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What is this Product B all about?

Tony Escobar Discuses telomerase & Ageless Actives:   (Audio Only, make sure to double click)

Join Dave Mac Arthur as he gives an update on Product B and telomere support. This recording is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated.   

New Product B Blog website:
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Come to Celebration this August! Why your business depends on it.

An incredible message from Travis Garza, Vice President of Sales Isagenix.  I love Travis and his whole approach to things.  It's very in line with how I approach the business.  How can we inspire our people to come to convention without flat out holding them accountable and saying, "you are coming!"  I've never wanted be that type of extrinsic motivator.  I don't like how network marketing is done in such an abrasive fashion.  At the same time, I have to ask myself, will coming to convention help these individuals grow their business?  Your darn right it will!  More so than any other singular event available.  That's all I'm going to say, now please read Travis's message.  Love ya!

"Dear Leader,

Thank you for your ongoing contribution to Isagenix. Your leadership and loyalty make Isagenix the most powerful company in the world.
As a leader, I believe you understand how important it is to have your organizations aware of the new products and innovations that are taking place at Isagenix. New product innovation is the cornerstone for long-term customer loyalty, increased BV, higher commissions and creating a growing organization.
This year’s Celebration in San Diego, California is set to be one of the most impactful in our history. By now, you’ve likely heard about our new Product B and the potential it has to help bring our company to a multi-billion dollar revenue. There is no question we are on the leading edge of science. I want to make sure that as many Associates as possible are in attendance at this year’s Celebration to hear about this and much more. I guarantee your team will not be disappointed when they attend!
The e-mail serves as a reminder so you can encourage your team to join us in San Diego, Calif. August 13-16, 2011, especially before the early-bird pricing ends June 5! I know the numbers! The more team members you have in attendance, the faster your organization will explode. I’ve now seen it too many times. Look at some of the leaders who are experiencing the fastest growth; they’ve been outstanding at making sure their teams are plugged in. Celebration 2011 will be an event your team needs to attend. I hope you can help me drive the most successful event in our history and e-mailing, calling out, and promoting this year’s Celebration.
As a reminder, the regular $299 Celebration ticket is discounted to $199 until June 5. So please make sure to communicate with your teams today so they can register. I appreciate all that you do to help us transform lives throughout the world. It is definitely a partnership.
To register for Celebration simply visit your Back Office “Events” section and select “Celebration” from the dropdown menu,  or if you have questions,
Your Partner,

Travis Garza
Vice President of Sales
Isagenix International

P.S. Don’t forget about FREE Enrollments! New personally-enrolled members who join with a qualifying pack and on Autoship between May 23 – June 26 join for FREE!!!! For more details visit  under the sales promotions tab."

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Message of Hope from Terri Gutierrez

"Friends & Family,
Something happened tonight ... an aha moment ... everything became clear.  I went out with friends & for the first time in 20 years, I didn't feel invisible anymore - I was noticed numerous times.  Something had changed. I actually felt good & confident in my own skin. This was the moment when the changes on the outside, finally hit the inside.  It was unexpected. I say this humbly, because most of you know my story and you know the struggles I have gone through in my life due to being overweight for so long. :(  As I look back, there's so many things I gave up, didn't do, let go, or lost ... all because of my weight.  Wow, what a reality check. :/ 
I am almost 100 lbs down now. It's insane for me to believe this at times. When I was at my heaviest, 252 lbs, I thought that was it. I thought any idea of me ever being really happy again and feeling good was pretty much over and thought that was my destiny. I was about to give up! Omg! Then one night, I hit rock bottom and thought I was going to die of a heart atttack.  I remembered my mother telling me before she died, for me to lose weight, so I would not go through the pain & illness she went through.  I cried all night while I prayed and begged God to help me get the strength to lose the weight.  I knew I couldn't do this alone. I knew I needed a support system.  The next day ... thanks to God ... I got the strength and I began my journey.
I thought to myself ... "How can I be so successful in my career or other things and not with my weight?", "How can food control me?", "Why is it I see people on TV that have lost 100 lbs - why can they do it and not me?"   I then thought ... "I have to lose this weight in honor of mom & dad (lost both to diabetes and heart disease). I have to do this for me and for my family - my nieces and nephews. They are going to need me one day and I have to try to live long enough to be there for them."   This is my WHY!
In closing, I knew that if I could lose the weight and transform myself, that I would be able to inspire and help others do the same ... even loved ones that are close to me.  I knew that I could be a representation of hope to them. That I could help them believe in themselves and know that transformation is possible.  Maybe this is my way to help the world ... one person at a time.  My mission is to help those that want to be helped - when they are ready.  This is my WHY!
Find YOUR WHY!  Once you find it, everything else will fall into place. It all starts there! I'm not talking just weight loss, I'm also talking about other things in life that we should be doing to better ourselves and our futures (e.g., relationships, financial, career, etc.). If it's weight, you don't have to do Isagenix, but do something. It's all up to you. Take the first step. Believe in yourself! You can do this! I'm just a regular girl ... if I can, you can!
Wow ... I don't know where all this came from. Maybe these words will appear in my book one day in the near future - you heard it here first. ;-)
Thanks for all your support and encouragement during my journey. It truly means alot.
God Bless,
Terri Gutierrez
Disclaimer ... this is in not an advertisement for Isagenix ... this is a special message of joy that is intended only to inspire a change. Feel free to share as you see fit. If it helps somebody, awesome! :) "

SLC Isagenix Opportunity Presentation Tony and Randi Escobar Thursday Night

Come and Join Top Income Earners Tony and Randi Escobar as they present the Isagenix Cleansing Technology and Business Opportunity this Thursday Night in Sandy, UT.   

Time: 7 p.m.

Place: Larry Miller Community College Campus, Sandy UT (Address and Map Below)

Cost: $5 per associate, Guests are free

About Tony and Randi Escobar:
Tony and Randi Escobar have been married for 41 years. They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren and are the “All Time” leading income earners in Isagenix International, earning an income approaching $12,000,000.

Tony and Randi love serving people and believe that the secret to their success in the Network Marketing industry has come from helping others realize their dreams of health, wealth and happiness and teaching their distributors a strategic and easy way of developing a successful business.

Tony and Randi love whom they serve and they serve whom they love. They love what they do and they do what they love! Tony, a “fair dinkum” Australian turned “true blue” American, has been a concept, product designer and product formulator for the last 23 years.

Tony was responsible for discovering and introducing the unique and extraordinary MARKETING CONCEPT OF “NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING” FOR EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS to the Network Marketing industry.

Tony and Randi are recognized throughout North America as Champions within the Network Marketing Industry. They have inspired and touched almost a million lives with their knowledge and network marketing expertise as they have worked tirelessly to help create fifty one million dollar earners within their own organization and many more are evolving year after year.

Tony and Randi are the founders of the “Share IT forward Academy,” an organization that goes far beyond conventional and traditional teaching. The “Share IT forward Academy” is where network marketing distributors can go to receive powerful, generic and inspirational training that will certainly impact and promote their businesses.

Tony is a seasoned and accomplished network marketing trainer and personal development coach, having worked with companies such as Sears Roebuck, Pitney Bowes, Southwest Life Insurance Company, Personal Development Dynamics (PDE), ITEX Corporation, and Columbia Systems, as well as thousands of individuals from all over the world. Tony was the founder of Corporate Health Dynamics, the first company of its kind that emphasized good nutrition as the primary motivator for corporate participants.

Tony received a Sanctioned Commendation from Dr. Richard W. You, President of the Olympian International Sports Federation and past Chief Physician of the United States Olympic Team, for his work as a Professional Trainer, Coach and Nutritional Consultant. Tony has trained and mentored athletes and coaches from the NBA, MLB, NSL and the NFL. Tony has been a Professional Athlete himself in two sports and a Professional Coach.

Tony and Randi have worked as service missionaries for 5 years within the Twelve Step Addiction Recovery Program, working in the Utah Jail and Prison and have presided over thousands of Twelve Step Meetings.

Tony is a past member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the National Women’s Health Society, the National Health Museum in Washington D.C. and the Christopher Reeves Paralysis Foundation.
Tony and Randi recently received a prestigious “Congressional Commendation from the House of Representatives of the United States” acknowledging their contribution to the Health and Wellness Industry and for their generosity with several charities.

In 2005, Tony and Randi’s success was honored as they received Special Gubernatorial Commendations and Proclamations acknowledging their success in the Network Marketing Industry and their contributions to the Health and Wellness Industry from the Governors of the States of Alabama, Illinois, Washington, New Mexico, Nebraska, Louisiana, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey.

Tony & Randi’s success has been recognized in Jack Canfield’s runaway, number “1” Best Selling Book, “The Success Principles” representing the Network Marketing industry. They have been guests on numerous radio and television shows and have been the keynote speakers at numerous business functions and conventions such as the World Congress for Anti Aging and the Independent Pharmacy Association.

Tony and Randi were nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records for building the largest Network Marketing Organization and earning the largest income in the shortest period of time.

“Tony and Randi are wonderful, entertaining and animated speakers and trainers that passionately attract and mesmerize an audience; they inspire, they encourage and they bring out the best in people. Their presence and delivery on stage is unparalleled in the Network Marketing Industry, an industry that they have impacted and certainly changed.”

Dr. John Gray, Author,                                                                                                                                            “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”
“Tony and Randi are the Heisman Trophy Winners in the Network Marketing Industry”

                                                      Jack Canfield, Author,
                                                      “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

“Tony and Randi have taken network marketing to the next level of excellence. In my opinion they are dynamic, knowledgeable presenters and perhaps the best and most effective trainers in the network marketing industry”

                                                       Richard Paul Evans, Author,
                                                       “The Christmas Box”

Tony and Randi inspire everyone they come in contact with. When they speak, people listen. I have never seen a couple that have the ability to attract people like they do. They are fun to be around. They capture an audience with wit and wisdom.

Les Brown, Master Motivator, Author, “Live Your Dreams,” and “The Power of Purpose.”

Here are some of Tony and Randi’s personal quotes from their new book;  “STEP OUT, STEP IN AND STEP UP

“A candle never loses its light when it is used to light another. In Network Marketing, lighting candles is what we do.”

“Human potential is an infinite resource that cannot be exhausted, but can be lost in the clouds of fear, complacency and discouragement. It takes courage to embrace the potential of who you really can be, but once you have conquered your fears, nothing will stop you and your success is inevitable.”

“Once you have been on top of the mountains, you will always look up at those same mountains for there you once were and it is there you long to be again.” 

“BE ALWAYS AWARE AND OBSERVANT – People are talking to you non-verbally all the time.   They are telling you what they want and need. Listen with your eyes!”

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to different personalities.”

“DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS – ALL 10,000 THAT GOD GAVE YOU. After all you only use 5 of them anyway. Spread your magnificent wings and release the other 995!

“Success just doesn’t happen to you. It happens through those you serve.”

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always be what you’ve always been and you will never be what you could have been.”

Address and Map: 

9750 South 300 West
Sandy, Utah

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Important Announcement-Get your Product B today!


Product B
Register for 2011 Celebration and you can purchase Product B
Have your ticket secured for 2011 Celebration and you will have the exclusive chance to purchase our ground-breaking Product B before we launch this cutting-edge product.

Get your plans set for San Diego, Calif. August 14-16 and join Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover at 2011 "Ignite Your Future" Celebration. Tickets are $199 for 1 ticket  so purchase yours before prices go up to $299 each as of June 6. Visit to register and for more details on what will be the most exciting event in our history!

Once your Celebration ticket has been purchased or transferred to you*, simply call the Customer Care Promotional Orders Team at 888-991-9949 or send an email

U.S. Associates have the option to purchase the following:
  • 2 bottles = $198 (2 month supply)   BV = 130
  • 4 bottles = $396 (4 month supply)   BV = 260
Canadian Associates are able to purchase Product B for personal use only. Orders will be shipped from Isagenix International Headquarters. Associates have the option to purchase the following:
  • 2 bottles = $198 (2 month supply)   BV = 130
  • 3 bottles = $297 (3 month supply)   BV = 195
Because of the limited supply available, only one order can be processed per Celebration ticket order.

In order to process your request, please send the following information to Customer Care at
  • Associate ID
  • Shipping and Mailing Address
  • Last 4 digits of credit card to bill (For account security, please do not include your full credit card number)
  • Number of bottles you would like to order (U.S. two or four) (CA two or three)
Please make sure you have a saved credit card on file and have updated your CVV code in your Back Office. This will help us quickly process your order without needing to contact you for additional information.

You will receive order confirmation within 72 business hours of your request.  We look forward to sharing this amazing ground-breaking product with you.

*One order only per purchased or transferred 2011 Celebration ticket. 4 bottles maximum per household.

 (courtesy of Isagenix International)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom makes 6 figure income working Isagenix Part Time online, learn how on Sat!

Kimber King is a Six Figure earner in my organization.  Her mother, Bonnie Perkins is a Million Dollar Earner.  I encourage all of you to join her Saturday Morning call to learn some techniques that she has used online.   I've told many of you that I do most of my recruiting online now and have seen tremendous results.  I'm able to leverage my time and energies.  You've probably also heard me share that it is not necessary to invest money to learn how to build online, there are free training all over the place, just like the one Kimber is offering this Saturday.  Thanks for including all of us Kimber and congratulations on your awesome success.    Sean  
"Hey everyone,
Many of you know that I have built my income and my team largely online working part-time over the last 7-8 years -- way before Social Media had a name!  
Recently one of my business partners and Internet Radio Co-Host, Jodi Stott and I did a Social Media Workshop in Orlando for the Real Savvy Success Event and it was a smashing success! 
We were able to launch a NEW Training Membersite for Social Media at the same time!
This Membersite contains Modules on how to turn your play-time on Social Media sites into profit -- teaching the skills and techniques we've used to build teams and income online over the last 8 years -- way before Facebook & Twitter!
Anyway, one of the Modules will contain the PowerPoint presentation of the Basic Workshop we did in Orlando and we need to get it recorded online.
So here's where it gets good and where you can benefit!
I am going to record this training ONLINE this Saturday morning and you can attend the recording FREE as a member of the Destiny Team and my guest!
I am not exactly sure how long it will last as we will try to move faster through the presentation and not so "Hands On" but hopefully we can get through it within 60 or 90 min.
Or we may have to break it into 2 parts can tune in for FREE--- did I mention FREE?  
Here's what will be covered - 
Social Media Mindset (You have to lay a foundation can set it all up but if you don't understand how to use it, you will not succeed)
Facebook Setup, Etiquette & Strategies (Profile and Business Pages)
Twitter Setup, Etiquette & Strategies (and Tweet Language)
Cool Tool to Manage all Your Social Media in less than 15 minutes per day
I truly want to continue to bless my team and business partners and although our company has provided some killer Social Media tools for all of us--there are some things I have observed that might be turning people off instead of getting the results you want online.  You have to understand the "HOW" to use those tools before you use them.  
Anyway, if you want to join the RECORDED Webinar:
Click this link Saturday Morning at 9am Mountain, that's 11 a.m. EST --------------------->>>
Dial:  (218) 895-4640, 4486835
Reply to this email NOW (just so I can get a general head count)
NOTE:  This is the first time I have used this Webinar system so hopefully it goes okay but be ready to be flexible!  Also, since it's a FREE service, there are ads---just ignore them!
So let's have some fun together Saturday morning!  Kimber" 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7 Problems and 1 Solution-Jim Rhoades

7 Problems and 1 Solution
by Jim Rhoades*

A Declining State of Health

Recently, I was invited to speak at a symposium at Harvard University’s Medical School, where I discussed various topics related to the current state of health in the U.S. and the factors behind the recent rise in various lifestyle diseases. Specifically, the purpose of that presentation – and of this information – was to point out several different problems contributing to the poor state of health.

After spending approximately 10 years researching and investigating the questions pertaining to our declining health, I have pinpointed seven problem areas that can be addressed to allow each of us to restore our health and enjoy a revitalized sense of wellness.

The Seven Problems

(1) Poor Immune Function
Today, approximately 50 percent of people will contract some form of cancer in their lives. This number is a significant jump from just 50 years ago, when only 1 in 12 was at risk of developing the disease. Considering all of the money, research and focus we've dedicated to solving the cancer problem, you'd think the numbers should improve, not worsen. So what's the problem? Poor immune function!

Most people overlook the crucial role our immune system plays in warding off disease and maintaining our health. If someone we know is diagnosed with cancer, we often ascribe its onset to "bad luck" or being a product of "bad genes." While genetics certainly do play a part in the formation of disease, the research shows that living a healthy lifestyle drastically reduces one's risk. How? It typically improves the function of the immune system.

Every minute of every day, the body's immune components work non-stop to halt the formation of dysfunctional cells, infections by viruses or bacteria, or the exposure of chemical impurities. There are many things that contribute to a poorly functioning immune system (many of them outlined in the other"problems" listed in this brochure), but the fact remains that if you have an active, optimally-functioning immune system, your risk of becoming a statistic to modern diseases will be slashed considerably.

(2) Nutrient-Depleted Soils
 Researchers at UCLA in 2007 began to investigate why certain women were showing high rates of anemia despite their regular consumption of spinach – normally a food high in iron. The researchers had obtained a sample of spinach from this particular area grown in 1953 and they compared it to a current sample. The results were alarming – it would take about 43 bowls of the modern spinach to equal one bowl of the spinach from 1953 to obtain the same iron content.

The fact is that modern farming methods have in many ways led to the depletion of our soils. For instance, the development and widespread use of pesticides and herbicides seems great at first glance – they easily kill unwanted pests and allow for more produce, right? While that is true to some degree, these chemicals also destroy the complex ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganisms that reside in the topsoil. This ecosystem aids in the conversion of inorganic material into organic material (such as minerals) that the plant can then take up and utilize. Of course, these are the nutrients that should normally be stored in the resulting fruits and vegetables. Today, sadly, their levels have dropped dramatically.

(3) Nutrient-Deficient Food
Not surprisingly, nutrient-depleted fruits, vegetables, grains and other foods are the prime reason our food supply is deficient in the nutrients we each need to function properly. Experts estimate that there are about 90 nutrients – including 60 minerals – that our bodies need to perform their various tasks.

On top of the nutrient-depleted soils, other factors have made our foods void of nutrition. One simply has to enter one of the thousands of grocery stores that dot our landscape to see that the majority of available foods are highly processed, are high in simple carbohydrates, sugars, unhealthy fats, synthetic chemicals and flavorings, and are low in natural ingredients (whole grains, nuts, real juice or sugars and so on).

The end result? A poorly functioning immune system, obesity and an increased risk of disease.

(4) Environmental Chemical Impurities
This one is particularly scary. Mounds of data demonstrate that our environment – the air we breathe, the water we drink, our soils, the inside of our homes and offices, and even the foods we eat – are filled with thousands of different chemicals. Hundreds of new ones are introduced every year, and their safety – not to mention the endless potential combination's of chemicals – are rarely tested.

Inside the body, synthetic chemicals can wreak havoc on our immune system (and virtually every other body system), create oxidative damage, encourage an inflammatory state, negatively affect our mental abilities, and much more.

(5) The Obesity Epidemic
This one is huge (no pun intended). Despite repeated warnings by experts and government agencies, our collective waistline continues to expand. Levels of overweight and obese individuals are at an all-time high, and the upward trend is linked directly with other lifestyle diseases. In fact, the surgeon general has declared obesity as the leading cause of preventable death – even ahead of tobacco use.

(6) Most Supplements Are Lacking
After reading the preceding material, you may be asking why nutritional supplements can’t be a part of the solution. They can be. The problem is that most supplement lines – even those that are high-quality and that contain the necessary 90 nutrients our bodies need – often are lacking in a few key areas.

First, they aren’t organic. By that, I mean that the ingredients aren’t extracted from plant sources, which means they probably are not water soluble and therefore much less available to the body. Nutrients that have been transformed from an inorganic to organic state by plants are then water soluble and much more absorb-able through the walls of the body’s cells, where they can be utilized as needed.

Also, most of these supplement lines do not contain enzymes. Simply put, enzymes are critical to the utilization of nutrients in the body. They transport the vitamins and minerals and assist in their transformation to be utilized by the body’s cells.

(7) Our Children’s Health Crisis
Simply stated, the health of our young people is in serious jeopardy. The statistics are extremely telling, as rates of disease (such as obesity and type 2 diabetes) are ballooning among our youth. Perhaps the scariest statistic is that for the first time in our country’s history, our younger generations may have shorter life spans than that of their parents.

There are many causes to this problem. Horrific diets full of processed foods, sugar, fat and synthetic ingredients, little or no exercise, over medication, and poor sleep habits are high on the list.

Accompanying sugar is carbonation – typically in the form of soda or soft drinks. The reason that carbonation is so bad is that is can paralyze the immune system. How? Carbonation ties up calcium in the body, which is also necessary for every chemical reaction within the immune system. The short of it is that soda can adversely affect our children’s immune function every time they drink it.

The Solution: Isagenix
Put together, these problem areas create a dire future for us and our children unless we directly and effectively address them. Fortunately, Isagenix embodies a remarkable solution that may help solve these problems and contribute to a higher level of health and vitality.

Cleanse the Body of Harmful Impurities
First of all, the Isagenix product line emphasizes the need to cleanse the body of harmful impurities and synthetic chemicals, all of which are harmful to the body. As literally hundreds of thousands of Isagenix customers have discovered, the Isagenix line does a magnificent job of helping to clear out impurities from the body’s tissues and cells, thereby allowing them to correctly utilize vital nutrients and function as they were meant to function.

Offer All Building Blocks to Rejuvenate Body
As mentioned earlier, the body needs 90 different nutrients to perform all the tasks necessary for survival. Sadly, the Western diet, which most of us adhere to, is severely lacking in many of these nutrients. This means that while the body is able to get by, it gradually breaks down, its organs and systems can’t function properly, and the end result is more disease and earlier death. Fortunately, the Isagenix product line is comprised of formulations that contain all 90 vital nutrients in various combination's. This means that if you, like so many others, are lacking some of these vital nutrients in your diet, the Isagenix line can help make up the difference.

Provide Enzymes that Transport Nutrients
Finally, I previously discussed the importance of enzymes for the transport and utilization of nutrients in the body. Without enzymes, the vitamins, minerals and other compounds that cells need to operate simply aren’t able to arrive to where they are supposed to arrive, and they won’t be available to the cells for utilization. All Isagenix supplement products are specially formulated to include those enzymes that will facilitate the transport and use of enzymes for the body’s cells, tissues and organs. The result? More energy, rejuvenated cells and an overall enhancement of your health and vitality.

Because you’re reading this, you’re probably somewhat concerned about your health and the health of your family. And though the overall picture may seem quite gloomy, the truth is that there truly is a solution that can transform your state of wellness. The revolutionary products of Isagenix – which provide effective and safe cleansing and an impressive array of nutrient formulations – may be just what you need to discover a new level of health and vitality you never knew existed!

Your health is your greatest wealth!

* Jim Rhoades is the former President and CEO of an international nutritional company. He left that position to work with Isagenix on a full-time basis as an Independent Associate. He is an internationally acclaimed educator, nutritional counselor and motivational trainer. He has written many articles for health publications and is a popular guest on many radio shows. He was invited to speak at a symposium at Harvard Medical School with representatives from over 50 universities on the subject of “The state of nutrition in our foods today and why we need nutritional supplements.” He is a former member of the Isagenix Field Advisory Board and is the recipient of the 2007 Spirit of Isagenix Award. He has a gift for making complicated subjects seem simple. He has helped thousands of people in their quest for freedom and a better life style.