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Message From Tony Escobar on Timing

Team Body Alive, I want to share with you a message that my father recently copied me on concerning the timing and opportunity of Isagenix: "In 2008 we saw a dramatic shift where network marketing exploded due to record sales in the industry. The 2009 sales figures exceeded those sales of 2008 and 2010 was again a record breaking year, 2011 was propulsion mode where sales accelerated off the charts. Experts are proclaiming 2012 to be the best year we will ever see, with industry with sales exploding over growing 12%. Isagenix sales, according to Kathy Coover, Isagenix is already 24% ahead of last year due to the heavy enrollment of professional people who are now capitalizing on this unstable economy with arguably 20,000,000 people out of work.  If there was ever a year for you to engage "full bore" to build a "huge residual income", it is absolutely right now! If you follow my lead and do precisely what I ask you to do, you will be shocked at

Tony and Randi in Florida! Less that 1 week away!

Body Alive Team, There is only 1 Event to build for, lets make it happen!   Don't be the person in the room wishing you had taken this more seriously and had more guests sitting with you.    That's how I used to feel when I was treating the business too casually.   I'd thing, "oh man, so and so needs to be here, hearing this, why didn't I get them here?" Now is the time to get final commitments from all of your guests for this rare opportunity in Florida!   You'll want to commit them right away and them re-affirm the commitment the night before.  Do not leave things to chance.   Life gets hectic and things can get in the way.  Demonstrate how important this is to you and to them.    Here's to a monster turn out!   SIGN UP TODAY AND SAVE!!!  GUESTS ARE FREE!!! (Note: The Toxicity/Cleansing Presentation for new guests is not 3 hours long.  It's just barely over an Hour.  We will then  have a short 10 minute break and those that are inter

Updates! Scroll Down, Don't miss out on Oliver!

#1: If you missed the Wednesday Nights team call you can access the recording here:  The Art of Promotion with Sean Escobar 61658337/ seanpromotion-4_%28mp3cut.n et%29.mp3 I've also added two other calls to the "Additional Training" section of this site. They are: Permission Based Sharing "PBS" with Crystal and Sean Escobar: Sean Interviewed by former CNN News Anchor Patrick Greenlaw #2:  Reminder to get Registered for the South Florida Event!  Tony Escobar Presents! SOUTH FLORIDA ISAGENIX COUNCIL Presents:   MARCH 2, 2012    TOXICITY in AMERICA –  An Evening with Tony & Randi Escobar Tony’s seminar is on  The Relationship of Toxicity to Disease and Weight Issues ! IMAGINE Feeling and looking better than you ever have in your entire life! IMAGINE losing a significant amount of weight qui

Financial Opportunity for Health Professionals

I did this video because I know there are many Health Professionals who have Isagenix sitting right in their laps, but they are not fully utilizing all of the benefits that it can offer them.  Please share with all of your Health Professionals, the ones who are in and the ones that you want in.   Don't forget about tomorrow's conference Team Call, I will be presenting:  "The Art of Promotion"  Tomorrow Night, Wednesday, FEB 8 th   3:00 PM PACIFIC / 6:00PM EST  760-569-0111  CODE:  412964# Health Professionals Watch this video: (I will host this video in the video section of the site ) If you would like the link to the "conflict of interest" clip with Dr. Messina:

Team Call-"The Art of Promotion" with Sean Escobar