Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Build you New Year Cleanse Groups!

Now is the opportune time to contact all of your friends and family and invite them to join you on our new year cleanse! If they are to join us it is important that they order within the next two weeks! Make sure to create an urgency around this! I also suggest that you encourage them to purchase a cleanse for their spouse for Christmas so that they can join them in the new year cleanse. They can also purchase the cleanse for themselves for Christmas. Is there a better gift to give ourselves in the gift of health? Often times we invest so much energy in others this time of year and we are under so much stress that we let ourselves go. Let me give you an example of An invitation that I will send out. I will also be contacting close friends by phone and obviously in person. "Who would like to join us on our annual NEW YEAR CLEANSE?! It is our biggest group cleanse of the entire year! If you would like to join us it is important that you get 
your order in within the next week or so, so that you have product ready to go to kick off the new year with all of us. There will be tens of thousands of people all over the country doing this together. The number one New Year's resolution on almost everyone's list is to lose weight! So give yourself the gift of health this Christmas. In fact think about doing this as a family and giving your family the ultimate gift, the gift of health. An investment in our health is the greatest investment we can make. Please private message me or visit my website if you'd like to get started or have questions."

That reminds me, I want to challenge each of you to be more upfront and more confident in sharing the business opportunity with people. We are having people approaching us about the opportunity more so than ever before in our history. This is evidence that people are searching. Further evidence is the fact that Isagenix had a record year of growth. If you are not skillfully presenting the opportunity to people then you are missing the boat. I often think about what separates the person who earns $1 million a year from the person who earns $40,000 a year? They both have the same amount of time in a day! The difference is obviously what one is saying and doing and the other is not. Let's go make a difference now!

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