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I Read That (ingredient) Was Bad For You

October 24, 2011 by Isagenix Nutritional Sciences Health-conscious consumers need to be weary of some of the information available online. It’s a truism to say that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet . However, when it comes to the topic of health and nutrition, there’s all the more reason to remain on high alert when reading materials around the World Wide Web. A few websites, articles and blogs can be deliberately misleading. They knowingly make scientifically inaccurate statements and peddle scare tactics unnecessarily—often with the intent to promote products that may lack in actual quality. Usually what these websites resort to is singling out a relatively minor ingredient, or a detail of its form as the sole focus of an attack. These attacks have unfortunately caused a great deal of confusion for health-conscious people who are seeking to find the best quality products for their bodies. Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) For e

South Florida Isagenix Presentation

EARLY REGISTRATION EXTENDED TO MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY 10/26!!! THREE  MORE DAYS FOR EARLY REGISTRATION $10 Ends Wednesday Night!    Oct 27 to Nov 6 th   $15 and $20 at the Door!    GUESTS ARE FREE – Please Register Them! 2011 Blitz Review  SOUTH FLORIDA ISAGENIX COUNCIL Presents:   TRANSFORM YOUR BODY – CHANGE YOUR LIFE  Living Healthy in our Toxic World   HOSTED BY LISA POSSANZA R.N. and LAURA HERNANDEZ   With Special Guest Speakers Learn more about  YOUTHFUL AGING  and the importance of caring for our telomeres with the new, Product B™ Antioxidants plus Telomere Support!! We will cover how the 5 Pillars of Isagenix are creating  RESIDUAL INCOME   with our Business Opportunity.    PREREGISTER ONLINE    OCT 10 TO  NOV 6  and SAVE….$5 - $10    Http://    (Preregistration ENDS 11/6)  Wed.NOV 9TH                                   Ft. Lauderdale Marriott North Hotel  6650 N. Andrews  Ft. Lauderdale, F

Burger King billboard gets much deserved graffiti

(Were they asking for it or what!?)  Burger King billboard gets diabetes graffiti:  "Someone has graffitied this Burger King billboard in downtown Seattle to transform it into criticism about how sugary fast food contributes to diabetes and the obesity crisis. The original billboard does that classic advertising trick of getting away with making a joke while still promoting an idea that's not so great for you, which is to eat more deserts at Burger King. The billboard shows an ice cream cone, a parfait, a milkshake and then a Burger King logo. Underneath the items in progression it says "side," "entree," and "drink." To modify it into a commentary, on the logo, the vandalizer drew a bloated person with a frowny face and x-ed out eyes. Below it they scrawled, "diabetes."

Isagenix Geometric Progression Chart

Want to get REALLY Excited about your Isagenix Business?  Ever had someone ask you "What is the income potential?"  "What happens if I bring in 100 people?"  Get REALLY Excited people because this Hypothetical Growth Chart is your answer.  Just imagine that this has you earning 49k/month after only 12 months and having earned 97k in your first year.  See what happens when you give this opportunity time to get rolling?    This is based on the "Power of 2" Concept.  Meaning, 2 people go out and find 2 more who find 2 more and so on.  This does not take into consideration the 8k plus that is available in Rank Advancement Bonuses.  Nor does it take into consideration that you could potentially find one person who leads you to 100's or 1000's of customers.  One powerful networker equals thousands of customers to you!  A networker is ANYONE who has a network of influence in place.  A Hairdresser is a networker.  A Massage Therapist is a Networker.  We

Opportunity Knocks! Rank Advancement Bonuses

I've had a lot of requests for the link to the Rank Advancement Bonus Call that was done recently.  I want to thank 4 Star Golden Circle Lisa Possanza again for suggesting the call. These incentives are mind boggling to me!   Take the time to learn about them, then set a goal to capitalize on the opportunity!  Allow these incentives to drive you towards massive success in your Isagenix business.   They absolutely will!  Love ya, Sean Here is the link to the MP3 recording:

What happens if your not on Product B?

"This is what you'll be looking forward to  if your not on Product B!"  -John Anderson

Sherry and Bill Fox hit 2 Star Golden Circle!

Congratulations to Sherry and Bill Fox for hitting 2 STAR GOLDEN CIRCLE!!!!!!   (20 cycles in a single week) Randi Escobar said, "Sherry just pulls out her Machete and starts blazing a trail.  Never complains, always steady and moving forward!"   We are so proud of you guys!