Thursday, October 25, 2012

Think Abundance!

I had a thought provoking moment on Tuesday when I dropped down from the mountains to return Lily home, I took Crystal Escobar to lunch at a crowded restaurant, cafe rio if you must know, we had to have coconut shrimp tacos. lol   So I looked around this crowded restaurant and I thought I wonder if I know anyone in here.  I scanned the room carefully looking at each person's face, seeing if there was any recognition.  There must have been 35 people in that little place and I didn't know a single one, in my own Cafe Rio! lol   I also recalled how my mom will sometimes bring Identical twins up on the stage and notice how they too have things unique and special to only them, how God has never made a single person on this earth exactly as you are.  Isn't that amazing to think about!  I want sense that this time of year people begin to get distracted by many things, that's life.  Don't forget to keep things in perspective my friends and partners.  There is an absolute abundance in this world, an abundance of love, an abundance of friends/people, an abundance of money.  There is more than enough for all of us.  To attain the things we want, we must focus on just that, what we want, not on what we don't have or what is not working.  I bet you that 95% of those people in that restaurant that day have not used Isagenix and I bet that 50% of them have not even heard of it.  In fact, statewide in Utah, I would guess that only 2% of people are Isagenix customers.  I would guess that over 50% of the people in my homestate have not even heard of it or know what it is.   Abundance people.  Envision the right kinds of customers and business builder coming to you.  I pray for it nearly everyday.   You can grow right through the Holidays if you chose to!
Lets make it happen!  Sean

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