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The Power of Sharing with "Strangers"

The Isagenix Visa Card Story, Sherry and Bill Fox

Our Isagenix Visa Card Experience! Almost five years ago, I was introduced to Isagenix through Dr. Corey Cameron, who incorporated this into her Nutritional and Holistic Chiropractic practice as an additional alternative to help her patients.   Working as the Office Manager and Wellness Coach for Cameron Chiropractic, I immediately saw the results that this product offered patients, and the positive aspects of weight loss. I very reluctantly did a 9day program and when I saw the results for myself, I immediately called my sister who lived up north and told her that I could help her long distance!   At that time, I had no financial goals with Isagenix, but was more interested in getting healthier myself and sharing with anyone who asked.   I also wanted to encourage my husband to use Isagenix to lose some weight and help deal with the stress of his management position at the newspaper, however that change would not come until later due to his stubbornness.   It was

Convention Highlights Webinar

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Ballroom Dance Champ with over 250 titles builds Isagenix Business

Meet Karen McDonald.  I have had the tremendous blessing of working closely with Karen for 5 years now.  How the time has flown!  Many of you know Karen, but may not be aware of what she accomplished prior to Isagenix.  She brings to Isagenix the same mental skill sets that made her overwhelmingly successful as a Dancer.   Look forward to meeting her at Convention.  She is such a joy to work with and she absolutely "gets it" as far as why we are sharing these products with people.  She is humble and gracious.   English born and raised in Australia, Karen has over thirty years experience in competitive dancing. Before retiring as the undefeated U.S. "American Style" champion and the undefeated Canadian "American Ballroom" and "Showdance" champion, she garnered over 250 titles worldwide.  She has performed in the presence of HRH Princess Margaret in Covent Garden, in the National tour of "Burn the Floor" and in the feature film "D

Introducing Pete Cerqua-The 90-Second Fitness Solution

We are so proud to introduce Pete Cerqua to our Isagenix family.  How fortunate we are to attract professionals and celebrities of this caliber.  This surely validates everything that Isagenix represents.   Pete is the Author of The 90 Second Fitness Solution.  He is one of New York's most respected and in-demand fitness trainers.  He has been helping people lose weight since the 1980's, and he continues to increase his fan base through the four gyms he owns and runs in the New York City area.  Pete has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, and graced the cover of New York Times, the first fitness trainer to ever do so.  Visit Pete Online at "Cleansing is “in” at 90-Second Fitness NYC… Everyone is trying Isagenix products and doing the 9 day cleanse with great results. I have always encouraged the use of whey protein but to get it from grass fed cows is so much better. Thanks Isagenix for making quality products that are

Are you aware of these Incredible Resources?

The following Resources and much more can be found on facebook, within the "Body Alive Cleanse Support" Group.  Once you've accessed the group, look to the right had side for the "docs" section. If you are not on facebook, shame on you!  You ought to be using it to develop your business anyways.  Lisa Stoll just dropped 9 lbs and 16.5 inches by day 3.  What is going to happen when she posts those results on her Facebook Wall?  :) Enjoy! Sean Fat Burning Versus Sugar Burning:   This information was derived from a lecture that was conducted on the Power Team Saturday Morning Call by Peter Greenlaw, That lecture was given by Peter Greenlaw and was based on the extensive research he has been doing along with information from Dr. Dennis Harper for the book they are writing about cleansing and how the body functions.  His 90 minute lecture was condensed to the following few paragraphs by Sue Faggion. How The Body Works The human body is an amazing machine. I