Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Important Announcement-Get your Product B today!


Product B
Register for 2011 Celebration and you can purchase Product B
Have your ticket secured for 2011 Celebration and you will have the exclusive chance to purchase our ground-breaking Product B before we launch this cutting-edge product.

Get your plans set for San Diego, Calif. August 14-16 and join Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover at 2011 "Ignite Your Future" Celebration. Tickets are $199 for 1 ticket  so purchase yours before prices go up to $299 each as of June 6. Visit IsagenixCelebration.com to register and for more details on what will be the most exciting event in our history!

Once your Celebration ticket has been purchased or transferred to you*, simply call the Customer Care Promotional Orders Team at 888-991-9949 or send an email toPromotionalOrders@isagenixcorp.com.

U.S. Associates have the option to purchase the following:
  • 2 bottles = $198 (2 month supply)   BV = 130
  • 4 bottles = $396 (4 month supply)   BV = 260
Canadian Associates are able to purchase Product B for personal use only. Orders will be shipped from Isagenix International Headquarters. Associates have the option to purchase the following:
  • 2 bottles = $198 (2 month supply)   BV = 130
  • 3 bottles = $297 (3 month supply)   BV = 195
Because of the limited supply available, only one order can be processed per Celebration ticket order.

In order to process your request, please send the following information to Customer Care at PromotionalOrders@isagenixcorp.com:
  • Associate ID
  • Shipping and Mailing Address
  • Last 4 digits of credit card to bill (For account security, please do not include your full credit card number)
  • Number of bottles you would like to order (U.S. two or four) (CA two or three)
Please make sure you have a saved credit card on file and have updated your CVV code in your Back Office. This will help us quickly process your order without needing to contact you for additional information.

You will receive order confirmation within 72 business hours of your request.  We look forward to sharing this amazing ground-breaking product with you.

*One order only per purchased or transferred 2011 Celebration ticket. 4 bottles maximum per household.

 (courtesy of Isagenix International)

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