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New Year Message from The Escobars

Happy New Year Escobar Group!   The following message was written by my father, he is a tremendous coach and knows how to bring out the best in people.  I was at his home recently for a training and learned something new.  He shared a message that had a profound impact on me as I realized it is the absolute truth.  I will try to paraphrase for now and will work to get him on video soon.   In a nutshell, he shared his opinion on why the majority of people do not succeed in Network Marketing.  He referred to it as "structure," I think the word was.  People are accustomed to structure and structured environments.  They are most likely born into a structured family.  Then they go to school, all structured, 12+ years of structure.  They take a job, or go into the military, More Structure.  At that job they are told what to do in most cases, A-Z.  You are told when to show up, when to take a break or lunch, what to do and when to leave.   Network Marketing is an unstruct

2014 Will Be HUGE, are you going to benefit from it?

January. The month of opportunity! Here's a nugget for you, work harder than you have ever worked this January and watch that propel you through the rest of the year.   Here are some pointers for you around this. Contact all your friends and invite them to do a group cleanse with you.  If you go to my profile now you will see that I have done just that. I have done it in my own way, but that is besides the point. The point is that you have to put it out there!  Want to get even more of a result around this?  Call the people you know and invite them personally. No reason you can't schedule the group cleanse for later in the month of January and spend the first 3 weeks of the month calling all of your contacts.  Some of you have jumped on this already and built large cleanse groups.  Now the real work begins. Mining for referrals and incentivizing these new customers to bridge into the business. Another tip, contact all past customers. This is something that works with Isagenix