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What is this Product B all about?

Tony Escobar Discuses telomerase & Ageless Actives:   (Audio Only, make sure to double click) Join Dave Mac Arthur as he gives an update on Product B and telomere support. This  recording is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated. New Product B Blog website: Flyers below

Come to Celebration this August! Why your business depends on it.

An incredible message from Travis Garza, Vice President of Sales Isagenix.  I love Travis and his whole approach to things.  It's very in line with how I approach the business.  How can we inspire our people to come to convention without flat out holding them accountable and saying, "you are coming!"  I've never wanted be that type of extrinsic motivator.  I don't like how network marketing is done in such an abrasive fashion.  At the same time, I have to ask myself, will coming to convention help these individuals grow their business?  Your darn right it will!  More so than any other singular event available.  That's all I'm going to say, now please read Travis's message.  Love ya! Sean "Dear Leader, Thank you for your ongoing contribution to Isagenix. Your leadership and loyalty make Isagenix the most powerful company in the world. As a leader, I believe you understand how important it is to have your organizations aware of the new product

A Message of Hope from Terri Gutierrez

"Friends & Family,   Something happened tonight ... an aha moment ... everything became clear.  I went out with friends & for the first time in 20 years, I didn't feel invisible anymore - I was noticed numerous times.  Something had changed. I actually felt good & confident in my own skin. This was the moment when the changes on the outside, finally hit the inside.  It was unexpected. I say this humbly, because most of you know my story and you know the struggles I have gone through in my life due to being overweight for so long. :(  As I look back, there's so many things I gave up, didn't do, let go, or lost ... all because of my weight.  Wow, what a reality check. :/    I am almost 100 lbs down now. It's insane for me to believe this at times. When I was at my heaviest, 252 lbs, I thought that was it. I thought any idea of me ever being really happy again and feeling good was pretty much over and thought that was my destiny. I was about to give up! Om

SLC Isagenix Opportunity Presentation Tony and Randi Escobar Thursday Night

Come and Join Top Income Earners Tony and Randi Escobar as they present the Isagenix Cleansing Technology and Business Opportunity this Thursday Night in Sandy, UT.    Time : 7 p.m. Place : Larry Miller Community College Campus, Sandy UT (Address and Map Below) Cost : $5 per associate, Guests are free About Tony and Randi Escobar: Tony and Randi Escobar have been married for 41 years. They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren and are the “All Time” leading income earners in Isagenix International, earning an income approaching $12,000,000. Tony and Randi love serving people and believe that the secret to their success in the Network Marketing industry has come from helping others realize their dreams of health, wealth and happiness and teaching their distributors a strategic and easy way of developing a successful business. Tony and Randi love whom they serve and they serve whom they love. They love what they do and they do what they love! Tony, a “fair dinkum” Australian

Don't Miss the WOW event in Layton, UT this Saturday!

Important Announcement-Get your Product B today!

GET YOUR PRODUCT B  TODAY!!! Register for 2011 Celebration and you can purchase Product B You must be on Autoship Agree to participate in our on-line sensory survey (go to ) Secure your ticket to  2011 Celebration   Have your ticket secured for 2011 Celebration and you will have the exclusive chance to purchase our ground-breaking Product B before we launch this cutting-edge product. Get your plans set for San Diego, Calif. August 14-16 and join Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover at  2011 "Ignite Your Future" Celebration . Tickets are $199 for 1 ticket  so purchase yours before prices go up to $299 each as of June 6. Visit  to register and for more details on what will be the most exciting event in our history! Once your Celebration ticket has been purchased or transferred to you*, simply call the Customer Care Promotional Orders Team at 888-991-9949 or send an email to . U.S. Associates hav

Huge Women's Event in Salt Lake City

Mom makes 6 figure income working Isagenix Part Time online, learn how on Sat!

Kimber King is a Six Figure earner in my organization.  Her mother, Bonnie Perkins is a Million Dollar Earner.  I encourage all of you to join her Saturday Morning call to learn some techniques that she has used online.   I've told many of you that I do most of my recruiting online now and have seen tremendous results.  I'm able to leverage my time and energies.  You've probably also heard me share that it is not necessary to invest money to learn how to build online, there are free training all over the place, just like the one Kimber is offering this Saturday.  Thanks for including all of us Kimber and congratulations on your awesome success.    Sean   "Hey everyone, Many of you know that I have built my income and my team largely online working part-time over the last 7-8 years -- way before Social Media had a name!   Recently one of my business partners and Internet Radio Co-Host, Jodi Stott and I did a Social Media Workshop in Orlando for the Real Savvy Success E

7 Problems and 1 Solution-Jim Rhoades

7 Problems and 1 Solution by Jim Rhoades* A Declining State of Health Recently, I was invited to speak at a symposium at Harvard University’s Medical School, where I discussed various topics related to the current state of health in the U.S. and the factors behind the recent rise in various lifestyle diseases. Specifically, the purpose of that presentation – and of this information – was to point out several different problems contributing to the poor state of health. After spending approximately 10 years researching and investigating the questions pertaining to our declining health, I have pinpointed seven problem areas that can be addressed to allow each of us to restore our health and enjoy a revitalized sense of wellness. The Seven Problems (1) Poor Immune Function Today, approximately 50 percent of people will contract some form of cancer in their lives. This number is a significant jump from just 50 years ago, when only 1 in 12 was at risk of developing the disease. Consi