Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom makes 6 figure income working Isagenix Part Time online, learn how on Sat!

Kimber King is a Six Figure earner in my organization.  Her mother, Bonnie Perkins is a Million Dollar Earner.  I encourage all of you to join her Saturday Morning call to learn some techniques that she has used online.   I've told many of you that I do most of my recruiting online now and have seen tremendous results.  I'm able to leverage my time and energies.  You've probably also heard me share that it is not necessary to invest money to learn how to build online, there are free training all over the place, just like the one Kimber is offering this Saturday.  Thanks for including all of us Kimber and congratulations on your awesome success.    Sean  
"Hey everyone,
Many of you know that I have built my income and my team largely online working part-time over the last 7-8 years -- way before Social Media had a name!  
Recently one of my business partners and Internet Radio Co-Host, Jodi Stott and I did a Social Media Workshop in Orlando for the Real Savvy Success Event and it was a smashing success! 
We were able to launch a NEW Training Membersite for Social Media at the same time!
This Membersite contains Modules on how to turn your play-time on Social Media sites into profit -- teaching the skills and techniques we've used to build teams and income online over the last 8 years -- way before Facebook & Twitter!
Anyway, one of the Modules will contain the PowerPoint presentation of the Basic Workshop we did in Orlando and we need to get it recorded online.
So here's where it gets good and where you can benefit!
I am going to record this training ONLINE this Saturday morning and you can attend the recording FREE as a member of the Destiny Team and my guest!
I am not exactly sure how long it will last as we will try to move faster through the presentation and not so "Hands On" but hopefully we can get through it within 60 or 90 min.
Or we may have to break it into 2 parts can tune in for FREE--- did I mention FREE?  
Here's what will be covered - 
Social Media Mindset (You have to lay a foundation can set it all up but if you don't understand how to use it, you will not succeed)
Facebook Setup, Etiquette & Strategies (Profile and Business Pages)
Twitter Setup, Etiquette & Strategies (and Tweet Language)
Cool Tool to Manage all Your Social Media in less than 15 minutes per day
I truly want to continue to bless my team and business partners and although our company has provided some killer Social Media tools for all of us--there are some things I have observed that might be turning people off instead of getting the results you want online.  You have to understand the "HOW" to use those tools before you use them.  
Anyway, if you want to join the RECORDED Webinar:
Click this link Saturday Morning at 9am Mountain, that's 11 a.m. EST --------------------->>>
Dial:  (218) 895-4640, 4486835
Reply to this email NOW (just so I can get a general head count)
NOTE:  This is the first time I have used this Webinar system so hopefully it goes okay but be ready to be flexible!  Also, since it's a FREE service, there are ads---just ignore them!
So let's have some fun together Saturday morning!  Kimber" 

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