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Spring Cleansing Date Announced!

Spring is Here!  Feel like you just hibernated for a few months and need a jump start?  Look no further! Snap out of the funk and get your body ready for summer!  Join us on our Annual Spring Cleansing!  We kick off on April 22nd.  Here's the invitation attached.  Let me know so that we can get your product on it's way so you can join thousands of us all over the country!   Just recently I have had 6 women who dropped 5 inches each of their waist alone in their initial Deep Cleanse.  You cannot deny the results, come and enjoy them!

South Florida Presentation Tomorrow Night!

It's time to lock down all those commitments and get a huge group out to hear Tony and Randi present Isagenix!  

Randi Escobar Featured in Networking Times "A Seed of Hope"

My mother, Randi Escobar, was recently featured in the Networking Times Magazine. This is the largest such publication in Network Marketing. Many of you might not know that my mother is quite the success story in her own right! Did you k now that she never missed a single day of school in her entire life, not only that, she never had lower than a 4.0. She was the Valedictorian and earned a full ride scholarship to Arizona State University. My mom is a professional writer. She has written many screenplays, books and songs. She's had songs featured in movies. Her dream is to do just that, write. My mom could very easily be the next J.K. Rowling if she wasn't having so much fun supporting Isagenix. As we like to say, Network Marketing is attracting the best from all walks of life and my powerhouse mother is no exception. Her proudest accomplishment is her 11 grandchildren and that they are all actively involved in our christian faith. Love you Mom!  Sean Anthony Escobar Here'

Tony and Randi South Florida Presentation March 16!

Pre-Registration starts at 4:00 p.m.  Now is the time to really make a push to get  a great turn out this presentation.  Remember, come alone and you learn, bring some friends and you earn!   Associates are $5 cash each at the door.  Guests are free! Here's a link to the flier you can share with your friends:

Is Failure a Good Thing? -Tony Escobar

IS FAILURE A GOOD THING? Copyright: January 2013, from the book  “Step Out, Step In and Step Up”                   By Tony Escobar For many years I was a committed weight lifter. When I was 41 years old I bench pressed 545 pounds, dead-lifted 625 and squatted 550 pounds. That is what you call a 1725 pound triple. What was amazing about this accomplishment is my body weight was only 220 pounds. My wife Randi was only 130 pounds when she squatted 240 pounds at the age of 37. It even amazes me to this day that I actually benched and squatted 2.5 times my body weight and dead-lifted almost 3 times my body weight. If there is one thing I learned about my weight lifting achievements is that I made it to the top by doing a few things right. The first thing I did was I challenged myself everyday I worked out, because I knew that muscles only grow and get stronger if you work them till they fail. Weightlifting is perhaps the only sport where you succeed by failing ever