Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Body Alive Team

Many of you will be joining the team on our post Thanksgiving Cleanse, some starting Pre-Cleanse this weekend and others starting next week.  No matter the case, please make the most of it by actively participating and encouraging others in our Facebook Groups.  It's important to remember that Holidays present special opportunities to share with loved ones what has been working for you in with your health goals.  It is priceless gift we have to share, the Gift of Health!  It's a great time to plant seeds and invite friends to join us in post Thanksgiving Cleansing and the Big New Year Cleansing Group coming up.  

Now here are some thoughtful messages from Tony and Randi Escobar.  

"What a wonderful day to reflect on the many kindnesses and gestures of love that have been received by our family. We have been blessed so deeply by so many. Your examples of faith, hope and charity have truly enriched our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. There are so many heroes in our lives that it would be impossible to list them, but you know who you are and we know
 who you are! May you also know that your friendships are treasured, your goodness is appreciated and your acts of kindness are the gifts of the soul and will sustain so many. Tony and I and our entire family are grateful beyond measure for so much. We wish each of you and your families a wonderful day of Thanksgiving tomorrow as we all remember the abundance that we enjoy on this earth. We all live lives that were built on the sacrifices of so many who went before us. We hope that we will continue together to build a bright future for our the generations that follow ours. Happy Thanksgiving and may you all be blessed with all you stand in need of. We love you and appreciate all you do to stand strong for all that is right and good!"

-Randi Escobar


Thanksgiving is here, so our focus is turned

We appreciate everything that we all have learned      

To often we focus upon past thoughts

On what we’ve earned and what we’ve bought

We too often get our joy from everyday things

Overlooking the delight that friendship brings

If all those things did vanish today

You would see the foundation of a rewarding day

In building relationships, endless and true

All thoughts of gratitude would go directly to you       

Turkey day has arrived and is finally here                   

Lets all sing a song of remembrance and cheer      

For everything that makes our time worth living                            

Lets all sing a song of appreciation and Thanksgiving 

Have a joyful Thanksgiving you'll never forget

Full of joy and gratitude, the very best one yet!

Love you all very much   

The Escobars

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