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A Message from Tony and Randi Escobar We all know that the economy is having an effect on each and everyone of us. Many people of you are losing your homes, your jobs and your retirement. But despite all the challenges, never forget who you really are! No matter how frustrated, troubled or dispirited you all may feel at this time, deep down within each and every one of you lies greatness, fortitude and unbelievable potential and power.  I came to America in search of my dream of joy, health and wealth in 1968. I arrived in Fort Lauderdale with one small suitcase, a rope for my belt, a fractured foot, cardboard in my shoes and only $50 to my name.  Since that time I married a wonderful wife that gave me four wonderful children and eleven wonderful grandchildren. I have achieved my dream and it is a beautiful thing! I have always wanted health, wealth and happiness and now I can say have it!  I cannot go any further with this message to you all without expre

Introducing Isagenix New Dairy Free Vegan Alternative Shake

Natural Berry Harvest  Dairy-free Shake Alternative IsaLean® Shake Natural Berry Harvest is a premium dairy-free meal replacement shake made from nutritionally complete plant-based protein. Derived from hemp and pea protein, IsaLean Shake in Natural Berry Harvest is loaded with energy-boosting carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide your body with maximum dairy-free nutrition. Ideal for those committed to non-dairy, vegetarian or vegan dietary lifestyles, you'll be on your way to achieving a healthier body while giving it exactly what it needs. Also a great flavor addition to the IsaLean Shake family. * Highly digestible with quality, bioavailable, plant-based protein  * Helps maintain and build lean muscle  * Safe for those with dairy allergies or lactose-intolerance  * Sensible and effective for those with soy-based allergies  * Great protein source for vegetarian populations When John Anderson chose to design a dairy-free, plant-based version of a meal-replacement sh