Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sean Escobar Recorded Introduction Webinar

Thanks to those of you who attended my presentation last night.  Here is a recording of that presentation that you can use over and over again if you like:

If you would like to have a powerpoint to host your own presentation, here is the one that I operated from: (just scroll down to the opportunity hotlink)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Isagenix InfoShare Tomorrow Night!

Testing out a new software tomorrow Night if you would like to attend and invite potential customers to join.   It's an Isagenix InfoShare Presented by Sean Escobar Via Video at 7 p.m. Pacific time, 8 p.m. Mountain, 9 p.m. Central, 10 p.m. EST (sorry for it being so late East Coasters, this is for my friends Mark and Yvonne Russell here in Utah).  

Here's the Registration Link as well as the actual link to click on to access the meeting at that time.  It's all over the internet so make sure your speakers work.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Father Tony Says "YOU Are Choice in Every Way"

It's almost father's day and I now ask myself, why was I so fortunate to be blessed with the best father there ever was?   Read a quote yesterday that said, "If you want your kids to turn out well give them twice as much of your time and half as much of your money."  My dad gave me just about every spare minute he had to offer, no father has given a son more.  He gave me what his father Antonio, who passed on last week, could not.  Antonio worked 14 hour days to support 6 kids in absolute poverty.  If you knew my dad Tony Escobar, you would comprehend the power of his words like I do.  When he says things like, "The greatest challenges come to God's choicest children."  You know that he truly believes it.  When he says, "Most people are buried when they are in their 80's, but actually died when they were 35 and stopped dreaming," you realize his wise perspective, his diligence to aspire higher, and his sincere desire to inspire his fellow brothers and sisters.   Here's an article he wrote that I read today and then thought "everyone needs to hear this."    -Sean

What we ponder and think about the most, we create the most and more of it, so lets focus on what we really want out of life, out of relationships and what we want from our businesses.
Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows!
Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. There are lessons to be learned. When something bad happens to us, instead of saying; “Poor me, why me?” Ask yourself, “Why not me, what can I learn from this experience?”
If we think good about everything around us, if we are positive about everything around us and if we believe that people can rise be better, then most of our experiences in life will be positive, but if we have bad thoughts, negative thoughts and are fearful about everything we do, if we don’t trust people, we will attract those experiences and people, which affirm what we have been and are thinking about. This is why positive, happy, uplifting people succeed while negative people are left in the dust to wonder why they fail at everything they do.

How many of us are intimidated by successful people? How many of us feel they are not good enough to succeed, How many of us feel that we don’t deserve success? How many of us say it is impossible or I can’t?

If this is your thought process go dig your grave – you’re dead already and let me tell you why. Because this is what you will inevitably attract into your life and nothing can kill you faster. If you don’t unconditionally love yourself it is impossible to love someone else. If you don’t love what you do it is impossible to succeed at anything you do.  You will attract into your life what you sincerely believe you deserve.

You have the power to create opportunities for yourself everyday. You have the power to inspire others everyday. You have the power to make a huge difference in peoples lives.

God puts challenges in front of you so you can learn and grow from them. The greatest challenges come to God’s choicest children – You will never get it unless you believe this is true. If you can see yourself as God sees you what could you accomplish in this life – ponder that right now!
You are choice in every way.