Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year From The Escobars

Our Isagenix Family, 
Last year is soon to be history, gone forever and the only thing you can do about it, is to accept the fact it was once here. Hopefully you’ve learned many lessons from your accomplishments and your painful mistakes. Think about this, if mistakes were not so agonizing and painful, success would not be so joyful, enjoyable and rewarding.

If you made mistakes and we all have, then you were trying new things and making new things happen. You were learning! You don't ever lose by making mistakes - you lose defending and rationalizing the mistakes you've made.
Whether you believe it or not you in 2012 you were experiencing change. Every mistake, every disappointment, every rejection and all the discouragement of 2012 have prepared you for 2013 and that is exciting news. In 2012 many distributors learned from their mistakes and became leaders. Others inhabited them, used them as excuses and got nowhere.

Think of every New Year’s Day as your birthday. It is the birth of another year and the birth of many new and exciting challenges for you.
This may sound a little off the wall and maybe a little crazy but our wish for you in 2013, is for you to make more mistakes, new mistakes, wonderful mistakes, mistakes that can reignite your purpose and your creative mind. Hopefully you will make mistakes you’ve never made before.  When you make mistakes you are doing something, it means you are working and pursuing your goals. 

A lot has happened to you in 2012 and perhaps you regret some of the mistakes you’ve made. Maybe you regret not giving it your all. New Years Day is a definitely a new beginning for you, it’s a second chance; it is everyone’s birthday. It’s a time to re-establish your dream, your goals and your purpose.
Ask yourself, “What would I love to have happen in my life this coming New Year?” Here is a wonderful goal that will certainly impact your life, say it to yourself right now; “I want to achieve something I’ve never done before, I want to go to that place I’ve never been before and I want to attract people into my life that can help me achieve my goals?”

Goals and ambition with a purpose will define you and always point you in the right direction. Doing things with a purpose is a dominant force that will certainly help diminish mistakes and good positive people will inspire, motivate and keep you focused.

The New Year, 2013 stands before you. January is chapter one in your “Book of Opportunity”. Are you ready to write it? February is chapter two; March is chapter three and so on.
This New Year is just for you. It’s your year so seize it and embrace it! You can’t afford to pass through another year holding onto an empty book or coasting on cruise control. You must step out of your comfort zone, step into your greatness and step up to an abundant lifestyle that you deserve. Step out of your comfort zone, out of a life of complacency by doing things you have never done before.
Raise the bar in 2013. It is the “year of elevation” in your life and your business. An abundant lifestyle and absolute success is available to you.

If you discover a purpose in your life to die for, you will certainly live for it. Do you believe this?

Yes indeed, 2013 is upon us so don’t start the New Year doubting yourself. Doubting will most certainly sabotage your enthusiasm, your purpose and your ambitions. Your past experiences should never dictate your future.
Past experiences and inaction are the root cause of doubt and fear. Action is the foundation of confidence, courage and a successful business.
Seize 2013, it will be the very best year in history just as it was in 2012. Network marketing is arguably the second fastest growing business in America today. We have never seen growth like this in over 25 years and next year is expected to be even better.
Happy New Year and let 2013 explode for you!

Love you all,
The Escobars

Yes, it’s here another New Year
It’s your birthday, your time to forgive
It’s a time to let go of doubt and 
It’s time to discover your motive

This New Year is a divine gift to me
A challenge to be the best
To conquer each day is the vital key
2013 is the test

To try again is my opportunity
to learn from mistakes and right some wrongs,
the new life is where I want to be,
for a life of abundance is where I belong
You may not be where you really want to be today and you may not be satisfied with who you are. This may be due to your choices, experiences and influences of the past. Don’t carry these things forward into 2013 because you could become down on everything. Tomorrow 2013 is a new birth and magnificent beginning for you. If you can accept this, the thoughts of failure, despondency and hopelessness will be replaced by thoughts of expectation, hope, optimism and confidence. It is not where you have been or where you’re at right now but where you are going in 2013.

Tuesday January 1st 2013 is a new sunrise of hope, joy, happiness and abundance for you. It is your new beginning of new goals, thoughts and actions. January 1st is the day, the day you ignite your passion and your energy. It’s the first day of explosive thinking and growth. It’s a time of self-assessment and inner cleansing. It’s a time for humility and for personal honesty. It’s a time to reform old habits that have taken you in the wrong direction. It’s a time for commitment. It’s a time to surround yourself with good people.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Call! Build those New Year Cleanse Groups, spark your business in 2013!

Suggestion:  Get something of this nature out to your sphere's of influence right away team! Even better call the people you know and those you see at Holiday Gatherings. Make sure to change the website towards the bottom to your own!

"Our New Year Group Cleanse begins January 7th for all of those who want to participate! Make sure to get either your 9 day or 30 day system ordered soon, the latest you would want to order would be the 27th of December so you have your products in time to start with us. It will be so much fun to participate with a very large group of people from all over the world! Please invite everyone to join you, the more the merrier. I have one family of 5 cleansing together now, doing it together makes it so much more motivating and enjoyable. I once had a
group of 11 women at a mortgage office do a group cleanse together. They made a little contest out of it and had a winners pot. Their results were off the charts! Another group of 5 women did this in Chicago and collectively dropped over 100 inches. It's time to do something folks. If you always do what you've always done, you will always be who you've always been and get what you've always got! You can order your system at   We'll look forward to supporting you. Please message me with any questions. Give yourself a very special gift this Christmas, the gift that keeps on giving. Here's to your health. Sean"

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Build you New Year Cleanse Groups!

Now is the opportune time to contact all of your friends and family and invite them to join you on our new year cleanse! If they are to join us it is important that they order within the next two weeks! Make sure to create an urgency around this! I also suggest that you encourage them to purchase a cleanse for their spouse for Christmas so that they can join them in the new year cleanse. They can also purchase the cleanse for themselves for Christmas. Is there a better gift to give ourselves in the gift of health? Often times we invest so much energy in others this time of year and we are under so much stress that we let ourselves go. Let me give you an example of An invitation that I will send out. I will also be contacting close friends by phone and obviously in person. "Who would like to join us on our annual NEW YEAR CLEANSE?! It is our biggest group cleanse of the entire year! If you would like to join us it is important that you get 
your order in within the next week or so, so that you have product ready to go to kick off the new year with all of us. There will be tens of thousands of people all over the country doing this together. The number one New Year's resolution on almost everyone's list is to lose weight! So give yourself the gift of health this Christmas. In fact think about doing this as a family and giving your family the ultimate gift, the gift of health. An investment in our health is the greatest investment we can make. Please private message me or visit my website if you'd like to get started or have questions."

That reminds me, I want to challenge each of you to be more upfront and more confident in sharing the business opportunity with people. We are having people approaching us about the opportunity more so than ever before in our history. This is evidence that people are searching. Further evidence is the fact that Isagenix had a record year of growth. If you are not skillfully presenting the opportunity to people then you are missing the boat. I often think about what separates the person who earns $1 million a year from the person who earns $40,000 a year? They both have the same amount of time in a day! The difference is obviously what one is saying and doing and the other is not. Let's go make a difference now!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Escobars

Team Body Alive,
We are so grateful for our relationships with each of you and count you amongst our most choice blessings.  The Isagenix opportunity for us is all about family.  Our hope is that your family will be blessed with all you hope and dream for this time of year.  These are tough economic times for so many people.  The economic stress burdens people's health, their marriages and their families.   We know of a surety that we have solutions for people who are facing these seemingly impossible economic times.  There is hope, we can help!  Thank each of you for joining us in this mission of sharing this once in a lifetime opportunity forward.  Mom often says that millions of people are drowning and we possess a lifesaver which we can throw out and offer to those who accept.    Tremendous perspective isn't it?  What a wonderful cause we are engaged in.  Thank you once again, all you members of our IsaFamily, for making a difference.  You truly are.

The Escobars