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Important message about the future of our Body Alive Sites

Hello Team, We are pleased to announce a new direction for the Body Alive Sites.  We are grateful for the purpose they have served over the last 2 years.  Soon this is where you will go in order to connect with our Share it Forward Academy Business Training and to also show your potential business builder who your team is and what we have all collectively achieved.  For now, we will leave it the way it is as we know that some of you have placed this site on your brochures and business cards and such.   The only change for now is that we must disable the "ordering feature" of necessity.  Unfortunately there have been a few people who have mistakenly taken too long to process orders that have come in, which leaves people waiting for their product for quite some time, making us look bad.  We can't afford that kind of a first impression on new customers. You can still use the site to promote Isagenix, just make sure that you skillfully follow up (within 48 ho

Help New People Save $150 on a 30-Day System!

The Flyer for this has been posted in the Body Alive Biz Support Group on Facebook.  

Meet a Rising Star Audrey Kirnon!

This From our new IsaFamily Member Audrey!  She's in our Facebook group so please do say hello.  You'll be hearing about Audrey more in the future, same goes for Misty Easler, and Eric Daniels.  I can guarantee you that!   "Hi IsaFamily! You might have seen my post last week about my Dad last week and how well he's for my own awesome 90 day testimonial and results. I am ECSTATIC about the renewed energy and zest for life Isagenix has given me! I was in a terrible car accident two years ago that resulted in three surgeries within months on both my ankles and right shoulder. In addition to the surgeries, I still had torn cartilage in my hip, 6 herniated discs in my back and neck, loss of some vision and hearing, sciatica, cracked teeth, nerve damage and a bunch of other injuries. I was in constant discomfort and had difficulty sleeping practically every night. I then received 18 steroid injections in my spine to "help" ease the discomfort. Unf

IsaBody Finalist Tiff Dodge's Entire Story!

Let's all get behind Tiff!   We received IsaBody Finalist Tiff Dodge's permission to share her story in its entirety, she sees how she can uplift others and make a difference.  She is so authentic, I love that about her.  She's going to bless so many lives. Here's what she said, "I appreciate your sensitivity to the matter, but do feel free to share the story in its entirety  to whoever you feel. The Lord has been prompting me for quite some time now to open up, but I have been hesitant because of my fear of coming off as arrogant and bragging, and I didn't want all the "sympathy attention."  It was what it was, and I have moved forward in my life.  I don't dwell on it, and I didn't want others to.  I am now ready and willing to share.  I count it a blessing to have been able to share it with you and your family, because I know your reach is much farther than my own."  You can find Tiff on facebook by searching for "Tiff Dodge Is

Meet Tiff Dodge, IsaBody Finalist and Body Alive Team Member

Introducing IsaBody Challenge Finalist & Body Alive Team Member Tiffany Dodge We had the privilege of going out to a celebratory lunch with "Tiff" yesterday along with her trainer Aaron Ogden.   Little background here, Aaron is one of the most prominent trainers in Utah.  Tiff proudly proclaims him as "the #1 trainer in Utah!"  :)   We have known Aaron for many years, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 years.   He is a personal friend of the family and trained my sister for some time.   I remember back when Aaron was first introduced to Isagenix, he was in our conference room and out of everyone there, he was the one with the most questions.  It was obvious that Aaron was not going to endorse something unless he was 100% sure that it was going to be safe and effective for his clients .  Thats what sets Aaron apart from the rest, he does not impulsively do things, off all the trainers we've ever met, he is the one that dedicates himself t