanse this weekend and others starting next week.  No matter the case, please make the most of it by actively participating and encouraging others in our Facebook Groups.  It's important to remember that Holidays present special opportunities to share with loved ones what has been working for you in with your health goals.  It is priceless gift we have to share, the Gift of Health!  It's a great time to plant seeds and invite friends to join us in post Thanksgiving Cleansing and the Big New Year Cleansing Group coming up.   Now here are some thoughtful messages from Tony and Randi Escobar.   "What a wonderful day to reflect on the many kindnesses and gestures of love that have been received by our family. We have been blessed so deeply by so many. Your examples of faith, hope and charity have truly enriched our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. There are so m

Free South Florida Event on the 15th of November

FREE MEETING FOR EVERYONE!!!! NOV 15TH   THIS IS FOR OUR TEAM ONLY….let’s see how it goes with this first time!!!  7-8PM NEW  South Florida IsaTEAM Meeting         EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS with  BREAKOUT SESSIONS  for NEW GUESTS/BUILDERS Experience Isagenix in Three Minutes   HOSTED BY 4 STARS Dr. Corey Cameron and Lisa Possanza, R.N EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION TEAM :  Dr. Corey Cameron, Lisa Possanza -R.N., Tatiana & Kendrick Montgomery- Fitness Trainers ,  Sherry Fox and Dianne Congdon – NEW YOU Cleanse Support Coaches BRING NEW GUESTS/BUILDERS to EXPAND their ISAGENIX CONCEPTS in these AREAS: 1.        NEW PEOPLE – READY TO LEARN about Nutritional Cleansing This breakout is for YOUR GUESTS and NEW PEOPLE…let us teach them!!!           LEARN ABOUT CLEANSING from the    Coaches: Sherry Fox and Dianne C -WHY Detoxify – Our Toxic Crisis + Liver Assassins                           -

Think Abundance!

I had a thought provoking moment on Tuesday when I dropped down from the mountains to return Lily home, I took Crystal Escobar to lunch at a crowded restaurant, cafe rio if you must know, we had to have coconut shrimp tacos. lol   So I looked around this crowded restaurant and I thought I wonder if I know anyone in here.  I scanned the room carefully looking at each person's face, seeing if there was any recognition.  There must have been 35 people in that little place and I didn't know a single one, in my own Cafe Rio! lol   I also recalled how my mom will sometimes bring Identical twins up on the stage and notice how they too have things unique and special to only them, how God has never made a single person on this earth exactly as you are.  Isn't that amazing to think about!  I want sense that this time of year people begin to get distracted by many things, that's life.  Don't forget to keep things in perspective my friends and partners.  There is an absolute ab

Our San Diego Beach Vacation

Typical Family Picture, non of the kids chose to look at the camera! Thanks to my wife Crystal for putting out a post on her blog about our vacation. The link is below.  She is so great at making sure we never forget the special moments by creating a way look back and savor the memories.    We had so much fun.  There were many occasions when we all spoke about how fortunate we have become as a result of our Isagenix business so that we can do things like this.  Spending time with our families and being able to have a high quality of life is our ultimate aspiration.  Not only did Isagenix pay for our vacation, it paid us while on vacation, thanks to our wonderful team members who are out there passionately sharing each and every day, thank you for that.  The 1st Presidential Debate was during our trip and much was said about the economy.  How wonderful it is that we, as Isagenix Business Owners, do not have to rely upon the government to determine our financial outlook.  We absolut

Sean Anthony Escobar's Mission Statement

I wrote this Mission Statement all the way back in 2004.  Wow, same holds true today! ;)

Free Offer from Best Selling Fitness Author Pete Cerqua

Hi Everyone, Pete Cerqua has put together a great sales tool free of charge for everyone in our Isagenix team.  Based on his workout program and bestselling book The 90-Second Fitness Solution published by Simon & Schuster, Pete has given you his Level 1 Home Workout to pass along to all your new customers to help them achieve even better results.  Based on what I've read, and contrary to popular belief, it is the strength training, not so much the cardio that accelerates weight loss. This email package will answer the question “where do I start when it comes to working out?” His THREE minute workout is great for ANYONE starting their Isagenix program with you and has yet to start exercising. All you have to do to get this information from Pete is email him directly with Level 1 Workout/ (and your name) in the subject line and  just ask Pete to “Please send me my free Level 1 Workout package.” Pete will list all of you on his website as  90-Second Fitness Level 1 Ho

Important message about the future of our Body Alive Sites

Hello Team, We are pleased to announce a new direction for the Body Alive Sites.  We are grateful for the purpose they have served over the last 2 years.  Soon this is where you will go in order to connect with our Share it Forward Academy Business Training and to also show your potential business builder who your team is and what we have all collectively achieved.  For now, we will leave it the way it is as we know that some of you have placed this site on your brochures and business cards and such.   The only change for now is that we must disable the "ordering feature" of necessity.  Unfortunately there have been a few people who have mistakenly taken too long to process orders that have come in, which leaves people waiting for their product for quite some time, making us look bad.  We can't afford that kind of a first impression on new customers. You can still use the site to promote Isagenix, just make sure that you skillfully follow up (within 48 ho

Help New People Save $150 on a 30-Day System!

The Flyer for this has been posted in the Body Alive Biz Support Group on Facebook.  

Meet a Rising Star Audrey Kirnon!

This From our new IsaFamily Member Audrey!  She's in our Facebook group so please do say hello.  You'll be hearing about Audrey more in the future, same goes for Misty Easler, and Eric Daniels.  I can guarantee you that!   "Hi IsaFamily! You might have seen my post last week about my Dad last week and how well he's for my own awesome 90 day testimonial and results. I am ECSTATIC about the renewed energy and zest for life Isagenix has given me! I was in a terrible car accident two years ago that resulted in three surgeries within months on both my ankles and right shoulder. In addition to the surgeries, I still had torn cartilage in my hip, 6 herniated discs in my back and neck, loss of some vision and hearing, sciatica, cracked teeth, nerve damage and a bunch of other injuries. I was in constant discomfort and had difficulty sleeping practically every night. I then received 18 steroid injections in my spine to "help" ease the discomfort. Unf

IsaBody Finalist Tiff Dodge's Entire Story!

Let's all get behind Tiff!   We received IsaBody Finalist Tiff Dodge's permission to share her story in its entirety, she sees how she can uplift others and make a difference.  She is so authentic, I love that about her.  She's going to bless so many lives. Here's what she said, "I appreciate your sensitivity to the matter, but do feel free to share the story in its entirety  to whoever you feel. The Lord has been prompting me for quite some time now to open up, but I have been hesitant because of my fear of coming off as arrogant and bragging, and I didn't want all the "sympathy attention."  It was what it was, and I have moved forward in my life.  I don't dwell on it, and I didn't want others to.  I am now ready and willing to share.  I count it a blessing to have been able to share it with you and your family, because I know your reach is much farther than my own."  You can find Tiff on facebook by searching for "Tiff Dodge Is

Meet Tiff Dodge, IsaBody Finalist and Body Alive Team Member

Introducing IsaBody Challenge Finalist & Body Alive Team Member Tiffany Dodge We had the privilege of going out to a celebratory lunch with "Tiff" yesterday along with her trainer Aaron Ogden.   Little background here, Aaron is one of the most prominent trainers in Utah.  Tiff proudly proclaims him as "the #1 trainer in Utah!"  :)   We have known Aaron for many years, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 years.   He is a personal friend of the family and trained my sister for some time.   I remember back when Aaron was first introduced to Isagenix, he was in our conference room and out of everyone there, he was the one with the most questions.  It was obvious that Aaron was not going to endorse something unless he was 100% sure that it was going to be safe and effective for his clients .  Thats what sets Aaron apart from the rest, he does not impulsively do things, off all the trainers we've ever met, he is the one that dedicates himself t