Monday, May 23, 2011

A Message of Hope from Terri Gutierrez

"Friends & Family,
Something happened tonight ... an aha moment ... everything became clear.  I went out with friends & for the first time in 20 years, I didn't feel invisible anymore - I was noticed numerous times.  Something had changed. I actually felt good & confident in my own skin. This was the moment when the changes on the outside, finally hit the inside.  It was unexpected. I say this humbly, because most of you know my story and you know the struggles I have gone through in my life due to being overweight for so long. :(  As I look back, there's so many things I gave up, didn't do, let go, or lost ... all because of my weight.  Wow, what a reality check. :/ 
I am almost 100 lbs down now. It's insane for me to believe this at times. When I was at my heaviest, 252 lbs, I thought that was it. I thought any idea of me ever being really happy again and feeling good was pretty much over and thought that was my destiny. I was about to give up! Omg! Then one night, I hit rock bottom and thought I was going to die of a heart atttack.  I remembered my mother telling me before she died, for me to lose weight, so I would not go through the pain & illness she went through.  I cried all night while I prayed and begged God to help me get the strength to lose the weight.  I knew I couldn't do this alone. I knew I needed a support system.  The next day ... thanks to God ... I got the strength and I began my journey.
I thought to myself ... "How can I be so successful in my career or other things and not with my weight?", "How can food control me?", "Why is it I see people on TV that have lost 100 lbs - why can they do it and not me?"   I then thought ... "I have to lose this weight in honor of mom & dad (lost both to diabetes and heart disease). I have to do this for me and for my family - my nieces and nephews. They are going to need me one day and I have to try to live long enough to be there for them."   This is my WHY!
In closing, I knew that if I could lose the weight and transform myself, that I would be able to inspire and help others do the same ... even loved ones that are close to me.  I knew that I could be a representation of hope to them. That I could help them believe in themselves and know that transformation is possible.  Maybe this is my way to help the world ... one person at a time.  My mission is to help those that want to be helped - when they are ready.  This is my WHY!
Find YOUR WHY!  Once you find it, everything else will fall into place. It all starts there! I'm not talking just weight loss, I'm also talking about other things in life that we should be doing to better ourselves and our futures (e.g., relationships, financial, career, etc.). If it's weight, you don't have to do Isagenix, but do something. It's all up to you. Take the first step. Believe in yourself! You can do this! I'm just a regular girl ... if I can, you can!
Wow ... I don't know where all this came from. Maybe these words will appear in my book one day in the near future - you heard it here first. ;-)
Thanks for all your support and encouragement during my journey. It truly means alot.
God Bless,
Terri Gutierrez
Disclaimer ... this is in not an advertisement for Isagenix ... this is a special message of joy that is intended only to inspire a change. Feel free to share as you see fit. If it helps somebody, awesome! :) "

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