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Tonight Call CORRECT PIN and Last Nights recording

Tonights Athlete/Trainer Call with Tony Escobar Please note that we must press "#" following the pin.   Do NOT press "*" as that will put you on the moderator line and create some real problems.   Here is the correct call-in information.   Team Call : Thursday 29, 2011 Time is 1:00 P.M.  MST  our time here in Utah, that is 3 P.M. EST   Call in number 605-475-4850 Access Code: 488678# If you missed last night's call where I expanded on the amazing Rank Advancement Bonuses here is the recording!  We HAVE GOT to go after these bonuses and teach our people to do the same,  There is an $8,000.00 carrot hanging out there in front of you!   Playback #: 760 569 0119 PIN 412964# (after it says reference number press # again)

A Big Fat Carrot

Isagenix has thrown out a Big Fat Carrot for each of us to sprint for!  If you are unfamiliar with the details of this incentive program please take the time to reach this article and discuss it with your support line leaders.    Click Here for the Document

Thursday-Tony Escobar-Personal Trainers/Athletes Intro

See Below for Call Details, please invite all of your Personal Trainers and Athletes to join this informative call!   Good Morning,   Tony our team is soooo excited to have you on our call this coming Thursday 29th of September. Paul and I have quite a team that consists of Trainers,  Athletics and Professionals  who are so into taking their bodies to the next level with isagenix and exercise.   Because Paul and I feel you have so much knowledge  and are the expert in this field. Would you be so kind as to share:   1. How the new and old Isa Pro can benefit everyone?     Especially people who exercise and athletes .   2. How you recommend athletes use the new Cleanse for life powder.     Daily versus deep cleanse.   3.  Touch lightly about the government passing a law for all nutritional supplements  having to be FDA      approved.           Why Isagenix is not FDA approved.   4. What Pak or products do you teach your team to lead with???    

Team Call this Wednesday! Sean Escobar and Lisa Possanza

Team Call: Hosted by Lisa Possanza - 4 Star Golden Circle, Single Mother of 3, Nurse of 25 years. Presenter - Sean Escobar - 6 Star Million Dollar Earner We will cover:  How simple is it to make big money in Isagenix? How to strategically use your "Tree" to maximize your efforts. Goals- What is your Reason for doing Isagenix as a business and a Daily Action Plan.   Good Times at New Year Kickoff 2011 Message from the Amazing Lisa:   "Good Morning, Team Call With SEAN  ON  WEDNEDSAY NIGHT 9PM EST,  That's 6PM Pacific     Call in #:  760 569 0111 pin: 412964# You Tube Tony Robbins We are a team !!!! We can't  reach our dreams alone !!!! We need each other!!!!! As you know   Steve   has been in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks and because of his team  His family  he managed to make 10 cycles this week and 9 the week before. What a blessing... (He will possibly be coming home this week) NOW THAT'S HOW WE ROLL..

"The System" Training

  "The System" Training has been Overhauled and Updated with a complete Audio Training Series. Please Click Here!   Then click on "The System" Training within the Table of Contents. Remember "Anyone" can generate an extra $500/$1000 per month, and that right there is the key!    Learn how to do just that by investing the time to get trained.  First we Learn and only then do we Earn!


Please note that Sean and Tony will be out of Office from Friday September 16th until Monday the 26th.  If you need any assistance during that time or are in need of 3 way call assistance please do contact your sponsor  or IsaBuddies.   The Millionaire Mentor Program is a phenomenal platform to bost our fundemetal training, "The Sytem" as we call it.  If you have not been able to attend those live calls you can access the recordings at  You can download the MP3 there for you phone or Ipod. Here is the Link to the first call Introducing "The System": We will also be updating to host the trainings as they become available.  Congrats to all of you who have had record weeks for cycles recently, it's all coming together!!!!   Happy Birthday to Sherry Fox this Thursday.  Please keep Steve Spurber in your Thoughts and Prayers.  

Correction: Millionaire Mentor Access Code

Hello Everyone, thanks for joining in on today's first call.  I accidentally sent out the Moderator Code which caused background noise on the line.  Please use the following Access Info for tomorrow's calls and beyond:  Begining Monday Setpember 12th Running Monday thru Friday Time: Each Morning at 9:00 a.m. Pacific / 12:00 noon EST  641-715-3842, pin 4000# Cost: FREE! Access the recording here after the live call has been completed:     Tomorrow, Tuesday we really start to dive into the MEAT of the training!  

Be Mentored by an IsaMillionaire next Week!

Begining Monday Setpember 12th Running Monday thru Friday Time: Each Morning at 9:00 a.m. Pacific / 12:00 noon EST  641-715-3842, pin 4000# Cost: FREE! Access the recording here after the live call has been completed: