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Did you forget what it felt like to Come Alive?

You will forget, we always do. That’s a given because that is human nature. We all do it. Predictable behavior.  You will forget how bad off you were.  You will forget how discouraged you were.  You will forget, even if you had not seen any progress whatsoever for years or even decades. Give it 3-4 months and you will forget the gift you gave yourself in ER Shred.  Why do we forget what it was like to feel so bad at one point? We just do. And that’s when we return to the bad stuff that we know we really can’t get away with and that we promised to never return to, not ever again.    Like a dog returning to its vomit.  How do I know? Because I lived it many times. I would get sick from what I was eating and I would end up having to eat anti-acids all the time. When things would get to their worst, I would be forced to turn to a complete 14 day stomach acid medication that would shut down any stomach acid whatsoever. That is so NOT healthy IMO. Man. I can’t believe I ever did that. I’m ki