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The Escobar Group is Thankful for YOU!

Thanksgiving.  It certainly is not only a time to come together around an enormous feast and stuff ourselves silly, there is more to it than that right?  Although, that is an awfully fun part of it and it does only come around once per year.  I do have so many fond memories of Thanksgiving.   My favorite was spent with my Grandma and Grandpa on Mom's side in Arizona.  Grandma would stuff you so full you would have to just lay on the floor on your back for a while, couldn't hardly move!  Then an hour later she'd be making you leftovers.   We also spent one very memorable Thanksgiving at the home of John Anderson, the founder of Isagenix.  This was long before Isagenix had come into being.   John had me sleeping in his garage full of 17 Harley Davidson's and real casino slot machines.  He gave me a bunch of money to play with and told me I could keep my winnings.  I didn't sleep that night of course!  That's what happens when you do something like that to a 15 yea

Meet Nicole Hudson-New Star Consultant!

  I was born and raised in Seattle WA.  My husband is my best friend and we met in college in 2000 and we have lived in Washington, Texas, Ohio, and now Wisconsin.  We now have 5 kids ages 8 and under and I'm proud to be a homemaker!  There is nothing more important to me than being the best wife and mother I can be.  I'm also passionate about teaching my children the value of serving others, which is why I felt compelled to get involved in Isagenix.    A little about me and my background: I graduated Magna Cum Laude in Social Sciences from WSU.  I also attended the University of Malta for a study abroad program in college.  I'm a former domestic violence and sexual assault counselor, cake decorator, Miss Jr. Orem Utah (that was 5 kids ago, haha), caretaker for developmentally disabled young people, TurboKick Instructor, and professional Christmas caroler!  My interests include... people!, anything active and outdoors, music piano and singing, sign language, blogg

Join the "Reign in the Holidays" Challenge

Announcing The Annual “Reign in the Holidays” Challenge! “A moment on the lips; forever on the hips!” this idiom fits well on all people who have a history of gaining holiday/winter weight. It is true when the holidays come around, the size of our waist shoots up mainly because we give ourselves to overindulgence. The holiday season not only gives us a necessary break from monotonous daily life, but is also a time for re-bonding with friends and family. In addition, when we are overwhelmingly happy, who cares about the extra calories, which we collect in our body after indulging into massive amount of scrumptious meals? After all, the Holidays are a time for such overindulgence, right? You may enjoy the frenzy of the festive season but overindulgence may result into the extra weight gain, losing which can be tricky and may even spoil the whole excitement of the holidays for you. In order that you may enjoy the holidays to the fullest we invite you to join hundreds of us o