Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Escobars

Team Body Alive,
We are so grateful for our relationships with each of you and count you amongst our most choice blessings.  The Isagenix opportunity for us is all about family.  Our hope is that your family will be blessed with all you hope and dream for this time of year.  These are tough economic times for so many people.  The economic stress burdens people's health, their marriages and their families.   We know of a surety that we have solutions for people who are facing these seemingly impossible economic times.  There is hope, we can help!  Thank each of you for joining us in this mission of sharing this once in a lifetime opportunity forward.  Mom often says that millions of people are drowning and we possess a lifesaver which we can throw out and offer to those who accept.    Tremendous perspective isn't it?  What a wonderful cause we are engaged in.  Thank you once again, all you members of our IsaFamily, for making a difference.  You truly are.

The Escobars


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