Monday, October 19, 2015

Pumpkin Spice is Back!

Just in case you have not heard, the new Pumpkin Spice shake is back by popular demand as it sold out in 3 hours the first time it was market tested about 6 weeks ago.   Crystal and I went nuts over this new flavor and were so disappointed to have only gotten our hands on 1 canister the first go around.  This time we ordered a nice stock pile!  If you want to try it better hurry as it is only a limited time offering.  -Sean

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gaining control over our eating habits

I had a wonderful experience this most recent two day cleanse, which I just completed.  I was thrilled to lose nearly an inch off my waist because I was trying to focus in on that area.  The last two days post deep cleanse have really made me think.  I had not cleansed for a long time.  I have been doing shake days and trying to really put on some mass for some time now.  So it was time to cleanse, it was overdue.  I just realized how powerful cleansing is for gaining control over our eating habits.   The last two days I have gained a significant amount of control over when, and what I eat.  Boy is this empowering!  Let me be authentic with you all so that I can hopefully connect with some of you.   I have had cravings for things such as Popcorn, Chips and Salsa, Pasta, Soda Pop (I have only been totally off since I began my IsaBody, it took me 3 weeks to stop craving it, yes I knew it was bad for me, have always been disgusted with myself when I have revisited it and have quit and then back slid several times in the past), Milk Chocolate, Black Licorice, ok I think that is about it for me.  I have also been guilty of eating much more than I normally would when under stress.  Stress seems to make me revisit that fridge and pantry even when it is not a meal time!  What is amazing, and it does happen every time I do the 2 day deep cleansing, is that you lose a taste for such things.  You don't even desire those things that were holding you hostage before.  In fact you start craving and savoring healthy foods.  As my dad teaches, "a healthy body craves and savors healthy foods, an unhealthy body craves and savors unhealthy foods."  This is so true.   I have seen miracles for people who have far worse diets than myself.  I have seen people come off of 64+ ounces of soda per day!  I have seen Sugarholics, gain control of those cravings as well.  I have seen other things too.  I've seen people be able to give up smoking, drugs, control excessive coffee drinking, toxic energy drinks, and the list goes on.

My friend Hector M. Bravo​ recently asked me why some people have a hard time embracing this new, healthier lifestyle.  It made me think about another conversation I had recently where my brother was telling my family about a Church lesson where the instructor mentioned that the greatest addiction of all is pornography.  My father and I, being in this line of work, were quick to disagree. That is not true, you see the greatest addiction of all is FOOD!  Look around you, every where you go.  You will now see Morbidly Obese people wherever everywhere.  Get this, for every Morbidly Obese person that you see out in public, there are 2 or 3 of them who stay at home hiding and will not go out in public.  They have others do the shopping for them.  They are humiliated by how they look.  I know it is sad, because how someone looks certainly is not reflective of that individual as a whole.  Some of my dearest friends in the world are morbidly obese people.  Some readily admit that they wish they had the capacity to change. They feel they have no discipline or control.  They don't eat 3 meals per day, they eat all day long.  They don't drink water, they drink soda in it's place, most drink more soda than water, you bet.  They eat white bread, white sugar, processed foods, MSG, GMO's, artificial everything.  This is their diet.  They think that "organic," or "natural" food is just a marketing ploy.   My one friend said to me once, "I am amazed at your level of self discipline around your eating."  It did feel good to hear him say that, but I also thought to myself, "well I am not even that good!"   I could eat way more greens and other veggies.  I could eat much less acidic foods.  I know what my weaknesses are and I also know how hard it is to change my own diet!       There are some who own their current state of health and others will not.  They have fooled themselves into thinking that they are really are doing nothing wrong.  I hear it all the time, "I don't know what is wrong with me, why do I gain the weight?"   It is apparently some form of phycosis.   The idea of changing becomes more daunting when you have a long long ways to go.  It takes even more determination, discipline, and courage.  You are going to get more sore, have more detox symptoms, have more cravings initially, maybe even uncontrollable cravings initially, you will be more tired.  You will be more of everything than the average individual!  It will be tough!  You have done it to yourself and only you can undue it!  This is why the highlight every year of our Annual Isagenix Celebration is when the top "losers" march out on to the stage with their 100, 200, or 300 pounds lost signs, sporting an item of clothing that used to fit them.  I saw one lady and her two teenage children both fit inside of one of her old pant legs.   She had transformed, was glowing, a new lease on life!  

When people go on Isagenix, this powerful tool that gives them much needed structure, guidance, and support.  They often times are coming off a very toxic lifestyle, which has abused their physical bodies for 10, 20, 30, 40 plus years.  It will not be easy for them to adapt.  I am not only talking about the obese people.  There are all kinds of people who will struggle at first because they have lived a life of convenience, and they have surrendered their free will to toxic foods and substances.   They have no control over their diet.   One of my dearest friends in the world literally ate fast food 2 or 3 meals per day.   I am proud to say that my family rarely eats fast food, maybe once per month if that.   What a powerful gift that my wife and I are giving to our children.  That such things will not have power over them.  It starts when we are young, with the candy, fast food, and soda pop.   Watch the documentary entitled "Fed Up," and you will see just how calculated the marketing to these children is.   We do not have soda pop in our home, we do not have treats and candy readily available for our children.  Do they like treats, you bet they do!  LOL  Yet we are teaching them disciplines. They can have one treat after they eat a good meal.  "but I want a treat for breakfast!"  We do not eat treats for breakfast here."  "But so and so gets to eat sugar cereal and ice cream for breakfast!" they cry.  "Well, that is not what we do here is it?"   These kinds of lessons are re-enforced daily at my home, my wife is phenomenal at making sure that we are empowering our children.  We are not "food nazi's" as they say.  We eat pretty normal things, but we do enforce moderation, discipline and structure.    I do need to say that I have seen a few parents who have even done  better job than we have.  There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a child who will eat all things nutritious!  I marvel at it!    They will each Spinach, peppers, beans and nuts, broccoli, fish, tomatoes.  I've seen this on only a couple of occasions and I think that those parents should win an award!  That is not easy to pull off.  That takes a lot of effort and consistency.  The easy thing to do is to give kids what they readily want and will thank you for.  I am reminded of a quote by Les Brown.  "Do what is easy and your life will be hard, do what is hard and your life will be easy."   Give kids what they want and they will end up being unhealthy, with weak immune systems, they'll catch every cold and flu under then sun.  They will get fat, and they will be teased for it, they might develop a host of dangerous illnesses including diabetes, with it's unending consequences.  Do what is hard and you will empower those little people to have control over their life and their health for their entire life!   I want to empower other parents and other people to do the same, but it is hard.  What people do in their own homes and with their own children is "Their Business."    I hope we will all stop taking the easy way out in our lives.  Life was not meant to be easy, nothing great comes easy.   Our kids were not meant to solely be educated by a schooling system and a church.  We were not meant to merely be present and spectate as our kids grow up.  We have got to be actively engaged and interested in every aspect of their lives.   We are not meant to be our children's "friends," first and foremost.  If you love your kids, and also understand your role as a parent, then there will be many times when your kids will be upset with you.  They will say "You are so mean."   "I hate you," and what not.  We have to learn to discipline our own children, otherwise the world will, and the world doesn't love them as much as we do.  The world is less forgiving.    

Let's get inspired to take ownership of our health and that of our children.  Let's inspire others to do the same.  This is not meant to be an "Isagenix" post as much as it is meant to be a post to hopefully urge and compel my friends and their families to take a much more concerted, conscious approach to food.   Start with the simple things guys.  Choose water over juice and soda.  Choose to eat at home rather than hit those fast food joints, or plan ahead and bring tupperware, kids LOVE picnics!  Limit treats to 1 or 2 per day is all.  We try to only offer treats after a healthy lunch or dinner and on special occasions.   Lock up that pantry door, or put the "good stuff" (ha ha) up high where they can't get to it or see it.   Do the same for yourself!  Don't allow soda pop in the house.  If it is there, you will drink it!   One of the biggest downfalls of all, sugar cereal!  Get it out of your home and get out of the habit of buying it.   Would you feed your kid a big bowl of ice cream for breakfast? (don't answer that!)   Would you eat that yourself? (don't answer that either!)   That is what you are essentially doing!  Every 4 grams of sugar is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of sugar, do the math!  Your kid might not have "A.D.D." they may just be "Doped up!"  Same for you!    There are so many resources available to us, we are so fortunate.  Hold down your Siri button on your phone and simply say, healthy alternative for breakfast and watch the magic unfold!  We are even too lazy to do that aren't we?  I know I am guilty too!!!!!  Lets do this together my friends.  I am not pointing the finger, I am committing to getting better and to also inspire others to do the same.  
With love and hope,
Sean Escobar​

Couple of acknowledgements:  Crystal Escobar​ you have truly inspired me to be better in so many ways of my life.  You know what, you are one of the most self educated people I know and that spills over into every area of your life.  I have never acknowledged you for that, but I should and will!  

Aimee Debenham O'Connor​, I think of Ronin when I think of a healthy child who has had much love and discipline with their dietary habits.  I have also seen little Ellie, of Alisa and Tyler Stanley​ eating wonderful nutritious things that even my kids would scoff at, so good job and I am proud of you for that!  Wendee I know has a lot to do with that too.  

I need to acknowledge my own team member and partner Sherry Fox​, who inspired me this very year to take my own health more seriously.  Specifically, Sherry inspired me to do the "IsaBody Challenge."  I always thought that it was not for me, that I was above it or something. :(  It was you Sherry who helped me see it for what it is, it is for everyone, again and again!  We need that challenge, we need collective support, we need a goal and we need each other!  Information on this free Challenge can be found at

I would like to acknowlege my father Tony Escobar​ for inspiring me to have a love for wellness, nutrition and fitness.  Dad, I once asked you why you couldn't turn off "Isagenix" as I was kind of tired of hearing about it from you.  Your response will always be remembered and treasured for my entire life.  You said to me, "Sean, you won't understand how fulfilling something can be in your life until you discover what you are passionate about."   I am blessed to share the same passion as my father.   My mom Randi Escobar​, thank you for all of the cooking you did growing up!  That is throw back right?  "We used to cook!"  lol     I am grateful for you mom, cooking is not the easy way out!    You are a great cook!  I always think of the futuristic rendering portrayed in the movie "Wall E."  They people live in space on an extended cruise of sorts.  They no longer walk around, they merely ride in chairs and push buttons when they want junk food!  Are we far off now?   lol