Wednesday, January 23, 2013

South Florida Team Get Ready! Tony and Randi will present on March 16th!

Tony and Randi will be there to present an Product/Opportunity Meeting on March 16th!  Please start getting the word out to all of contacts inviting them to come and learn from the best of the best!   If you are not in that market, why not go to work over the next 6+ weeks finding someone there?  Ask around within your sphere of influence or search for contacts online in that market.  Wouldn't you like to go visit somewhere like Florida to service your team?  Let me tell you it is rough! lol   Don't have to twist our arms!

Location to be determined near the Fort Lauderdale Area.  This will be on a Saturday, early evening.  We feel this is the most opportune time to get the largest response.  One thing is for certain, events like this will build your business and send it to new heights!  Lets work on getting the largest turnout ever before in that market.  All it takes is each leader brining 10 people to the event.  Remember that means you have to commit 20 to come, then you'll get your 10 to actually show up.  Better to know the odds up front and work it accordingly.

Please email with any questions.  Thanks to our South Florida Leadership for all of their help and hard work in putting this together!
Love you all!  Sean

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Right Time, Right Place, Right Team Bridge Tool Link

Thanks for my father putting on a wonderful presentation tonight!  The Right Time, Right Place, Right Team Call is a "Bridge" Tool you can use to formally commit your potential Business Builders to get involved with you in the business.  It's an incredible overview by Tony Escobar that will help them see the Big Picture.  Once they commit that they are interested in the business, then you direct them to "The System" Training on and teach them the simplicity of the "You plus 2, Them plus 2 concept," and how they can easily earn an extra $500-$1000 in their first month. 
Here's The Link:

Monday, January 14, 2013

This Thursday only, Right Time, Right Place, Right Team Call with Tony Escobar!

This Thursday only, Tony Escobar will present the "Right Time, Right Place, Right Team Call" for your new and potential Business Builders.  

For those of you who missed the introduction to how this call will serve our businesses, please listen to the following recording prior to Thursday nights call.   Then go out and invite as many potential business builders to join us on the call as humanly possible!  

Here's the dial in for the replay:  
 Playback Number: (605) 477-2199
 Access Code: 339443#

Thursday Night's call info: 
Time: 5:00 p.m. Pacific, 8:00 p.m. EST
Call info: 
 Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-2100
 Participant Access Code: 339443#

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lisa Possanza's Team Call featuring Lisa and Sean Escobar

Lisa and I would love to invite you to join her team call this coming Monday Night.   We will discuss things such as belief systems, setting goals, the new bonuses available, and strategies to grow your business!   Please join us if you are series about working together with us to build your business BIG TIME in 2013!  

Time: Monday, January 14th, at 8 p.m. EST. That's 5 p.m. Pacific.  
Free Conference Call
 Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-2100
 Participant Access Code: 339443#

To Mute your line please hit *6

Sean will also announce a new Conference call that will only be available to our immediate team to help you build your business if you feed it!  Join this call to get the details.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Available Today, Pete Cerqua's High Intensity Fitness Revolution!

Team Body Alive,
We are so grateful for the marriage of Pete Cerqua's Fitness Platform and Isagenix!  Get his book and you will soon see why this is a match made in Heaven!  Your results on Isagenix will go through the roof!     My father, Tony Escobar was fortunate to write the forward for the book.  I'll provide that forward below so that you can hear his thoughts about Pete's philosophy.  This book is also a TREMENDOUS way to passively recruit new Isagenix Members.  Pete has an entire chapter entitled "High Intensity Nutrition" where Isagenix is the focus!  It's an emphatic, expert endorsement.  Just suggest this book to your friends and then make sure to follow up within a few days and ask about what they thought.   Remember that Follow up is always the key!  Pete's endorsement will have a major impact on them.   Pete has never endorsed a nutritional product like this before so his endorsement means a lot, this guy is a not the type to go around peddling products.  Just check out his Bio at

Available today are Pete Cerqua's new High Intensity Fitness books, one for Women and one for Men!  Are you desirous to stick with those New Years Resolutions but need a simple game plan to follow?  You don't feel like you have the time to devote to a complex workout regimen or a personal trainer?  These are all about fast workouts that yield measurable results.  Meeting Pete last year in person and becoming close friends was a highlight of 2012 for me.  He is a total Class Act.  Pete is the Best Selling author of the 90 second fitness solution.  He owns 4 gyms in New York City and has been featured by Oprah and Dr. Oz.  This guys is the real deal.  He knows his stuff.  One chapter of the book talks about how weight loss is a result of diet, not necessarily the exercise.  He mentions how so many women live on those cardio machines day in and day out and yet they are flabby and weak.  Why spend an hour at the gym, its drudgery, when you can get the same results in 10-15 minutes per day?  There is also a chapter High Intensity Nutrition that is so simple and straight forward, anyone can follow it.   Crystal and I have been doing the entry level workouts with our kids, ages 4 and 7.  They love it and it is a major wakeup shot in the arm.  Talk about getting your brain and body working for you first thing in the morning in only minutes.  Crystal is going to take pictures of the kids and blog about it.  So grateful for Pete's expertise and to know him personally.  Keep up the great work my friend.  Buy the books here, you'll be thanking me.  It will seem overly simple at first, you'll soon see that is the beauty of it.

Here's the link:    

Thanks! Sean