Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Major Promo tomorrow only!

FREE MEMBERSHIP AND FREE SHIPPING FOR NEW MEMBERS WHO ENROLL WITH A 30 DAY!   TOMORROW ONLY, So text all your friends who are fence sitters and let them know that this is the biggest promo the company has offered in 15 years and that is the absolute truth.  Let's all make sure our friends plan ahead and get their stuff ordered tomorrow in preparation for the new year!    This represents $50 in savings for new customers!    The free shipping is automatically applies and the free membership code is "Free21"

Here is an example of a text message I am personally sending my fence sitters.  I already got a text back from one saying, "call me tomorrow, let's do it!"

What I sent him:
"Stuart. Hey I gotta make you aware of this only because in 15 years with Isagenix they have never offered this much of a discount. They are offering tomorrow a one day promo where if someone gets a 30 day system, their membership is free and their shipping is also free.  That is $50 in savings right there.   So I just had to pass this on to you because I know you have expressed interest.  Ok let me know.  Thanks!  Sean"

Monday, December 19, 2016

Special 2 day Free Shipping Offer! Tomorrow and The Next!

One of the best promos Isagenix has ever offered!   Free Shipping available to new members and existing members, as well as existing Autoships!   Make sure to read the details and bump your autoship volume and dates up.  Let all your fellow team members know!   -Sean Escobar

Dear Isagenix Associate,

With 2017 New Year Kick Off just around the corner, the excitement has reached fever pitch here at Isagenix World Headquarters, and we want you to feel it, too!

To help you get pumped and ready for an amazing new year of transformation, we’re announcing a special free* shipping offer that starts tomorrow for both new and existing Isagenix Customers!

For just two days – December 20 and 21, 2016 – Isagenix is offering free* ground shipping on any single order of 125 BV or more (up to a US/CA$25 value). This offer applies to both wholesale and Autoship orders placed, and Autoship orders processed between 12:01 a.m. ET Tuesday, December 20, and 11:59 p.m. ET Wednesday, December 21.
A note on Autoship orders: To take advantage of this free shipping promotion, please ensure your Autoship order meets the 125 BV requirement, and remember to change your Autoship processing date in your Back Office to either December 20 or 21. (Select “Manage Autoship” under the “Orders” tab.)

IMPORTANT: You must change your processing date at least one day before you want it to process to either December 20 or 21 by selecting the “Manage Autoship” button. Due to processing time frames, you are not able to change your Autoship to the current day’s date.

Keep in mind that, with the holiday season in full swing, shipping times may run longer than usual. Please allow additional time for your order to arrive. You can track the status of your order by logging in to your Back Office and selecting “View Orders” to view your order invoice and tracking information.

Please share this unique savings opportunity with your team. All North American Associates will receive an email announcement, but with the holidays upon us and everyone busy with last-minute preparations, we are counting on leaders like you to do what you do best and help spread the word.

Be sure to look for the complete announcement and shareable details at IsaFYI.com and the official Isagenix Business Facebook page.

To your success,

The Isagenix Sales Team

*Free Isagenix ground shipping (US/CA$25 value) is automatically applied to only one qualifying wholesale order per customer placed from December 20, 2016 (12:01 a.m. ET), to December 21, 2016 (11:59 p.m. ET). Free shipping applies to Isagenix Autoship orders processed on December 20 and 21, 2016. Orders that are processed before December 20, 2016, or after December 21, 2016, will not qualify for free shipping. To qualify in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico, a product order of 125 BV or more must be placed by a new or current Isagenix Customer (wholesale and Autoship orders may qualify). For the purpose of the promotion, “Customers” are defined as Associates and Preferred Customers.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Take Courage Partner. 2017 is almost Here!

I shared this recently with one of our Mexico leaders and I think you will relate.  This time of year can get frustrating.   I do not wish to say we have to buy into the "Holiday" way of thinking.  Certainly people can keep growing.  At the same time, I am a realist and I know that some of you have seen your business slow a bit and you are worried.  Please read this for me and take courage partner!    2017 is in sight and you will instantly regain your passion and your momentum.  Rest up a bit. No shame in it.   Come January 1 we will hit this thing harder than we ever have before. Before us lies new horizons, big bright futures and lots and lots of success. You should start to feel it in your heart.  In your bones.   It's coming.   You should anxiously await for January 1st just as you did for Christmas Day as a child!   It is coming!!!!    

 I Often tell my people that the business comes in seasons. A season for planting. A season for nurturing and weeding and then a season of Plenty and harvest.    Such is the flow.   And we learn that we must stay consistent even in the slower months.  The work we do today will not necessarily pay us today or even tomorrow.  We do not trade time for money in Isagenix and so the reward is not immediate.  We learn that anything worthwhile takes investment and time to build.   The work we put in this week will probably bare fruit 3-4 weeks down the road.  For people that do not understand this concept, and who are used to immediate gratification, this can be very discouraging and even defeating.

It is the same with consultants.   You have 10 active and then 7 and then all of the sudden 4 and you think oh no what am I doing wrong!!?    I can promise you that you are not doing anything wrong. It is those people who dropped off who are not motivated.  And so you cannot resurrect the dead often times, it is easier to give birth than to perform that miracle!    So we go and find new more legitimate ones in time.  Ones that will stick.    Héctor and I had a great conversation over lunch and he shared that with one person he might give everything he has to support them, all of his time, resources and energy.  And yet little comes of that person. Whereas to another he might give very little and yet they still of their own fruition go out and make amazing things happen!   This has been my experience as well.  We cannot do this for people.    We cannot want it more for them than they do for themselves.      Those who are ready to run will run. We just point the way and in some cases we have to even get out of their way!!!    In other cases like with Clau, they show us the way!    Clau said to Me once, "I want you to mentor me."  I responded, "I actually think you can mentor me!"

The business also comes in waves much like the ocean.   A small week followed by a larger one. Then small, small, small and then "wow!" A big one!    It's those big ones that naturally keep us coming back.  😁.  We realize that the leverage is working and the rewards are there.      Imagine one day, your weak week could be 10 cycles.  And even beyond that you could have a slow week of 100 cycles in a week.    I have realized this myself as have so many others.  A slow week for me would be to drop below the 250   threshold.

You are doing great. Each of you!   Keep learning and growing.  Nothing pays like Isagenix.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Chocolate Mint is BACK tomorrow by Popular Demand!

Tomorrow Mint Chocolate is back for limited time!

Back by popular demand... Isalean in Mint Chocolate. Order while supplies last, and they sell out quickly! Login you Isagenix Account, and click "place order" You cannot purchase special seasonal shakes in your Autoship, only can be purchased by clicking "place order" as a wholesale order.