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Happy Thanksgiving Body Alive Team

Many of you will be joining the team on our post Thanksgiving Cleanse, some starting Pre-Cleanse this weekend and others starting next week.  No matter the case, please make the most of it by actively participating and encouraging others in our Facebook Groups.  It's important to remember that Holidays present special opportunities to share with loved ones what has been working for you in with your health goals.  It is priceless gift we have to share, the Gift of Health!  It's a great time to plant seeds and invite friends to join us in post Thanksgiving Cleansing and the Big New Year Cleansing Group coming up.   Now here are some thoughtful messages from Tony and Randi Escobar.   "What a wonderful day to reflect on the many kindnesses and gestures of love that have been received by our family. We have been blessed so deeply by so many. Your examples of faith, hope and charity have truly enriched our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. There are so m

Free South Florida Event on the 15th of November

FREE MEETING FOR EVERYONE!!!! NOV 15TH   THIS IS FOR OUR TEAM ONLY….let’s see how it goes with this first time!!!  7-8PM NEW  South Florida IsaTEAM Meeting         EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS with  BREAKOUT SESSIONS  for NEW GUESTS/BUILDERS Experience Isagenix in Three Minutes   HOSTED BY 4 STARS Dr. Corey Cameron and Lisa Possanza, R.N EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION TEAM :  Dr. Corey Cameron, Lisa Possanza -R.N., Tatiana & Kendrick Montgomery- Fitness Trainers ,  Sherry Fox and Dianne Congdon – NEW YOU Cleanse Support Coaches BRING NEW GUESTS/BUILDERS to EXPAND their ISAGENIX CONCEPTS in these AREAS: 1.        NEW PEOPLE – READY TO LEARN about Nutritional Cleansing This breakout is for YOUR GUESTS and NEW PEOPLE…let us teach them!!!           LEARN ABOUT CLEANSING from the    Coaches: Sherry Fox and Dianne C -WHY Detoxify – Our Toxic Crisis + Liver Assassins                           -