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The Isagenix Visa Card Story, Sherry and Bill Fox

Our Isagenix Visa Card Experience!

Almost five years ago, I was introduced to Isagenix through Dr. Corey Cameron, who incorporated this into her Nutritional and Holistic Chiropractic practice as an additional alternative to help her patients.  Working as the Office Manager and Wellness Coach for Cameron Chiropractic, I immediately saw the results that this product offered patients, and the positive aspects of weight loss.
I very reluctantly did a 9day program and when I saw the results for myself, I immediately called my sister who lived up north and told her that I could help her long distance!  At that time, I had no financial goals with Isagenix, but was more interested in getting healthier myself and sharing with anyone who asked.  I also wanted to encourage my husband to use Isagenix to lose some weight and help deal with the stress of his management position at the newspaper, however that change would not come until later due to his stubbornness.  It was not his time as he was not open to change then.
Follow Your Dream…..
For the first two years, I used Isagenix as a way to add extra dollars into our household budget and to pay for our product.   I was the Wellness Coach/Office Mangers during the day and at night spent time on the phone coaching people through the cleanse process.  It was during this time that I realized this is what I wanted to do, but I still wasn’t sure how to develop this into a full-time business.
Over the years, one of my dreams was for my husband and I to take a vacation to Alaska.  For a number of years I would bring it up, and each time my husband said he didn’t think we had enough extra money to afford this kind of vacation.  As this was my dream, I decided to use Isagenix as our way to pay for an Alaska trip.  I set myself a goal of saving an extra $10,000 through my Isagenix commissions, and when I reached that, I would surprise my husband announcing that we were going to Alaska….paid for by Isagenix.   I now had my focus….my WHY….my goal.  I set my goal for one year to save enough for our trip and surprise my husband.
Very quietly each week, my account began to grow.   Not sure if I could do this in one year because I also used the Isa Visa to pay for our family vacations and our every Friday ‘go out to dinner’ nights!  I focused on one person at a time, teaching them about this product and this company.  Well, at the end of that third year I had saved over $16,000 on my Isagenix Visa Card…..announcing (to my still skeptical husband) that I was booking our trip to Alaska …and still had over $6,000 to assist with our monthly budget.   So in October, 2010 I booked our trip for July 2011 to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Since then, I have now made Isagenix my fulltime, home-based business.  My husband has retired from his newspaper career and I am so happy to say he has joined me in sharing this with others.  He even joined me at 2011 Celebration!  We have both grown from worrying all the time about finances, to now knowing we will be financially secure for years to come.  Our goals now center around sharing this with others so that they too may find the freedom to enjoy life and all that God has given us.
Enclosed are some pix’s of trip.
With sincere gratefulness, 
Sherry and Bill Fox

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Ballroom Dance Champ with over 250 titles builds Isagenix Business

Meet Karen McDonald.  I have had the tremendous blessing of working closely with Karen for 5 years now.  How the time has flown!  Many of you know Karen, but may not be aware of what she accomplished prior to Isagenix.  She brings to Isagenix the same mental skill sets that made her overwhelmingly successful as a Dancer.   Look forward to meeting her at Convention.  She is such a joy to work with and she absolutely "gets it" as far as why we are sharing these products with people.  She is humble and gracious.  

English born and raised in Australia, Karen has over thirty years experience in competitive dancing. Before retiring as the undefeated U.S. "American Style" champion and the undefeated Canadian "American Ballroom" and "Showdance" champion, she garnered over 250 titles worldwide. She has performed in the presence of HRH Princess Margaret in Covent Garden, in the National tour of "Burn the Floor" and in the feature film "Dance With Me". She also trained Richard Gere for "Shall We Dance" and you can see her in the Dancesport series on PBS. She co-created, choreographed, directed and toured a stage production called "Let's Dance the Night Away" which made ninety-seven appearances touring Australia, and has traveled globally for performances, seminars and coaching.

Karen is a certified adjudicator in International Standard, Latin American, American Ballroom, Rhythm, Theatre Arts and Showdance, and is a member of the National Dance Council of America, Terpsichore, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, New York Wedding Group, and the ABWA. 

Karen has also embarked on a number of independent ventures including raising money for the Autistic Children's Association in New South Wales, Australia, sponsoring twelve months of dance lessons for a nine year old from a low-income family, and volunteering with the Art of Living Foundation.  Her dedication and work earned her the unanimous vote for the 2005 Woman of the Year Award from the American Business Women's Association.
Karen combines her ballroom expertise with a holistic movement sensibility and a playful spirit to encourage confidence and build a foundation for movement skills. Her work has expanded to "life training" which encompasses bodywork techniques and practices of yoga, breathing techniques, qi gong and chakra tai chi.

Here's what Karen says about her Isagenix endeavor: 
"I have taken a life-altering new direction in my personal nutritional process that has made me healthier, stronger and more in control of my life than ever before.  Whether the idea of more energy, increased lean muscle mass development, weight gain/loss or period cleansing appeals to you, please take a look at the incredibly 'moving' experiences from excited clients."  -Karen McDonald

Visit Karen's Website:

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Introducing Pete Cerqua-The 90-Second Fitness Solution

We are so proud to introduce Pete Cerqua to our Isagenix family.  How fortunate we are to attract professionals and celebrities of this caliber.  This surely validates everything that Isagenix represents.  

Pete is the Author of The 90 Second Fitness Solution.  He is one of New York's most respected and in-demand fitness trainers.  He has been helping people lose weight since the 1980's, and he continues to increase his fan base through the four gyms he owns and runs in the New York City area.  Pete has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, and graced the cover of New York Times, the first fitness trainer to ever do so.  Visit Pete Online at

"Cleansing is “in” at 90-Second Fitness NYC… Everyone is trying Isagenix products and doing the 9 day cleanse with great results. I have always encouraged the use of whey protein but to get it from grass fed cows is so much better. Thanks Isagenix for making quality products that are easy to use!"  
-Pete Cerqua

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Are you aware of these Incredible Resources?

The following Resources and much more can be found on facebook, within the "Body Alive Cleanse Support" Group.  Once you've accessed the group, look to the right had side for the "docs" section.

If you are not on facebook, shame on you!  You ought to be using it to develop your business anyways.  Lisa Stoll just dropped 9 lbs and 16.5 inches by day 3.  What is going to happen when she posts those results on her Facebook Wall?  :)


Fat Burning Versus Sugar Burning:  
This information was derived from a lecture that was conducted on the Power Team
Saturday Morning Call by Peter Greenlaw, That lecture was given by Peter Greenlaw and was based on the extensive research he has been doing along with information from Dr. Dennis Harper for the book they are writing about cleansing and how the body functions.  His 90 minute lecture was condensed to the following few paragraphs by Sue Faggion.

How The Body Works
The human body is an amazing machine. It has between 60 and 70 trillion cells. Each
of those cells has it’s own individual “furnace” that makes that cell function. That furnace is called the mitochondria. In order to heat up the mitochondria in the cell and therefore help raise our metabolism our bodies require over 70 trace minerals and live, active enzymes daily combined with proper nutrition.
Our bodies are designed to burn fat. If you are overweight it’s a sure sign that you are not burning fat, you are burning sugar. We are going to talk about how to get those furnaces ignited again and get your body burning fat.
We have all been led to believe that dieting is what we need to do to lose weight.
Wrong. Look around you — it doesn’t work. When you reduce calories you slow down
the metabolism and shut down the mitochondria. Then when you stop the diet and begin to eat more calories again, your body now has less mitochondria fired up, your
metabolism is sluggish, you have elevated levels of cortisol (a stress hormone that
causes fat storage) and when you start eating again you put weight back on very quickly.
When you burn fat cells, the impurities are released into your system. Minerals and trace minerals carry the impurities away from the body tissue to the liver then allow the liver to deliver those impurities to the colon and out of the body. Without minerals this function does not happen. The soils in our country are severely depleted of minerals… we no longer get adequate minerals from the foods we eat. Isagenix products include 72 ionic minerals and trace minerals plus live, active enzymes. The minerals allow the enzymes to carry waste products from the cells to the liver. The liver produces bile that carries the waste products to the colon and out of the body. Without the minerals and enzymes, the impurities just get re-circulated throughout the body. Eventually the body recognizes those impurities as something toxic and creates fat cells to enrobe them, then puts them back into storage as fat.

Sugar-Burning Mode:
Your brain needs glucose (complex sugar) to function. Without carbohydrates/complex sugar your body burns lean muscle mass for fuel — that is sugar-burning. Sugarburning creates an acidic environment in the body, which is the breeding ground for disease. This acid environment causes further stress and more cortisol to lock down the fat stores.

Sugar-burning mode also leaches minerals from the bones. It increases the hormones insulin and cortisol. Those two “storage” hormones lock down the fat cells, lower the metabolism and put your body into the mode of burning lean muscle mass. Sugar-burning prevents the cells from absorbing oxygen. When the cells can’t absorb oxygen they can’t function properly and mutation occurs, otherwise known as disease. Sugar-burning also stops brain chemistry hormone production.

Fat-Burning Mode:
Fat-burning mode lowers insulin and cortisol levels, produces proper brain chemistry, gets oxygen into the cells and hydrates the cells. In fat-burning mode water goes into the cells and flushes out the acid and impurities that are stored there. Those acids and impurities circulate through the system until they are removed through the liver and colon or kidneys and bladder.

When you lose weight by reducing calories you slow down your metabolism and the cell’s mitochondria. When you start eating again you put the weight right back on because 1) the furnaces and metabolism have been shut down
2) without adequate minerals and enzymes the impurities still float around inside your body and are eventually stored back to fat.

The trick here is to get adequate nutrition balanced with proper glucose for brain function and ALL 70 minerals to flush the impurities out of the system along with living, active enzymes.  Isagenix has all this built in. It takes 2 days of cleansing with Cleanse For Life Drink to get your body into fat burning mode.
The only way to detoxify your body is to suspend digestion. The Isagenix cleanse is designed with 2 back-to-back days of cleansing with Cleanse For Life Drink for this reason: after you suspend digestion for only 4 hours your body begins to produce the hormones that make lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism. The first 24 hours your body cleans the sugars from the liver. The second 24 hours is when the body begins to burn fat.

The "Way to Cleanse" with Isagenix Formulator John Anderson

by John Anderson

Got a person who is a bit confused on what John Anderson uses for snacks. Any suggestions? In the past, we’ve simply said, “If you must cheat, choose healthy low-calorie foods like nuts, small salads and vegetables.”

Here's the Deal,

Cleansing is done for several reasons, to rid your body of toxins and also to loose weight.
Both require proper cleansing instructions and doing it correct, this will insure success. 

Over the years, everyone think they are experts and have changed the original cleansing. This has lowered the the success rate, average weight loss, and slowed the system.

Eating foods on cleanse days is some fabricated crutch to appease cheaters and sugar addicts. Someone started the almond thing and has caused a rash of foods including eggs, salad, nuts, yogurt, chewing gum, vegetables, fruits, to be added as an "OK" thing to do. 

The IsaSnacks are part of an important calculation, balanced nutrients formulated for a reason. The need to stabilize blood sugar was a factor when I originally designed the 9 day system. Adding a snack 6 times a day stimulates the colon slightly, adds a small amount of carbohydrates, and stabilizes blood sugar.

Ketosis is necessary for uncovering (Burning fat) where toxins are present. So, the need to enter a mild state of ketosis is a must for really detoxifying and BURNING FAT! By adding any other nuts and food will disrupt the process. 

Diabetics and Hypoglycemic individuals must watch their blood sugar closely for LOW blood sugar. If this occurs, then it is recommended to eat a slice of apple or fruit and if needed, repeat until levels are back to normal. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who Panic when the hunger signs hit. This is a trained mind response that occurs as a survival mechanism. One starts to feel their next meal is not coming and PANIC sets in. 

This can be reversed and the habit broken in 48 hours by not teasing your self and eating snacks to keep the evil hunger monster away. Regardless of your weight, this can be controlled. In some cases, the mental stress of "The next Meal Syndrome" may require support from a coach, physician, friend, or someone who can work on the strong mental factor of assuring "Death" will not occur, so to speak! 

Women Body Composition is Shifting!

This post will hopefully address the T.S.S. that many of the women in America have become hostage to these days.  T.S.S. being Toxic Scale Syndrome.   Don't laugh, my bet is that some of you get on that scale a half dozen times per day.  My hope is that we can shift the diet mentality and embrace a new practice, the "Cleansing Lifestyle" as we call it.  

First of all, we need to address the relation between pounds and inches.  Women usually lose WAY more inches than pounds on Isagenix.  It is not unusual for a woman to drop double the inches!   I've had some cleansers who drop 6 or 7 lbs, but 24+ inches.  Consider that is over 2 feet off the body!!!  Now you have to ask yourself, where did it go?  :)  We like to call it "Magic."  

When we say that Body Composition is shifting what we mean is that the lbs and inches are coming off in the troublesome places and you are gaining lean muscle mass in the right places.  As we all know, muscle weighs more than fat.  Since most people are not accustomed to such a high quality protein as the Isagenix Organic Whey imported from New Zealand, their bodies are literally jumping for joy!    I'm aware of one doctor in Isagenix who feels, based on his clinicals, that the average person will actually gain between 1-3 lbs of muscle with just moderate excercise. That is really significant when you consider how that will show up on the scale isn't it?  Do women take such things into consideration when they step on the scale?  No they do not.  T.S.S. has them completely brainwashed.  Let me ask you a question, what are you more concerned about lbs or inches/dress sizes?  Isn't it all about how you look and how your clothes fit?  Is anyone ever going to come and pick you up after all?  

I have some pretty unbelievable pictures of women who have dropped 20 lbs, but it looks like they lost 40.  Women who've dropped 30 lbs, but it looks like 60 and so on.  This is the phenomonon of Body Composition Shifting.  It is such a beautiful thing!  Throw that scale away and give it a chance.  

Did you know that there are different types of fat?  There is surface fat, which comes off rather quickly and with ease when cleansing.  Then there is a more deep seeded troublesome fat that takes a little more cleansing and a little more time.  Nothing worse than a woman who after hearing that her friend dropped 19 lbs on the first program is upset that she only dropped 7.   We must keep in mind that biochemistry is unique as a fingerprint, there are no 2 people who are exactly alike and therefore we have to work with what we have and not get into the no-win game of comparisons.   This also holds true for Women in relation to Men.  Did you know that Women's fat is completely different from Men's?  Women's fat actually requires 50% more energy to burn.    No wonder the weight seemingly comes off so much easier for men, those jerks!  lol  Still, Women have men beat by a long shot on inches and it's the inches that have the most impact on how we look and how those clothes fit.   Many women are carrying around loads and loads of excess water, some even have what they call chronic edema.  It's our belief that the body is carrying around this excess water in an effort to dilute the toxicity inside of it.  We've all seen the women with what looks like water balloons on their upper arms or thighs and stomachs.  It doesn't even really look like fat, it appears as though you could pop it with a needle. Amazing what happens when such women cleanse, it's a miracle for them!  

Now let's put things into further perspective.  Why is it that people think that they completely detoxifyed the body in 9 or 30 days?    They spent a lifetime of 20, 30, or 40, 50+ years toxifying themselves and why is it that they think that it will all be back to the way God intended within such a short period of time?   Once again it is the American Mentality.  We want quick fixes.  People stand next to the Microwave and tap their feet impatiently.  Although Isagenix works pretty darn fast, for some it is still not fast enough, nothing is.  I'm asking you to be patient.  Sometimes it is the 2nd or 3rd cleanse where women see the major shift they are looking for.   Will we ever completely detoxify the body?  No, the answer is no.  It's an ongoing process that requires adopting a cleansing lifestyle.   Does changing the oil in your car once qualify it for no future oil changes?    I often like to inform people upon completing their 9 day course, "congratulations, you just realized the benefit of cleansing your body one percent!   Just imagine how great you will feel and look once you've adopted the cleansing lifestyle for 6 months or for 1 or 2 years!"

I believe there is a re-balancing taking place in the body during this process.  
My wife lost only 6 lbs in the 9 day program, but went on to lose 25 lbs and 5 dress sizes in just 6 weeks by simply adopting the maintenance program!  It does appear as though all systems of the body begin to function at a high level. Digestion, Metabolism, Immune, etc.  You're also gaining control over nasty eating habits. Cravings seem to magically disappear and a healthy body is attracted to healthier foods. People find the energy to get more physically active. There is so much going on here that we ought to be excited about!    

Why do we need Maintenance?  Because Isagenix really doesn't cleanse anything!  Our bodies come equipped with cleansing organs, the liver, the kidneys, the lymph, etc.  Trouble is that we live in such an overwhelmingly toxic world that our cleansing organs are over-burdened and can't perform as intended.  All Isagenix does is provide powerful cleansing nutrients to the body which aids the body in its ability to effectively cleanse itself.  Make sense?  Why wouldn't we want to provide these cleaning nutrients, call it a boost, on a daily basis?  Our world is not getting any less toxic, in fact, it's getting much much worse!  

Did you know that every 7 years, every single cell in the human body will have become anew?  They completely regenerate every 7 years.  Your diet, nutrition and exercise regimine over the next 7 years will essentially determine who the new you will be!  Will you be the epitome of health?  Or will you be a walking talking Twinkie?  :)  It's your choice!

Isn't it sad that we get so wrapped up on the weight loss aspect.  I know it is sad for me because I'm aware of how much more there is going on here.  Many of the Doctors on the Scientific Medical Advisory Board have said that Weight Loss is just one ancillary benefit of cleansing and it is not the top one.  Of the top 10 benefits, weight loss would probably fall around #5.  90% of the benefit of this program is internal!  That means that only 10% of the benefit is comprised of these external vanity results that everyone gets so wrapped around.  I'm not saying that those appearance based results aren't important, they are!  I'm just asking you to please consider that there is much more than what meets the eye here.  Your insides will thank you more than anything else.  You're doing yourself a big favor!

I'm hoping that this post will inspire many of the women out there who are so brainwashed by that nasty scale.  One of the biggest favors you can do yourself is throw that scale into the closet and only pull it out on special occasions like when you complete your 9 day deep cleanse once every 3 months.  You will not need to be looking at that thing daily while you are doing your daily cleansing and shakes. Listen to your body, focus on how you feel, how you look and how your clothes fit, that is what is going to serve you best.  I've been doing this for 9 years now and have coached thousands of cleansers of all shapes and sizes.  Based on that experience, I know the above to be the truth.   I also know that if you will shift the diet mentality into one of Lifestyle Cleansing, the results will come soon enough and you will find your ideal weight, happy and healthy.  Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint.  

Is Cleansing Safe with Formulator John Anderson

Q & A with John Anderson-Formulator

Chanie: Question "John, What would you tell people that question that we are only consuming 200 calories per day - each cleanse day - and they are concerned that this could be detrimental to our metabolism??"

John Anderson Answer, "Without nutritional support, and, exceeding the recommended time to cleanse, yes I would agree.

For thousands of years, every generation have developed some type of purification process by fasting, eating herbs and drinking tea.

Some of these include lemon fasts, water fasts, grape juice fasts, etc. Some recommend going for weeks without the building blocks to maintain good health and protect lean body mass.

Today, we know nutrition is key in supporting health while trying to cleanse. Your colon needs to rest you need to drop your caloric intake in order to start burning fat.

All of this required a balance of the right botanicals necessary to achieve your goal. It also takes adding vitamins, minerals, etc.

Most importantly, it required the addition of proteins right after a cleanse to protect your body.

We have proven that a 9 day and 30 day system will support your body and also help build muscle because your finally getting the best amino acid profile you've been missing.

It takes about 200 nutrients to support the human body. All of these are in the system. We now have over a million success stories to show Isagenix works, it's real, it's fantastic!"

Type 1 and 2 Diabetes with John Anderson and Dr. Dennis Harper:

First, lets hear from World Renowned Formulator of Isagenix, John Anderson.  John Happens to be a type 2 diabetic himself.  

"Diabetics can reap the benefits of Isagenix too. The need for diabetic nutrition is a must for everyone regardless of type or stage you are in. I am diabetic since my spider bite. I am type 2 and doing very well controlling it. My cholesterol is 85! A few tips for you!

Normally, the shakes should be cut in 1/2 servings more often. This will spread out the carbs hitting the system all at once.

You should always start Isagenix doing daily cleansing by adding 2 to 4 ounces in your daily drinking water. I have hundreds of reported testimonies stating that just doing the daily cleanse (4 oz daily) lowers blood sugars by 40 points on average. 

Deep Cleansing;
This is not recommended because its hard to set a plan that works for every diabetic. Everyone is so different. Regulating blood sugars are a balancing act, If you reduct your carb intake and not adjust your insulin, you will have an insulin reaction.
Deep cleansing must be regulated and monitored by your doctor or health care provider. 

Fiber is important for diabetics, it slows the carbs greatly and helps stabilize blood sugar. Adding the FiberPro and eating Slim Cakes will help

Mens / Women's Vitamins;
Its always a benefit to add the necessary B vitamins to your regime, they help as well

Very important for helping in insulin receptors making your body recognize insulin better.

There are many added ingredients in Isagenix system for helping stabilize blood sugars too;

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Blood glucose
Chromium, improves glucose tolerance
Fiber, slows and helps control blood sugar
Minerals, most important for reducing blood sugars
Vitamin E, may improve glucose tolerance
Vitamin B6, helps neuropathy 
Vitamin B1, helps reduce blood sugar levels
CoEnzymeQ10, cardio-protection risks from diabetes
Niacin, blood circulation 
Zinc, great in type 1 for blood sugars reduction
Vitamin D, for blood levels normalization 
Inositol, nerve function for neuropathy 
Taurine, type 1 for the blood
Omegas, for glucose tolerance and cholesterol levels
Cayenne, blood circulation 
Psyllium, for blood sugar levels
Cinnamon, for blood sugar levels control

Maybe reading and understanding these ingredients will help you understand the importance of good nutrition when your body is under abnormal conditions. 


(Please feel free to add any other suggestions in the Comments section of this post)

Symptoms to expect form Cleansing and what to do

By the morning after the 2nd cleanse day, you will feel great! You will be literally
amazed by the weight & inches you release, the level of energy you feel and
how great your skin is beginning to look.

In the event you are one of the people who might experience some
mild cleanse symptoms , we are providing you with some suggestions to help you make it through.  If you are experiencing any such symptoms this very well may be your body telling you that you need to do this.  These symptoms are a result of what we call the "Healing Crisis,"  Things will generally get a little worse before they get better.  Such symptoms should only last a day or two.  

Usually due to caffeine or carbohydrate withdrawal; Immediately drink 16 oz of
purified water, slowly eat 1/2 an organic apple, breathe deeply, or go to bed.

Peppermint Oil has proven to be a useful home remedy for Migraines.  Make sure it is topical and not edible, put a small amount on your forehead and temples (MAKE SURE YOU WASH YOUR HANDS AFTERWARDS).  The only place to get it is at a Health Food Store.   May also be used for Achy Muscles and for monthly cramps for women.  
Muscle or joint aches: rub the topical oil on the affected area (you will feel it get very warm)   For monthly cramps: apply to abdomen

Change the way you take the cleanse; use 1/4 cup of Cleanse For Life in 8 oz of
water & drink it 8 times per day, or drink the cleanse straight & chase with water;
slowly eat 1/2 an organic apple; drink 1/2 a shake (1 scoop in 4 oz water)

Rashes & Skin
Drink lots of water to flush the impurities; Activate the lymph system so it more
quickly transports impurities to the colon by lightly massaging your skin with a soft
bristle brush from the fingertips to shoulders & from the feet to the heart, shaking
your body, or jumping on a mini-trampoline

Dark Bowel
Movement &
Frequent Urination
A great sign! Impurities are being released! Frequent urination is very common,
especially during the 1st 2 wks until your body re-learns to absorb the water.

Should only last a day or two is all. 

Take up to 4 IsaFlush capsules per day.  If you did not order IsaFlush you can take 1000mg of Magnesium per day to get things moving.   Last resort - Drink 4 ounces of prune juice morning and night until you see a breakthrough.  

Your body is working hard to cleanse itself; Make sure to take your accelerator capsules and use IsaDelight if you have those.  Take a nap, or go to bed early. 

Feeling Cold
Take a nice warm bath with Epson Salts. Dress Warmly.

Your body is transforming itself & change can produce emotionality; Use
IsaDelights & be assured the moodiness will pass

Body Odor
Drink lots of water; Brush your skin as above; Take an Epsom Salts bath

Gas and/or
Usually subsides as digestion improves from the living enzymes in the Isagenix products


Excerpted From An Article By Dr. Stanley S. Bass, ND, D.C., PhD
Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding in the field of nutrition is the failure to understand and interpret the symptoms and changes which follow the beginning of a better nutritional program. A remarkable thing happens when a person improves the quality of the food he consumes. When the food you ingest is of a higher quality than the tissues from which the body is made, the body discards the lower
quality tissues, to make room for the higher quality materials to make healthier tissue. During this process of regeneration, lasting about 10 days to several weeks, the emphasis is on breaking down and eliminating lower quality tissue. The vibrant energy often found in the external parts of the body, the muscles and skin, moves to vital internal organs and starts reconstruction. This movement of
energy produces a feeling of less energy in the muscles, which the mind interprets as weakness. At this time, more rest and sleep is often needed, and it's imperative to avoid stimulants of any kind which will abort and defeat the regenerative process. Remember, the body isn't getting weaker, it's simply using it's energies in
more important internal work rather than external work involving muscle movements. Withpatience and diligence, a person will soon feel more energy than before.  By ingesting higher quality foods, the body begins a process called "retracing". The initial focus is on eliminating waste and toxins deposited in the tissues. However, the process creates symptoms that are often misinterpreted. For example, a person who stops consuming coffee or chocolate may experience headaches and a general letdown. The body begins discarding toxins (caffeine or theobromin) by removing them from the tissues and transporting them through the bloodstream. However, before toxins are passed, through elimination, they register in our consciousness as pain, in other words, a headache. These same toxins also
stimulate the heart to beat more rapidly, thus producing the feeling of exhilaration. The letdown is due to the slower action of the heart which produces a depressed mind state. The symptoms experienced during "retracing" are part of the healing process! They are not deficiencies. Do not treat them with stimulants or drugs. These symptoms are constructive, even though unpleasant at the moment. Don't try to cure the cure. Thesymptoms will vary according to the materials
being discarded, the condition of the organs involved in the elimination, and the amount of available energy.
They can include: headaches, fever/chills, colds, skin eruptions, constipation/diarrhea, frequent
urination, fatigue/sluggishness, nervousness, irritability, depression.
The symptoms will be milder and pass more quickly if one gets more rest and sleep. Understand that the body becomes healthier by eliminating wastes and toxins. Had they remained trapped in the tissues, eventually they would have brought illness and disease, thus causing greater pain and suffering. "The body is becoming healthier by eliminating toxins" Finally, don't expect to improve your diet and feel better and better every day, until you reach perfection. The body is cyclical in nature. Health returns in a series of gradually diminishing cycles. For example, you may begin eating better and start feeling better. After some time, you experience a symptom
such as nausea or diarrhea. After a day, you feel even better than before and all goes well for a while. Then you suddenly develop a cold, the chills and lose your appetite. Without the use of drugs, you recover from these symptoms and suddenly you feel great. This well-being continues for a time until you break out in a
rash. The rash flares up, but finally disappears, and suddenly you feel better than you've felt in years. As the body becomes pure, each reaction becomes milder and shorter in duration, followed by longer and longer periods of feeling better than ever before, until finally you reach a level plateau...vibrant health.


Detoxification and Possible Symptoms
by Dr. John Mory

What is detoxification ?
Detoxification is the term used to describe the
process your body goes through to get rid of
toxins. Detoxification symptoms - both
physical and mental - may appear when you
alter your lifestyle by starting something new,
such as changing your diet or exercising, or
by discontinuing a current habit, such as
eating chocolate or drinking coffee. These
symptoms include headache, skin eruptions
(rash), stomach ache, cough, diarrhea,
clogged sinus, and fever, as well
as feeling rundown and irritable. The
symptoms may be of short duration and
slight irritation, or they could last longer and
cause you considerable discomfort.
Because these symptoms are the same as
those that show up in certain illnesses,
changing your diet or lifestyle can result in
misunderstanding . . .
If I am doing something that is supposed to
be good for me, why do I have these
unpleasant symptoms ? Why do I feel worse,
and not better ?
Understanding this apparent contradiction is
perhaps the first, and most important, hurdle
you must get over when making a dietary or
lifestyle change.
If you consider this contradiction carefully,
however, it is easy to understand. Think of
how you might have experienced this on a
short-term basis. If you do not get regular
exercise and then play some softball with
your kids, the next day you might feel bad -
tired with sore muscles. This is your body
reacting to something that it is not used to
doing. You can see the same thing when
you stop a regular activity; if you are a soda
drinker and stop drinking soda 
for a while, you may notice that you have less
energy and you may even have a headache.
When you change your diet or lifestyle, the
same thing happens; your body reacts to the

Why does this happen ?
As we live, toxins accumulate in our bodies.
Some of these are due to our diet and others
are due to the environment around us. Of
course, our lifestyle also fits in - if you smoke
or use alcohol you are accumulating even
more toxins. When you make a change in diet
or lifestyle, through stopping a bad habit or
eating better, your cells begin to eliminate the
toxic substances. Before finding the exit,
however, the toxins are released into the
bloodstream and are carried through the
circulatory system.
This transportation and elimination may result
in headache, diarrhea, or constipation, and
often toxins are eliminated through the skin,
resulting in rashes or skin problems
(especially if you are prone to such problems).
You may also feel a lack of energy, especially
if you are eliminating meats from your diet.
(The protein found in meat is more stimulating
than that found in vegetables.) You may also
find that, with the absence of toxins, you
absorb substances more easily. Thus, the
sugar and caffeine in a soda might really set
you off.
In a nutshell, we could say that the body
always goes for quality, and when the food
coming in is of higher quality than the present
tissue, the body will discard the present tissue
because it wants to make room for tissue
created by the higher-quality food.

How severe are the symptoms and how
long do they last ?
How long the symptoms last and how severe
they are depend on your lifestyle before
making a change and how quickly you make
a change. If you have a diet heavy in red
meats, for example, and become a vegetarian
overnight, you might have severe symptoms
for a time. If your lifestyle changes are
gradual, the symptoms could be less severe.
The duration of the symptoms might not be
linear; there is a greater chance that they will
come in cycles.
At first you may feel great and then
experience some detoxification symptoms.
After the initial toxins are flooded out, you
will feel good again, if not better. However, as
the body "goes deeper" and finds more toxins
to eliminate; the symptoms may reappear
again, and after more toxins are eliminated,
you will feel better yet. As things progress,
you will find that the period of symptoms is
shorter and the period of well- being greater.

What can I do during this period ?
The hardest thing for many people to do is
accept that they are not sick and realize that
the body is cleansing itself. Once you get
beyond this psychological barrier, the rest is
The most important thing to do can be
summed up in one word . . . Rest. Rest,
and let the body do what it needs to. If you
have the luxury of staying home, do so! If not,
cut back on social engagements and perhaps
even cut back on any exercise you are
getting. Give your body as much energy as
possible to do its jobs.
Eat light foods that are easy to digest -
consume fruits and vegetables and drink
plenty of water.

Some Possible Detoxification Symptoms:
• Headache
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Irritability
• Fatigue
• Clogged Skin
• Cold Symptoms
• Stomach Ache
• Gas
• Bad Breath
• Excess Perspiration
• Cough
• Moodiness
• Excess Mucous

3 Top Tips for Diabetics:
1.  Break Shake servings in half.  (so 1 scoop in 4-5 ounces of water, wait 2 hours and then consume the other half serving)  Do this morning and night. 
2.  Enjoy Half servings of shake whenever you feel like you need it, yes even on "Cleanse Days" if you chose to do those.   You may need to order an extra can of shake to accomodate this if you are doing the 9 day cleanse.  The 9 day cleanse is not recommended for Type 1's, they should only do the 30 day Moderate (1 Cleanse day per week) or Shake and Cleanse pack.  
3.  On Cleanse days eat a snack every hour on the hour.  You may want to order additional bottle of snacks to do this as the 9 day only comes with enough snacks to accommodate 6 per day.   


Now From Dr. Harper: 
"If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, then there are a few things of which you should be aware if deciding to use the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Type 1 diabetes

It’s common to have lower levels of glucose while on the products. Be careful with your use of insulin. I recommend to my patients that they cut their insulin in half while they do this program and adjust it accordingly. I also recommend my patients use short-acting insulin. Please consult your doctor before adjusting medication. You cannot expect to get off of insulin, of course, but you can expect to feel better and lower the levels of insulin required.

During the Shake Days you may find that the glucose levels increase. This is expected, but if the rise is too high then you can consider switching to diluting the shake with our unflavored whey protein, IsaPro, or having ½ a shake 4 times a day or ½ a shake 2 times day. Watch your glucose levels to guide you.

Type 2 diabetes

Monitor your glucose levels closely since it’s easy to have low levels while on the program. I personally recommend to my diabetics that they cut their medications in half if they are going to start on the 9-Day Program and if they are using insulin to only use the shorter-acting insulins. Please consult your doctor before adjusting medication.

A temporary glucose rise would be OK since it’s better than you falling into a hypoglycemic state, which is more dangerous than a hyperglycemic state. What we generally see is a reduction of both medication and glucose levels with this program. The Shake Days may very well show an increase in the glucose levels but as your weight goes down this generally is self-correcting. If this rise is too great for you then you can switch to just the IsaPro or you can use ½ a shake 4 times a day or reduce the amount to just ½ a shake 2 times a day. 

I have also seen my patients no longer require any type of medication for diabetes, but individual differences doesn’t make this the case for everyone.* At the very least you should see a reduction in your weight and a reduction in the amount of medication that you are using."

Dennis Harper, DO
Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board Chair

This information on this Web site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient and her or his physician or other health-care professional.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."