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The Escobars Featured in Prosper Magazine!

The Co Founders of Isagenix are Coming to a Theatre Near You!

Hey Team, Are you ready for the Post Celebration Blitz?  Our Co-Founders and Corporate Executives will be traveling all over the country sharing exciting updates and enhancements from our Annual Celebration.  Don't miss the opportunity to come and really feel what Isagenix Mission is all about!    Find out where the closest Presentation is in your area and then promote like crazy to get as many of your team members to it as possible.  Maybe there is not an event in your immediate area, that doesn't mean you can't work to get team members in other areas out to their local events.  Let's all take advantage of opportunities like this.   Catch the bug you guys, Isagenix is going Viral!   Discover what events are in your area below: Ex. The Coovers and many of our Million Dollar Earners will be in Salt Lake City on August 31st!  Be there if you want to learn from the Best!   The flier below will provide you with the details on time/location etc.   Please see below for

What Does Sitting in an Airport have to do with Success?

Did you hear Kimber King's  ACES Team Call with Special Guest, Sean Escobar (who is our youngest Million Dollar Earner)? If you didn’t get a chance to listen in, you can hear the rebroadcast below. Sean shared his story from  going to just dabbling with his business to finally having a shift one day that was so powerful that he dove head first into his business that day! When you listen to this call you will hear Sean: Share what one event/visual created this “shift” for him How much of a commitment you must have to create success What you must master to create success that is only 15-30 seconds What is the common denominator to success in our company And much more! Sean was on a roll and everyone on the call LIVE was glued to the phone!  Towards the end of the call you will notice that we lost Sean.  Move forward 5 minutes to hear the very end.   Make sure to share this call with your team! You can do that by: Clicking on the Social Media “Share Icons” below Re-Tweeting it

The Body Alive Website is Officially Live!

Introducing arguably the Best Isagenix Tool Ever Created! We've Launched the Body Alive site!  Please follow these instructions to learn how to access the tutorial so you can get your own version of the site for free.  This site may be the tool you've been waiting for to explode your business!  It's simple, effective and duplicatable.  It's also free, a gift from us to you, to say "thank you" for all you do to further our collective mission in Isagenix. #1:  Go to Website, if you are not there already. This is our Blog and the way by which we send out communications to our team.  If you have not yet Subscribed to our new Email List make sure that you do so.   If you have not subscribed to this new list you will fail to receive information form us.  Click on “Subscribe via Email” on the right side of the home page.  #2:  On the Home Page of our Blog Website,  look for the tab that reads “Body Alive Site” You’ll find it in a Black

Sean is the Guest Speaker on Kimber King's Team Call Monday Morning

Sean Escobar will be the featured speaker on Kimber King's A.C.E.S. Team Call "Taking Action by Contacting, Enrolling, and Supporting" this coming Monday, August 9th (It's a Morning Call) Kimber King is a six figure earner, in the top 100 of the company.   This particular training call will focus on "Contacting" Please Join Us and invite your teams.   Information for the Call: Monday at 8am Pacific/9am Mountain/11am EST Dial:  712-432-3100 Code:  608493 4* to mute your own line Please arrive a few minutes early

"Chemical/Obesity Link" Evidence & Validation!

The 3 links that my father, Tony Escobar, sent me below provide amazing validation for the Chemical/Obesity Link.  I have had many people over the years, who have begged me to provide such information.   Some Health Professionals absolutely require such evidence and now more and more validation keeps popping up.   Now I can go back to these people and say, "see, told ya so!" j/k I'm still immature, bear with me. lol I should however, acknowledge those Health Professionals who have joined us on our mission without having seen such overwhelming evidence.  They just "got it" based on their own research and results. In fact, 8 years ago we saw very little information about cleansing for weight loss, anti-aging, and cell regeneration etc.. Now everywhere you turn, cleansing is being touted as the Fountain of Youth. Love ya Sean Link between chemicals and obesity in young girls discovered: Click Here Study Links Everyday Chemicals to Obesity: Clic