Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our San Diego Beach Vacation

Typical Family Picture, non of the kids chose to look at the camera!

Thanks to my wife Crystal for putting out a post on her blog about our vacation. The link is below.  She is so great at making sure we never forget the special moments by creating a way look back and savor the memories.    We had so much fun.  There were many occasions when we all spoke about how fortunate we have become as a result of our Isagenix business so that we can do things like this.  Spending time with our families and being able to have a high quality of life is our ultimate aspiration.  Not only did Isagenix pay for our vacation, it paid us while on vacation, thanks to our wonderful team members who are out there passionately sharing each and every day, thank you for that.  The 1st Presidential Debate was during our trip and much was said about the economy.  How wonderful it is that we, as Isagenix Business Owners, do not have to rely upon the government to determine our financial outlook.  We absolutely create our own economy and the sky is no longer the limit on what we can accomplish.  Dream Big my friends and partners!   This next week I will be taking Lily on a hunting trip, I will be available mid day throughout the week if I can assist any of you or if you'd just like to catch up.  If anything is pressing please touch base with either my mom or my wife Crystal.
Randi: 801-414-4853

We love you all dearly and count you among our most precious blessings, Sean
Here is Crystal recap of the trip:

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