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Isagenix Pays!

Congratulations to Kelley Dickerhoof!    Kelley has enrolled close to 50 people in the last 2 months, she went Crystal Executive ($1500 bonus) in 30 days and this month she is probably going to get 5,000 in the 1 Star Pool.   This means   she will have made about $11,000 in her first 75 days!  I can think of many powerful business minded people that could do the very same thing if they gave Isagenix this same kind of commitment.   I hope this inspires those of you who are thinking about Executive and participating in the Pay Pools.   Bottom Line, you get out of Isagenix what you put in!   Kelley is being rewarded for taking massive action and sharing something she believes in.  Way to go Kelley!  

IsaBody Winners Announced

Visit IsaBody Website, Click Here

Network Marketing 101-The Basics

In Football, you have to learn to pass, catch, block and tackle before you can learn to score a touchdown, make a stiff arm or spin move.  In Basketball you have to learn to pass, dribble and shoot before you can learn the crossover, alley oop or slam-dunk.   Without the fundamentals, we never come to a place of competency in any given thing.  Furthermore, once we have learned the fundamentals in Basketball or Football, can we ever cease to utilize them?  Can you score a touchdown without knowing how to block, pass and catch?   So it is with Network Marketing and your Isagenix business.  It is the fundamentals that will bring you your initial success and it is the fundamentals that will actually build your business 5, 10, or 20 years down the road.  Their importance cannot be overstated.   Getting down to it.   Fundamental #1-a one product focus.   Read almost any network marketing 101 book and this principal will be at the top of the list.  Why?  Because simplicity is the key to dupli

Nevada Meeting with Tony, Randi and John Anderson!

Who do you know in Nevada?   Send them to this meeting to get them involved and inspired!