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Our Gift to You this Christmas

IsaFamily, The Escobar Group wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   We count you among our most precious blessings and thank you for your trust and loyalty towards us as your support line leaders.   As many of you know, The Escobars will not be attending the New Year Kickoff.  Tony and Randi both had surgeries just recently.  Tony had a hernia repaired that was caused by his son Sean requiring that he lift a heavy Washer and Dryer over his head. (Inside Joke)  Randi had Complete Knee Replacement Surgery which was long overdue.   Both are recovering wonderfully.   If you are attending the NYK and have any questions or would like to be connected to others whom are attending please let Sean know.   We will absolutely be present at the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration in August!  Hope that you will all be in attendance with us, you will not want to miss it!   The trick to having a giant team with you in attendance is to start getting commitments from your co

New Years Resolutions can help build your business!

What are the #1 and #2 New Years Resolutions?  You guessed it, LOSE WEIGHT AND MAKE MORE MONEY!   We can help with both can't we!!!! The time as officially come to make a tremendous push for our New Year Cleanse 2012!   Your business could benefit greatly from this opportune timing if you play your cards right!  The beauty of this is that you are inviting people to "participate" rather than soliciting them to "buy" anything.   I remember walking into a mortgage office to deliver an old friend of mine a kit that she bought.  I asked her if she had anyone that might want to participate with her as it is more fun and enjoyable.   What happened next was a pleasant surprise.  I waited in the conference room as she went around and gathered 11 of her co-workers and they all sat there and listened to me present why they ought to cleanse their bodies.  They all joined, every single one of them and I walked away with 12 apps in hand and my friend made several hundred

"Mind Over Fatter"

Mind Over Fatter Could your Expectation truly determine your Outcome?   By Sean Escobar Ever hear of the quote by Henry Ford, “ Whether you think you can  or whether you think you can't, you 're right.” Having coached thousands of cleansers over the last 10 years I have discovered that many people embark on their cleansing journey with a very sandy foundation.  Maybe they have misconceptions from listening to cynical people or from reading internet rubbish.  Funny thing about the internet, you can pretty much always find validation for what you are looking for.  Want to believe that Cola Soft Drinks are beneficial for you, just look on the internet for so called proof.  Yes, it actually exists!     Funny thing about human nature.  Many people say the greatest desire of human beings is “to be loved.”  That’s actually not true in my opinion, the greatest of all human desires is “to be right.”  Just look at the great lengths people have gone to in order to be
The Newest IsaBaby has Arrived! I'm going to let my remarkable wife Crystal tell the story below, but I just wanted to mention one thing here.  The Midwives were blown away by the health of the placenta and I really don't think they say it to everyone. lol   In fact they went on and on about how incredible this one was in relation to many of the others they'd seen.  We decided to encapsulate it, as I am convinced that it is beneficial for Momma.  Crystal wasn't about to stir fry that thing. lol  Did you know that pretty much every other animal on the face of the earth eats the placenta post birth!  I think there is a reason for that.  People that do so report many benefits including no postpartum depression etc.  I know that I am probably freaking many of you guys out now, hey we are IsaFamily and I can tell you anything right? :)  ,Just appreciate that we are the kind of weird people that spend $200 to encapsulate Isagenix Placentas, spare no expense for mom's