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Commitment, Conviction & Perseverance

There has always been a huge gap between what people say and what they do.  Talk is cheap.  Actions Create Results, Every Time! When you’re gone, are you going to be known for what you said, or for what you did?  Words are easily forgotten but actions are remembered. What you DO speaks so loudly, no one can hardly hear what you say. Our actions do all the talking! Can you really get anyone committed, when you’re not? Imagine someone who loves the industry, loves this company and loves these products, they believe 100% that this vehicle can take them to a beautiful new place called, FREEDOM.  Imagine they are treating their business like a business?  What does it look like?  Try to imagine that you have just paid One Million Dollars for your Isagenix business. How would you treat it? Do you think you would succeed at making it grow?  The fact is that although it may have cost you only $19 to join, that sign up fee and this business has the potential to yield huge dividends. It c

Skype Meetings Coming to a Theatre Near You!

Have you heard of the service called Skype? Oprah uses it all the time on her show. It is a free service that can be used to call people all over the world. Best part of all is if you have a video camera (mine has one build into the computer itself) you can see the other person and visit with them live! We've been using this service to connect and build with our Australian and Mexico teams. We've also begun doing Home Parties and Business Trainings Via Skype. You can get a group of people together in your home and then simply call your support line leaders like us.  Then you could even project the image form the computer to a Big Screen T.V. with a simple VGA cord that you can get at any electronics store.   It is truly the next best thing to actually being there.  Plus, it doesn't require the investment in travel for the Support Line Leader.    Try it out everyone.  If you'd like to schedule a home presentation or a business training Via Skype just let us know!

Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

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Welcome to the Escobar Group Blog!

Hello Isagenix Family and welcome to the Escobar Blog. After years of sending out messages by email, we have now decided to build a blog. The reason is simple, the brand new people coming into Isagenix have no way of viewing our past messages. This blog feature allows us to archive all messages so that new people can go back and view all of the wonderful information that they might have missed. Also, we want your feedback. Blogging allows all followers to post comments about how they feel about the message they've read. It is very interactive. Sean's wife Crystal has been very active in blogging over the last year. She will be helping us make this very professional and informative. You can view her blog at . If you would like to bookmark the blog, simply go to the web address: We also encourage you to subscribe to the blog itself, so that you will be notified whenever a new post is added.    We will be sending out