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What's it gonna take in 2011?

The Escobar Group's Holiday and New Year Message
December, 2010
Written by Tony and Randi Escobar

What’s happened to “The American Dream?”
The term, “The American Dream” was first identified and used by James Truslow Adams in his fantastic book “The Epic of America.” Keep in mind this book was written back in 1931. James was a noted historian educated at Yale University. He eloquently identified “The American Dream” as:
"… that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement".
In the Declaration of Independence, our founding fathers said:

"… held certain truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness".

These statements are very profound and I believe they represents the foundation and the four cornerstones of “The American Dream” today.

Today millions of Americans are losing their jobs, their credit, their homes, their retirement, even their dignity. Many are losing their dreams and have even lost hope. Our great nation is paying the price for this. A nation is its people and a nation where its people are unhappy and have lost hope is a nation deflated and in big trouble.

I have learned it is never too late for hope. It is never too late to believe that things can change and it is never too late to expect and live an extraordinary life.

This nation is still the greatest nation on the face of the earth and “The American Dream” is still alive and well - more so today than at any other time in our history.
Despite the adversity of our economy, all of us must go back to our traditions and our roots, the roots that were planted by our forefathers, for this country was divinely created to be a nation of inspired, extraordinary, courageous and hard working people who relied upon God for divine guidance.
As most of you know, Randi and I were $650,000 in debt when Isagenix found us and as most of you know that amazing relationship turned out pretty well. We never lost hope because Isagenix believed in us as much as we believed in them. What a remarkable company Isagenix is. It is a very unique company that understands what “The American Dream” represents to the all Americans. Isagenix knows the Dream is alive and well as it continually helps people to discover, re-discover, embrace and enjoy it.
Past generations of Americans continually pursued “The American Dream” of success, fame and fortune through saving money and hard work. However, the massive industrialization of the 19th and 20th centuries eroded the dream, replacing it with a philosophy, a philosophy of "get rich quick, “easy money," or “you have to be lucky.”
Many seductive strategies have evolved over time, and today the perceived 4 leading beliefs associated with becoming wealthy are, getting on a television game show such as “Who wants to be a Millionaire,” winning the lottery, winning a big lawsuit or being the beneficiary of a big inheritance.
How does one achieve “The American Dream?” today, especially when you consider the precarious condition of our nation’s economy and the present attitude of her people? The answer undoubtedly depends upon one’s definition of the Dream, and there are many definitions from which to choose. Two components of the American Dream seem, however, to be fairly consistent: the quest for identity and the quest for wealth.
Where your vision and focus goes, your energy will certainly flow. The vision of your dream and focus are magnetic as they attract and connect everything together.
Few will deny that most Americans are intently focused on what many call, “The Almighty Dollar.” In a nation dedicated to democracy and capitalism and the mantra that, “The one who dies with the most toys wins,” the ability to purchase a big house and a luxury car appears to separate those individuals who are considered successful from those who are not.
How can one really achieve success today? How is the Dream attained, especially now in an environment of unpredictability, uncertainty, financial crises and maybe even bankruptcy?
For most Americans the formula has become a simple one - one of instant gratification. Rather than adhering to a tradition of hard work, the ethic that built this great nation in the first place, far too many Americans are pinning their hopes on what they perceive as easy money.
The GAMS (Great American Marketing System), which is the media, has convinced people that a new wave of television game shows, lotteries, Internet gambling, and lucrative lawsuits are the way to great wealth.
Instant wealth has never been and never will be a major component of “The American Dream.” Your great, great grandparents, your great grandparents and your grandparents have traditionally focused all their efforts on frugalness and darn hard work!
Benjamin Franklin advised people, the "The Way to Wealth" was through hard work from sun up to sun down. Poor Richard's Almanac profoundly quoted;
"Early to Bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."
For hundreds of years the key to wealth and fortune was always hard work: "Industry pays debts," insisted Poor Richard.
Early Americans expanded upon Benjamin Franklin's concept of industry into a labor ideology. His goal was never to get rich quick, or win the lottery or gambling through luck. His goal was never wealth without work, but, rather, economic independence and the opportunity for success and wealth through hard work, conservative spending and determination.
Abraham Lincoln insisted that the greatness of the American people in the North was that industry and hard work allowed all men to prosper. I quote,
"The prudent, penniless beginner in the world, labors for wages awhile, saves a surplus with which to buy tools or land, for himself; then labors on his own account another while, and at length hires another new beginner to help him. This…is free labor…the just and generous, and prosperous system, which opens the way for all."
This is free enterprise! This is entrepreneurship! This is “Rags to Riches” the way it use to be - through thrift and hard work.
Hard work defines the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all.
The "rags to riches" mantra has and continues to be a cornerstone and the foundation of the American Dream. The traditional message taught that through hard work, frugality, self-discipline, self-sacrifice and accountability one could achieve identity, freedom and financial success.

Ben Franklin promoted industry, Abraham Lincoln sang the praises of hard work and frugality, and Horatio Alger instilled inspiration and hope into generations of Americans.

All three together helped to establish the formula for success in a land of infinite possibilities. This land is still a land of infinite possibilities.

Randi and I know this because we are the evidence and the proof of it.

There are unquestionably many Americans who continue to abide by such tenets - frugality and hard work and in doing so are generously rewarded for their efforts. Yet there are also those who have come to believe that the American Dream's promise of riches fast is just that, a promise and as such they feel entitled to instant gratification - instant financial success.

Savvy television marketing executives have taken advantage of the core that is the foundation of “The American Dream.” They understand that today Americans are enthralled with striking it rich quick. As a result millionaire game shows and lotteries as well as gambling casinos and attorneys are designed to make winning and entitlement seem easy.

Lotteries are marketed in such a way that one thinks they have a real opportunity at really winning. The reality in both instances is that achieving “The American Dream” through such means is like paddling a boat up river with a teaspoon.

Millionaire game shows and promises of lottery and gambling millions have eroded the ethic of work, frugality and self-reliance that once embodied “The American Dream,” replacing it with luck?

The darker side of this cultural phenomenon is how the sense of entitlement has spilled over into a lack of accountability and responsibility. The fact that so many Americans use litigation and gambling to capture what they think is the only way to attain “The American Dream” is disheartening, disappointing, discouraging and disconnected – I call this the 4 “Ds”.

Most Americans would love to achieve “The American Dream” of financial independence, but remember it is how we achieve it that is essential to this nation's ethical foundation. Americans do indeed covet the easy path to the Dream and in the process discredit the core values that established the Dream in the first place. Equally culpable are big businesses that capitalize on and take advantage of people and their quest for the Dream.

It is ironic how such big businesses are fulfilling the Dream for themselves while dangling the possibility of the Dream over the heads of unsuspecting people. There can be little doubt that the producers of the millionaire games shows, the lottery systems, and lawyers are getting rich on other people's yearning for the American Dream.

My message here is simple. There is only five ways “The American Dream” can be realized by each and every one of you in 2011,

1. Work
2. Hard Work
3. Working Even Harder
4. Working Harder Still
5. Even though you can say to yourself, you have worked yourselves to Death – YOU CAN STILL DO MORE!

I know this a special time where we have celebrated the birth of the Savior and we celebrate the New Year and perhaps this is a message that is unbecoming for this time of the year but I felt I needed to give each of you our gift and this profound message is our gift to you.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of distributors have come to Randi and I asking us, “How did we do it?”

Many of these distributors have read all kinds of “How To” books and have spent large sums of money attending many motivational and personal development seminars, purchased many coach’s and mentor’s books and CD’s and who knows what else.

Our gift to each of you is simple, down to earth advice to help you all build a multi-million-dollar business, a business large enough that you can enjoy life without financial worries and to generously give much away to those in need without looking back.


If you want to learn how to do network marketing, GO TO WORK and you will learn how!

There is absolutely no compromise for hard work. If your cycles are down, don’t complain, GO BACK TO WORK! Resolution is not blaming, judging, criticizing, and complaining about; what if, what could have been, what should have been, what someone did or didn’t do, etc. –


Network marketing is the only business to be in today and guess what? You are in it! It is the last bastion of extraordinary wealth available to the average person. The work you do today will greatly reward you today and those rewards will continue to benefit you in the future. Network marketing affords you the opportunity to be free to work when you want, how you want and with whom you want. It affords you the opportunity to be financially free. Network marketing liberates you from complacency and the bondage of that stagnant 8-5 job and it gives you the opportunity to earn residual income – that’s income that can pay you for years into the future, as a result of your efforts today.

Isagenix is an extraordinary company with a unique and extraordinary product line where the focus represents a new category of products never before seen in the network marketing industry. Isagenix is indeed, “The World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing.”

Isagenix has the perfect opportunity with the industry’s fastest paying and most lucrative compensation plan. Can you imagine working with a Billion Dollar Company!
Randi and I believe in each of you. You are one of a kind, you are as unique as your fingerprints and you are remarkably brilliant and talented beyond your wildest dreams – DO YOU BELIEVE THAT?

All you have to do is tap into those many talents that have been hidden from you for years and become the masterpiece you were born to be and the hero America has been waiting for. The time is now! It is your time to shine and Isagenix has provided for you the vehicle to propel you on your journey.

Don’t fall down on your way to the top. Yes indeed, people will disappoint you. So what! WORK EVEN HARDER with your team at developing and nurturing your relationships and never give up. Have faith that your team will perform for you, believe in them; reassure them that they are with the greatest company with greatest products on the face of the earth and you are a leader that sincerely cares about them.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy in America is when people quit never realizing just how close they were to succeeding.

Never lose confidence in those you serve no matter what. Dream with them and work hard beside them. Follow up and follow through as if the success of your business depends on it – which it does! You can't do this business alone and you certainly cannot neglect the customers and distributors you presently have - WORK HARDER AT GROWING AND SUSTAINING THOSE RELATIONSHIPS!

There is nothing that people can’t do, only things they don’t want to do

The rewards you will enjoy as a result of developing and sustaining relationships with these amazing individuals will be precious and priceless in your life.

As an Isagenix family of HARD WORKING distributors, we can all make a huge difference in this country’s economy and we can certainly create financial independence for our families and ourselves. It all begins in our own hearts, minds and in our homes across this great land.

America’s people “ARE THE AMERICAN DREAM.” It has always been that way and it always will be that way and we must continue to preserve and protect that DREAM for future generations by proving it through our own personal performance that it still exists. We must also preserve it for our posterity (our children and their children to come.)

Randi and I love each and every one of you and treasure your friendship. We continually hope and pray for your success. We believe in you! We admonish you to believe in yourself and in those you serve. It all begins with you. You are the example and catalyst for success in your life and in your team.

The year 2011 will be a new and exciting year for you and your families and you must believe this to be so. It is also the beginning of a new decade, a decade of adventure, challenge and a decade of opportunity never before seen in America especially for our industry.

Randi and I know that we have a 3-year-window of massive opportunity and all of us need to recognize this and WORK HARDER THAN YOU HAVE EVER WORKED BEFORE IN YOUR LIVES.

Everything in life is cyclical or a roller coaster – ups and downs. We just experienced a 10 year boom in real estate, mortgage banking, home appreciation, investments, construction and land development. Now those industries are at the bottom of the roller coaster.

It’s our turn now! Network marketing is on top of the world. Why? With almost 20 million people unemployed or underemployed, they are finding relief, financial security and a home in network marketing. Anytime traditional business is down, network marketing is up.

It will take some time for this economy to rebound that is why we admonish each and every one of you to capitalize on this opportunity and seize these very precious 3 years. It is your time! It is your moment! You will never see an opportunity like this again in your lifetime.


Happy Holidays

The Escobar Group
Tony, Randi, Sean, Crystal, Anthony, and Meleesa

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In loving memory of my one of my dearest friends Chanie Walfish

Chanie Walfish, our Dear friend in Isagenix passed on December 20th, 2010. I was introduced to Chanie by Dr. Richard Hirsch over 6 years ago. Over the last 6 years Chanie and I became very close over friends, we talked quite often about a wide range of things, not just Isagenix. When my wife would ask, "who are you talking to?" the response was very often, "Chanie." Crystal could tell that this was a dear friend to me, not just an Isagenix Business Associate. What can I tell you about Chanie Walfish? Well, I think the main reason that we got along so well is because family is always Priority #1, first and foremost. She always told me about all of the different things going on. She bragged about how successful her husband Favi was, how he was such a tremendous business man. A couple of times she shared with me some of the pointers he had given her to help her in Isagenix and he certainly was "spot on" every time. She was so proud of her kids, and her son in law. She bragged about them all the time. Chanie was a very spiritual person, dedicated to her faith. We would joke that every time we talked she would be getting ready for a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah. She has a lot of family and friends and so there is a lot of celebrations. She would joke about all the food that she always had to be around at these events. She had a great sense of humor, fantastic! Chanie loved Isagenix. She was heavily involved, getting on as many calls and attending as many meetings as were available, you could always count on her to show up. She even walked several miles to hear Jim Rhodes speak, she was not supposed to drive that day for religious purposes, but she wanted to hear him so badly. I'm so grateful that my own Mother and Father were able to meet her in person on their trip to New York. They loved her the minute they saw her. Chanie was able to help many people through her efforts to share with others. What an Angel, always looking outward. I can't say enough good about this person.

I am not used to losing people who I am this close to. It is hard to put into words how I feel. I know she is in a better place now. So that provides some comfort, but I miss her already. I feel so sad for her family. I just can't express it. I love you Chanie Walfish.


Birth: 1953
Rockland County
New York, USA

Dec. 21st, 2010. Hundreds turned out today in Monsey, NY, for the levaya of Mrs. Chanie Walfish a”h, who was killed last night when a van jumped a curb and struck her. Police say Mrs. Walfish, 57, was hit by a van driven by a local store employee. Mrs. Walfish was a special education teacher at Yeshiva Darchei Noam in Spring Valley.

Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, who heads the school, said that she was a wonderful woman who loved teaching and her students loved her for it.

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam, said in an e-mail that Walfish had worked with remedial students in the yeshiva's resource room for many years.

"She was an extraordinary teacher who was devoted to and loved by all her students," Horowitz said.

At Horowitz's request Tuesday, students at the yeshiva wrote down their most treasured memories of their teacher.

Gabriel Umansky, 11, from Wesley Hills described Walfish as a kind, sweet woman.

"She was always so happy when we accomplished something. ... You know kids don't like school, but in her class, everybody loved school."

Yitzchak Lehmann, 11, credited Walfish with fostering his love of books.

"She helped me read and now I'm a book worm," he wrote. "I looked forward to being in her class. She helped me so much. ... She was always cheerful and nice and she greeted everyone with so much respect."

Police say they are not planning to charge the driver in the incident.

Mrs. Walfish is survived by her husband, R’ Favi Walfish; her mother, Mrs. Pauline Leiser; her brother, R’ Meir Leiser; her sisters, Mrs. Bracha Kaplan and Mrs. Raizel Fertig; and her children, R’ Avi Walfish, Mrs. Yitty Fried and Mrs. Frimi Walfish.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Had to Share! Cute MLM Cartoon

This Cartoon is funny and cute, but it also has loads of great points!

Race To Maintenance Protocol

(Side Note:  My sister Andrea has now lost 80 lbs on Isagenix!  So proud of her, she has earned every pound!  Please feel free to congratulate her.  You can find her on facebook by searching for "andrea escobar clawson isagenix")

The following protocol was developed by Peter Greenlaw of the RGG group.  This strategy has been instrumental in the success of the RGG group, which has hit 5 Star Golden Circle in its re-entry position in just 1 year.   Peter still starts everyone on the 9 day cleanse as he feels this is what "grabs" people and gets them wanting more.

Here is how the Race to Maintenance works.  On day 5 of their 9 day process people order the "Race to Maintenance."  The protocol, cost and all other details are all spelled out in the document below.

By asking people for this order on day 5, many customers are excited to order because of the emotional response and results they are having on their 9 day cleanse.   Peter gets about 90% of his customers to place the order.  The beauty of committing people to such a protocol is that they will have such tremendous results their chances of going off Isagenix are significantly less!   It is all about results and we still hold to the concept that "Coaching Cleansers" is key for creating long term users and residual income for yourself.

The BV on this order is 235 BV which is substantial.  Consider that their 9 day cleanse when they first and you now have a customer who has invested 335 BV with you in their initial 6 weeks!   Can you imagine what this will do for your business center and for your retention?

Of course, when it comes down to it, results are what matter most.  The results that the RGG group has been seeing have been unbelievable!  Best part is, "you get to eat Dinner!"

Here it is:
Race to Maintenance

The cleansing protocol prescribed by IsaMentor™ to support people in 
achieving their optimal results in the shortest period of time is a modified 
Isagenix 30-Day System, which is referred to as the Race to Maintenance. 
Dr. Dennis Harper of our Scientific Advisory Board has approved this protocol 
for helping people who have more weight to lose beyond the 9 day cleanse. 
The average loss for the 9 day system is around seven pounds and many of 
us want to achieve a greater amount of weight loss. This protocol gives 
people an additional 28 days of manageable deep cleansing, which gives 
them the boost they need to achieve the Cleansing Lifestyle.  That is the 
bigger goal for utilizing the Race to Maintenance. The subtle meaning of the 
name, Race to Maintenance, is that somewhere in the 28 days we will reach 
our desired weight, and then will continue to use the Isagenix products in a 
maintenance mode for the rest of our lives. And should someone desire to 
lose more than they do in 28 days, the Race to Maintenance protocol can be 
used until they do achieve their desired weight provided they do the modified 
shake days between cleanse days as described in the details below.  

Here is what your initial 9 day cleanse looked like: 
2 Pre-Cleanse Days (shake, meal, shake) 
2 Cleanse Days  
5 Shake Days (shake for breakfast, a 400-600 calorie lunch, and a 
shake for dinner) 
2 Cleanse Days 
Race To Maintenance will follow immediately after the conclusion of 
your 9 day cleanse 

Here is what your Race to Maintenance Looks like: 

5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie 
lunch, 400-600 calorie dinner,  shake for dessert)  
2 Cleanse Days 
5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie 
lunch, 400-600 calorie dinner,  shake for dessert)  
2 Cleanse Days  
5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie 
lunch, 400-600 calorie dinner,  shake for dessert)  
2 Cleanse Days 
5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie 
lunch, 400-600 calorie dinner,  shake for dessert)  
2 Cleanse Days 

Accelerator Capsules-Taken every day morning and early afternoon, 
never after 5pm 
Snacks-Enjoy 6 snacks per cleanse day, try to spread them out evenly 
about every 1.5 hours.   On Shake Days, enjoy 3 snacks total per day, again 
try to time those right in-between shakes and meals.  Adding 2 almonds per 
snack is allowed and enhances the texture and taste of the snacks 

Cleanse Day Timing

Shake/Meal/Meal/Shake Timing

Key Points: 
Stay active - light walking or bouncing is great to stimulate your lymphatic 
system.  Exercise should be light so that you increase circulation without 
expending too many calories. Take a walk or do a light yoga workout. 

Drink plenty of water ... for cleansing and also for the importance to our overall 
health and wellness. Drink no more than 
half of your body weight in oz of water.  

Call your support coach if you are uncomfortable at any time. Your coach can help 
you. There are many solutions and options with the Isagenix System. 

Do not let more than 2 hours pass without a meal or snack. Isagenix Snacks 
stabilize blood sugar levels and the Natural Accelerator capsule supports a healthy 

NO solid food on Cleanse days.  If you get to your breaking point, have a snack, if 
you absolutely need more, eat some raw low glycemic veggies.   

Remember your water! If you start to get a headache it is usually an indicator 
of not consuming enough water – drink 8-16 oz of water immediately. 

If you find your cleanse day a bit challenging, you may eat a small handful of nuts, 
a piece of celery or 1-2 IsaDelightTM Healthy Chocolates 

Rest and honor your body during this time – your body is working really hard.  

Meals may also be split into two smaller portion meals – your Isagenix Shake is 
the last meal of the day. Organic is best! Eat 4 to 6 oz of lean protein such 
as chicken, turkey, fish, seafood or grass fed beef; 3 to 4 cups of vegetables (i.e. 
romaine lettuce, cabbage, bell peppers, green beans, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, 
artichoke hearts, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, avocados, eggplant...) - they may 
be eaten raw as a salad, or you may steam them until tender. 

Blend the Cleanse for Life drink with water and ice to enjoy as a slushy!  

Relax, enjoy and be at peace.  Curl up with a good book.  Rent a good movie. 
Your body is working really hard on the inside – you’ve earned 
the time to relax! 

This is the beginning of the rest of your life!  What you’ve experienced will keep 
getting better and better as you continue to use the products. 

If people will stay the course for 28 days, they stand a great 
chance of transitioning their body to a "cleansing lifestyle" that 
will help keep them healthy. 
If this "Race to Maintenance" has allowed a person to achieve their 
weight loss goal, then the person can move on to a maintenance 
program (Shake and Cleanse Pack) to keep their weight stable at that 
level and to continue to improve the health of their body overall. 
If a person has not reached their weight loss goal by this time, 
they can simply continue modified shake days and two cleanse 
days, until they reach their goal. Then they can go on a 
maintenance program. 

Definition: Basal Metabolic Rate "BMR" You expend energy no matter 
what you're doing, even when sleeping. Thus your Basal Metabolic 
Rate is the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day - 
a tempting idea for some. If you've noticed that every year it becomes 
harder to eat whatever you want and stay slim, you may also have 
learned that your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) decreases as you age. 
Likewise, depriving yourself of food in hopes of losing weight also 
decreases your BMR, a foil to your intentions. However, a regular 
routine of cardiovascular exercise can increase your BMR, improving 
your health and fitness when your body's ability to burn energy 
gradually slows down.   NOTE: Before starting a nutritional or exercise 
program, please consult your doctor.  

Love ya!

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Year Group Cleansing & The Law of the Harvest

Prelude to The Law of the Harvest Training:

***Important Announcement!  

It is time for each of us to start building our New Year's Group Cleanses.   Get your leaders to do the same!   Right NOW is the time to start creating the buzz about YOUR group cleanse in the New Year.  Contact all of your existing customer base and your past customer base and invite them to join you.   There is not a better time to invite people to cleanse with you!  What is always at the top of people's New Years Resolution Lists?  WEIGHT!  Lets capitalize on the Timing!  Approach this as a fun service that you are offering people.  When you call your friends, connect with them as follows, "Hey Sally, I don't know about you, but I totally splurged these Holidays and feel pretty gross! lol  I'm putting together a cleanse group for the New Year for all of those people who want to "Take Back Control!" lol   It's a lot of fun and effective to cleanse as a group versus going it alone.   I'll be building a facebook group page for all of us to connect on a daily basis to share how we are feeling and post success's and challenges.  I figured I'd invite you now, in case you need to plan ahead and get a 9 day kit so that you are ready to run with us on the 2nd of January.  Would you be interested in joining us?   Are there people who you know that might want to join us as well?"  
Dr. Corey Cameron recently shared with me the Power of Reconnecting existing customers to the cleansing experience.  We all need to periodically re-discover what it was that lit our fire about Isagenix.  Do you see how this group cleanse concept can accomplish that for you?  Get EVERYONE you can to join you, current, past, and soon to be customers, and friends of friends!  Make it your goal to build a huge cleansing group and you will enroll quite a few new customers as a side benefit.   Could you get your sister in law's entire office to join you?  I remember when I was able to attract an entire office, 11 women all cleansed together, just for the fun of it!   Could you get your entire aerobics class?  Readers club?  You get the idea. :)  Post an invitation to your Facebook page inviting your whole friend list.  Contact all the people in your rolodex, the beauty of this is that you are not asking them to "Buy Isagenix" per say.  It just so happens that they will need to buy Isagenix in order to participate.  It's an indirect approach that works.  You are asking them to "join you and your group."   It is a very passive, fun invitation.   Lets kickstart 2011 NOW!

The Law of the Harvest
-Sean Escobar

The New Year Brings with it a unique opportunity for each of us to Re-Invent ourselves in our Isagenix businesses.  When I say the word "Re-Invent" I do not mean to stop what we are currently doing which has brought us success, that would not be good business.  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  There have been people who have asked my father to change his presentation for no other reason then their desire to be entertained.  Certainly his presentation is not for existing customers, it is to enroll the new ones.  Being that his presentation is the most effective out there, why would he change it?  

Can we improve though?   We can always be improving.  The day that we have "arrived" as far as our Business Success is concerned may never come, there is just too much to learn.   Our income is truly a great gauge for how effective we are now.  The more service that we are providing, the more passionate we are about helping others, the more persuasive we are about what we are sharing, equates to more income for us.  That is really a wonderful concept isn't it.   We get back what we give out.  I know that for me, I am continually learning new things that take my success and efficiency to a better level.  Like when one of my partners Karen McDonald recently told me that "we can say more with less words."  Wow, that is truly powerful and it works.  We need to be listening to our customers needs more and then finding areas where we can fill those needs.   Versus blabbing our mouths off about all we know in an effort to demonstrate how well versed we are.  

We can truly learn something new every single day.  This is why one of my personal Resolutions is to make a conscious effort this New Year, to be even more coachable than ever before.   I also intend on cutting out all business ativities that do not bring about my desired result.   My personal motto for the new year, "Is what I am doing now contributing to my desired result?"   The word "fruit" obviously symbolizes results, success, making a difference for someone, or things coming to fruition."    I think it is an honest question that each of us need to be consistently asking ourselves.   In order for us to understand how it is we are going to bring about the desired result, we must first understand what we are?  What are we at a root level?  Are we Network Marketers?  No!  Are we Independent Isagenix Representatives?  No!  Are we Cleanse Sale People?  NO!   I truly believe that we are all, Educators.   We sell people information, the products are free.  The word Educator means to "give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to."   We are in the business of making people aware of potential dangers to their health and informing them of solutions that may support them in avoiding the damage caused by such dangers.   What is our Desired Result?  That truly varies from person to person.  For me, I am of the believe that "in order for me to help people reclaim their health and guide others in becoming financially free, the majority of my time must be spend educating such people."    

I know from doing Isagenix for 8 years and 5 years full time, that the work we put in during November/December comes to fruition in the New Year.  The people who see the most growth in the new year, are the ones who worked their tails off in those prior months.   Network marketing is very cyclical.   January/February/March are huge months!  So are September and October.  People do not realize the necessity of "building up" for those months.   How would you like your lowest month of the year to be 10k?  I know a lot of people that would take 10k as their High Month!   Still, the point is, that we must "build up" for such things to happen.  Working in the slower periods produces more of a result in the hot periods, and vice versa.     Right now many people will subscribe to "well it is the Holidays and people do not want to be bothered."  Don't sign up for that class!  The Holidays are a wonderful time to connect with extended family and friends who you might otherwise not have the opportunity.  You have a tremendous opportunity to share what you have been up to and to educate about what you are passionate about.  

Same thing goes for Events.   People do not realize the Power of Isagenix Events.  Whether they are home parties, tastings, trainings, regionals, etc.  Events Build Income!  The #1 most effective event of the years is obviously Convention.  If you get a team out to Convention, they will absolutely go to work and create results.  They will also become very loyal to Isagenix, which is essential to a stable residual income source.   Convention happens once a year only, but it really should be talked about all year long.  You should be getting commitments from people to come to convention as soon as they opt in for the business opportunity.  Many people back East cannot make it to "The New Year Launch" Event, it is too much of a commitment for them to come out west for Convention in August and then again in January for The New Year Event.   If they must choose one of the 2 events, make sure it is the Annual Convention in August.   If they can make it to both, that is ideal of course.   Did you know that the team you will have to this next year's convention will primarily be from the commitments you get in January and February?  It's the Law of the Harvest, you cannot invite people 1 month before and expect them to drop everything and come.  It is good business sense to start to build your list now!  Set a goal of how many people your will have with you at convention.  Maybe you say, "I am going to get 10 people on my team to join me this year!"  Then go to work NOW and start getting those commitments.  By planning ahead, you may surprise yourself, maybe you end up with 15-20 joining you.  

A wise farmer who hopes for a very large harvest in the Fall, is fully aware of the work, time, and energy that he must invest in the Spring.   With that said, let me introduce on of my favorite training articles of all time, "The Law of The Harvest."  

Body Alive Site Update.  
The Good News...We've enhanced the videos on the site so that they don't take an eternity to download.  We also updated the new Business Video on the "Business" page.  Check it out!  

The Better News...The Site Flat Out Works!  Those of you who have been getting that site into potential customers hands know that it does a tremendous job of educating and closing for you.  This provides you with tremendous leverage as you do not have to do all of the educating and order taking yourself.   Keeping the Law of the Harvest in mind, this site can only "pay out" a portion of what is "put in."  Many people do not understand the concept of "feeding the pipeline."  They won't come out the end if you didn't put them in to begin with.  

Our motivation in investing/building this site was that we would finally have a 1 product focus, like we did in the beginning.  Almost every Network Marketing 101 book will teach you the necessity of having a simple/duplicatable one product focus for enrolling new customers.  They can learn about all of the other wonderful products later.   Lets just get them on the 9 Day Cleanse and let them experience the Magic!  Ask yourself this question, "how was I bought in and what got me so excited?"  

Lets get out there and absolutely FLOOD the earth with your site!   Do you want to personally enroll 100 people this year?  Start getting creative and effective at getting your site out there to the masses.   

Happy Holidays Isagenix Family!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

John Anderson's Anti-Aging Update

From John Anderson:

"Hi everyone,

This link below is a must read to understand my involvement in the most exciting research of lengthening human telomeres.
I have been working with Dr William Andrews at Sierra Sciences to find the magic bullet activator switching on telomerase enzyme and slow aging.  I appreciate being mentioned in this article as being partnered up with Sierra.

Please take time to read the article and expect to see a product on the horizon in 2011.  We are making progress with botanicals from all over the world, from under every rock, and searching every species.   God's gifts are here for us to use,
to find, and to live a long and healthy life.  The team at Sierra Sciences and John Anderson's Dream Master Laboratory are leading the way to a healthy and long future.  "
The link "press release" is in response to the article below, a great validation in telomere research.  

Study Boosts Validity to Aging Research by John Anderson & Dr. Bill Andrews

A new study on mice published in Nature has added validation to research that is being performed by Bill Andrews, Ph.D., and Isagenix Founder John Anderson in partnership to “turn back the clock” on aging.

Their approach is to screen thousands of natural product compounds a week to turn on the enzyme, telomerase, in cells as an approach to protect and reverse the loss of telomere length.

Telomeres are protective sequences of repetitive non-coding DNA segments found at the end of chromosomes. In recent years, they have been found to be the nearest measure that science has for determining lifespan in humans.

In this latest study, Harvard Medical School researchers found that mice lacking telomerase aged much more rapidly as an abundance of critically short telomeres developed. They died earlier too.

But when the telomerase was reawakened in the mice, age-related symptoms disappeared and rejuvenation was seen in several organs including the brains of the mice.

The study, which was led by geneticist Ronald Depinho, presents a strong case for advancing research in telomerase further and suggests potential of telomerase-stimulation as a potent anti-aging therapy in humans. 

In addition, Depinho explained that the study helps put to rest suggestion that turning on telomerase was potentially cancerous.

Dr. Andrews adds, "This study is really just another nail in the coffin for the idea that telomerase induction would lead to cancer. Even as early as 2002, a review of 86 publications showed that telomerase is not a carcinogen or oncogene.”

Indeed, telomerase stimulation is far from harmful, in fact, having the potential of bringing a new paradigm to what it means to age gracefully for achieving a healthier, longer life.

 “Just as telomerase activation reversed degeneration in the organs of these mice, we expect that it can do the same for humans,” said Dr. Andrews. “Telomerase activation technology promises to be the most significant advance in human health since germ theory.”

“What we’re doing is going to change the world,” said Anderson, “but it shouldn’t be seen as a ‘holy grail,’ only another way of improving your health.”

Stimulation of telomerase, explained Anderson, should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, optimal nutrition, nutritional cleansing, avoidance of toxic chemicals, and regular exercise.

Dr. Andrews and Anderson have announced that they expect to be able to launch a nutraceutical that will turn on telomerase exclusively through Isagenix in the near future.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough and more
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.
It can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home,
a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude makes sense of our past,
brings peace for today
and creates a vision for tomorrow.

We pray this Thanksgiving
to prioritize the things that will always remain…
to give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way
and all the little things that add up to be enormous blessing…
abundant blessings for all our friends…
for every single soldier around the world
for our Isagenix company and all our IsaFamily.

We are grateful for you 
We wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and that your blessings are many.

Love, The Escobar Group

Please Download the 18 Page Training Document on the Power of Gratitude below:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tony and Randi Escobar in Las Vegas!

For the First Time in Las Vegas,
The #1 Isagenix Income Earners Will be Here to Reveal Their Secrets to
Building Their MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Business!
Saturday, December 42010
Best Western Mardi Gras Inn
3500 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, Ph: 702.731.2020.
8:30am – 9:00 AM (Registration)
9 AM – 1PM Main Event
$15 Isagenix Associates, All Guests are Free! Limited Seating.
For  Discount Hotel Rates Contact Samantha
RSVP:     Samantha Jaramillo 702.622.2635

For individuals who dream big, are passionate about people and wish to enjoy health, rewarding relationships and financial security, Tony and Randi Escobar are the leaders who can help you achieve personal empowerment to overcome self-limiting attitudes and realize the full power of your potential. As top leaders in direct selling who love people more than they love money, Tony and Randi have helped thousands of people discover their dreams, understand their passions and achieve their goals.

Tony and Randi are recognized throughout North America as Champions within the Industry. They have inspired and touched hundreds of thousands of lives with their knowledge and  expertise as they have worked tirelessly to help create just about 40 million dollar earners within their own Isagenix organization and many more are evolving year after year.

“Tony and Randi are wonderful, entertaining and animated speakers and trainers that passionately attract and mesmerize an audience; they inspire, they encourage and they bring out the best in people.       

Dr. John Gray, Author,
                                                          “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”

Kim Olsen – 4 Star Golden Circle
Samantha Jaramillo – 2 Star Golden Circle
Murray Rosenberg – 1 Star Golden Circle
Michael Mall – 1 Star Golden Circle

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Join the "Santa Cleanse" Challenge Dec. 6th - 14th

There was a huge response to the Turkey Cleanse but some of you didn't have time to prepare and order your 9 Day Systems for you and your friends and thanks to the great response and a plea from one of our great team members, Rennie...we are doing it again in December with the 1st Annual "Santa Cleanse!"
So don't wait to take ACTION!
Order your 9 Day TODAY and also get the word out to all your friends and family!
Happy Holidays Already!

(Thanks again to six figure earner Kimber King for this awesome reminder!)

Tele-Conference Call with nutritional expert, Tony Escobar on Monday

Don’t Miss Our Next Tele-Conference Call with nutritional expert, Tony Escobar on Monday, November 22 at 9PM Eastern.  Dial 1-(507) 726-4200 and enter the Pass Code 178333 followed by # key.

Tony Escobar is a world-famous concept nutritional product formulator and has been a master herbalist and biosynthesist for over 20 years.

He is an Olympian International Sports Federation Certified athletic trainer.

In fact, the caliber of Tony's work earned him a Sanctioned Commendation from Dr. Richard You, President of the Olympian International Sports Federation and past Chief Physician of the US Olympic Team for his work as a professional trainer and nutritional consultant.

Tony is a world-class champion. Originally from Australia where he was a professional athlete in 2 sports - soccer & cricket - he went on to become a professional coach in both sports, then an athletic trainer or coach for NBA, Major League Baseball, the National Soccer League and NFL players.  But - that's not all!  He has also been a nutritional consultant to Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox and Utah Jazz athletes!

Tony Introduced the unique “CONCEPT OF CLEANSING” to Isagenix, the world leader in nutritional cleansing, in 2002.  His valuable input caused him to become the only non-physician member of the Isagenix Medical Advisory Board, on which he was a member for the company’s first 4 years.

Over 70% of the current Isagenix Associates were attracted to Isagenix in some way by Tony & his wife Randi and they are the all-time top income earners in Isagenix.

As a result of their unprecedented successes in Isagenix, Tony and Randi have received special commendations and proclamations acknowledging their success and contributions to the health and wellness industry from the Governors of 11 different states (Alabama, Washington, New Mexico, Nebraska, Louisiana, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey).

And they received a prestigious Congressional Commendation from the U.S. House of Representatives acknowledging their contribution and impact within the health and wellness industry as well as their generosity with charities.

As a member of the NY Academy of Sciences, Women's Health Research Society, National Health Museum, & Christopher Reeves Paralysis Foundation, Tony tirelessly contributes to the advancement of health & well-being for every person.  His influence is profound!

December 6, 2010 – Guest Speaker: Randi Escobar
January 17, 2011 – Guest Speaker: Dr. Dennis Harper
January 31, 2011 – New Year’s Kick-Off Tele-Conference Blitz
February 14, 2011 – TBD