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Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.     Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. We pray this Thanksgiving to prioritize the things that will always remain… to give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way and all the little things that add up to be enormous blessing… abundant blessings for all our friends… for every single soldier around the world … for our Isagenix company and all our IsaFamily. We are grateful for you  We wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and that your blessings are many. Love, The Escobar Group Please Download the 18 Page Training Document on the Power of Gratitude below:

Tony and Randi Escobar in Las Vegas!

For the First Time in Las Vegas, The #1 Isagenix Income Earners Will be Here to Reveal Their Secrets to Building Their MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Business!     Saturday, December 4 ,  2010 Best Western Mardi Gras Inn 3500 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, Ph: 702.731.2020. 8:30am – 9:00 AM (Registration) 9 AM – 1PM Main Event $15 Isagenix Associates, All Guests are Free! Limited Seating. For   Discount Hotel Rates Contact Samantha RSVP:      Samantha Jaramillo 702.622.2635 For individuals who dream big, are passionate about people and wish to enjoy health, rewarding relationships and financial security , Tony and Randi Escobar are the leaders who can help you achieve personal empowerment to overcome self-limiting attitudes and realize the full power of your potential . As top leaders in direct selling who love people more than they love money, Tony and Randi have helped thousands of people discover their dreams, understand their passions and achieve their goals. Tony and Randi are re

Join the "Santa Cleanse" Challenge Dec. 6th - 14th

There was a huge response to the  Turkey Cleanse but some of you didn't have time to prepare and order your 9 Day Systems for you and your friends and family. thanks to the great response and a plea from one of our great team members, Rennie... we are doing it again in December with the 1st Annual "Santa Cleanse!"   So don't wait to take ACTION!   Order your  9 Day TODAY and also get the word out to all your friends and family!   Happy Holidays Already! (Thanks again to six figure earner Kimber King for this awesome reminder!)

Tele-Conference Call with nutritional expert, Tony Escobar on Monday

Don’t Miss Our Next Tele-Conference Call with  nutritional expert, Tony Escobar on Monday, November 22 at 9PM Eastern.   Dial 1-(507) 726-4200 and enter the Pass Code   178333  followed by # key. Tony Escobar is a world-famous concept nutritional product formulator and has been a master herbalist and biosynthesist for over 20 years. He is an Olympian International Sports Federation Certified athletic trainer. In fact, the caliber of Tony's work earned him a Sanctioned Commendation from Dr. Richard You, President of the Olympian International Sports Federation and past Chief Physician of the US Olympic Team for his work as a professional trainer and nutritional consultant. Tony is a world-class champion. Originally from Australia where he was a professional athlete in 2 sports - soccer & cricket - he went on to become a professional coach in both sports, then an athletic trainer or coach for NBA, Major League Baseball, the National Soccer League and NFL players.  But - t

Check out the New Video for promoting the Business Opportunity!

Hey Everyone, We have long been looking for the right tool to utilize to get people exited about the Isagenix Business Opportunity.  For several years we have utilized the slide show webinar from sixfiguremakers.  The "opportunity tool" is a touchy thing.  Too much hype and your could send the new person into resistance mode.  Not enough excitement leads them to become disinterested.  We think we have found the perfect balance here.  Now we have a new video for you to share with everyone you talk to about the opportunity of Isagenix.  It's under 10 minutes long and power packed with fantastic information that will help people catch the vision. Ask yourself, am I effectively communicating to my friends, family, customers, and potential business builders how special the Isagenix Opportunity is?  Rather than feeling like you have to hit every single point and force yourself on people, why not just ask them to give you 10 minutes to watch the video?  "I don't want

1st Annual "Turkey Cleanse" November 16-24th

Grow your friendships this Holiday Season, not your waistline! Let’s face it, with the holidays right around the corner, staying committed to your health and weight-loss goals can be especially tough (can we have a moratorium on the baking this year please?) Join us for our  1st Annual "Turkey Cleanse"  starting Tuesday, November 16th! Last year, ODT Leader Kimber King coached  9 people through 9 days of cleansing, 9 days  right before Thanksgiving and the results were incredible!   9 individuals participated in the  her  challenge and in just 9 days they released 88.5 lbs. and 133.5 inches!   Can you imagine how great they felt at their Thanksgiving Dinner last year?   That is an average release of 9.8 lbs. a person--in just 9 days!   This year the ODT Leadership is doing it again this year and are  inviting all our Associates and Product Customers to join us!     Send an email or call all your Associates and Product Customers right now to make sure they have a 9 day Pak

What Business are we in? WEIGHT LOSS!

I hope that none of you resist this little training.   The reason you may resist it is because you want people to see Isagenix for what it really is.  I know how you feel, I have been there!   In fact I can remember a time where I think I was curtailing my own business's growth in an effort to require that everyone "get it!"    Isagenix goes Way Way beyond silly old Weight Loss!  However, for your business to really take off, you must focus on???????   You guessed it, silly old Weight Loss.   Enjoy the Cartoons! See my goal would be that all of you generate a lot of interest in your market, not just a little.  I know that many of you don't like how people see this as just "Weight loss."  Neither do I!  I cringe when someone refers to Isagenix as a "diet."  Still I have to be completely candid with all of you as my partners.  I would say that in my experience 9 out of every 10 people that enroll in Isagenix with me and my organization do it for w

Social Media Wizards to the rescue! Create Leads for your Business!

Hello Isagenix Family! The Social Success System is here, don't get left behind!  Listen to Tony Escobar Introduce the System: Sean Bridger and Brad Cusworth Simple Question, "where do we find people to talk to?"  It's a question that I get daily, yes every single day!   I'm sure you have asked yourself this very question many times.  Last night I was asked this very question by a gentleman who had just enrolled 7 people in the previous month!  He still was dying to know "where do I go now, how do I accomplish more?"  I commend you Rob, for the seriousness with which you are treating your business, you are on your way!   Good news, the Wizards of Facebook to the Rescue!  My father met these gentlemen about 6 months ago during his travels to Australia.  They really know their stuff and have a technology that is not available any where else.  They can teach you the power that comes from Massive Online Leverage!