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Why Cleanse?

Here's a 10 minute presentation that convinces people they need to cleanse their bodies from a Health Professional's point of view.    You'll find that once they are convinced that they need to cleanse it is then very easy to teach them How to cleanse.  Focus on the "Why" and the "How" will always take care of itself!   Use this to build your business!

Welcome to your Isagenix Cleanse Video!

Please feel free to either use this video or create your own for your new cleansers.  Are people more likely to watch a video than to read a massive letter, I think so!  :) The URL for this video is:

Training Tomorrow Night-Team Building Versus Pitching Products

Debbie Sherrick will be featuring Sean Escobar on her team call tomorrow night and has generously offered for everyone to join in if you'd like.   The Topic of the call is: "Team Building Versus Pitching Products." We will keep the call to 30 minutes or so is all.   Call Info:  Tuesday, May 22nd Dial 619-326-2700.  Access code is 1181637# Time: 5:30 p.m. Pacific/ 6:30 p.m. Mountain/ 7:30 p.m. Central/ 8:30 p.m. EST Host:  Debbie Sherrick Certified Herbalist Certified Aromatherapist Certified Iridologist Certified Personal Trainer Motivational Speaker Natural Health Care Consultant Presenter:  Sean Escobar   Isagenix Youngest Million Dollar Earner

Let's Support Dianne Congdon and her IsaArms!

Please do visit Dianne's video and "Like" it.  Dianne's arms truly speak for themselves! ;)  Every time that we speak of Dianne, my mom says "have you seen her arms?!"  lol    Dianne's video is a finalist in the Isagenix Video Awards! Here' How We Can Help: The video with the most YouTube Thumbs up wins a free flight to 2012 Celebration and 2 free Celebration tickets. You have from May 10- July 10 th . I'm so glad that Dianne was brave enough to do this.   Her exact words to me were,  " SEAN…. I cannot believe I’ve done this!"   Here' the link:

Team Call Wednesday Night - Sean Escobar teaches the Compensation Plan

With the recent surge in growth that we've seen in Isagenix, we have become aware of many new business builders who are making money and then wondering, "Now how did I earn that?" and more importantly, "How do I earn more?" We ask that you invite your teams and especially new business builders on to this call and please ask them to make this a priority.  The quote seems to always come to mind, "those who know WHY will often employ those who know HOW."   If you want your people to get really really excited about this opportunity then they need to know the "why's" behind everything we are doing.   Why do we enroll people as wholesale customer?  Why residual income versus retail?  Why enroll your people in straight lines down the outside right and outside left legs?   etc.  Bottom line, please need to understand how lucrative this is, and we don't talk about it enough for fear that they will misinterpret us. So that we can dive right