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Did you forget what it felt like to Come Alive?

You will forget, we always do. That’s a given because that is human nature. We all do it. Predictable behavior. 

You will forget how bad off you were. 

You will forget how discouraged you were. 

You will forget, even if you had not seen any progress whatsoever for years or even decades. Give it 3-4 months and you will forget the gift you gave yourself in ER Shred. 

Why do we forget what it was like to feel so bad at one point? We just do. And that’s when we return to the bad stuff that we know we really can’t get away with and that we promised to never return to, not ever again.  Like a dog returning to its vomit. 

How do I know? Because I lived it many times. I would get sick from what I was eating and I would end up having to eat anti-acids all the time. When things would get to their worst, I would be forced to turn to a complete 14 day stomach acid medication that would shut down any stomach acid whatsoever. That is so NOT healthy IMO. Man. I can’t believe I ever did that. I’m kind of ashamed that I just didn’t have the answers. I bet I did that 3 times over a period of about 15 years. But at times I would be putting down Tums almost daily. I hated doing that. I just had to. I also had 3 colonoscopies before the age of 30. Just shouldn’t be this way. The foods I was eating were causing me so much distress. I tried natural gut health alternatives like DGL and they didn’t even put a dent. I have had 2 bleeding ulcers in my life due in large part to what I was consuming every day. Food was my pain. My choice of food was just poisoning me. πŸ˜” I never considered that maybe the healthy foods I was putting into my body were a big part of the problem.  Add a stressful event into the mix and it pushes things over the top and you end up in the hospital completely clueless about what has gone wrong. Sadly, I’ve found that they are clueless too. 

(Graphic warning) My bowel movements πŸ™ˆ were terrible. Always. My entire adult life I struggled with the bowels until ER. I never really had solid stool, in fact what happened was projectile diarrhea almost every single time. I would have to use the toilet scrubber nearly every time I went because it was a mess. πŸ˜ž It was either that or nothing at all came out. Guys I didn’t even know what a normal bowel movement was anymore. So inflamed usually in the lower abdomen. So much hardness and pressure. I would feel like I needed to go to the bathroom so bad and there would be hardly anything there. Some days I’d do that again and again and again. I had to use ointment because I would get sore from wiping frequently. My wife would say, “Sean you live in the bathroom. You go like 6 times a day.” She was right and I would sit there and it just wasn’t fun. Either loose stool,  nothing doing, or just mucus. I sometimes would mess myself due to the distress in the gut. Sorry guys. Told ya. Too graphic? I’m sorry. I just need you to know. Sometimes things I would eat would really hit me bad. Same with many supplements that were supposed to be so food for me, at least that’s what they tell ya. 

Fiber would make my bowels so much worse! That’s why I think fiber is a farce. I believe grains, fruit and greens were all part of my ruin. I know that sounds nuts, but I am telling you something very personal, hoping that you might better understand my sincere passion to share ER with the world. I have normal bowel movements now. Every time. I get giddy about it, every single time. πŸ’© Do you know what it is like to go 20 years without normal bowel movements. It’s just downright sad. Even when I was trying to do things right. 

Just prior to Crystal and I starting ER Shred, I suffered a full blown rock bottom health crisis. I see it as many little crisis battles over a period of 21 years that hit an accumulative eruption in 2020. What is crazy is that I hadn’t even thrown in the towel. I was fighting as best I knew how. I just couldn’t win no matter how hard I tried. It was game over for me. “It” was going to cost me everything and “it” was going to forever haunt me. Wait…what is “it?” What is going to ruin me? 

Simple. Ill health. If anybody ought to be a happy, grateful guy, it ought to be me. In my best state, I am positive, uplifting and fun. Take away my health and I can become dark, and a drag on everyone around me. 

ER Shred gave me back everything. On so many incomprehensible levels. I cannot get excited about marketing any products that I used which didn’t positively impact my life. I just can’t. That doesn’t even make the slightest bit of sense in my brain. But ERS brought me back from the dead it seemed. I had flatlined emotionally, mentally and physically. The protocol did the impossible. 

I have been around the supplement industry my entire life. That is the absolute truth. Let me just say that the supplement industry can be pretty dicey. The average person has not a clue about what is in what they are buying and consuming. All they see and trust is the marketing. “What is this supposed to do for me?” Is all they care about. They try it and most products really have no measurable way of verifying their efficacy. The reality is you truly could just be making expensive urine from many of your supplements. According to ER Shred Nutrition Coach Jesse James Jamnik, 90 percent of supplements are absolute garbage. 

People like the notion of taking supplements. People like the routine and even the ritual nature of drinking their supplements. They really buy in to the notion and that is why even just the placebo effect has been proven to have merit. Belief. Belief didn’t do it for me. I needed tracks to run on. Not a lotion, potion, powder or pill. I can’t believe in that based on my personal experiences. Never changed my state. Hence the protocol. We are merely sharing something forward that transformed our lives and so many thousands of others. Measure-ably. I do not believe in a lazy lifestyle. I do not believe things should just come easy. They get easier for sure but if you want to truly transform, it will take more of a commitment on your part. You will need to change your lifestyle most likely. No more bandaids. It’s gonna require an overhaul for many. A new way to see food and becoming aware of what has been done to us all by greedy companies  who only care about profit. Some say that is not marketable, that people just want it tasty and easy. Well that notion wasn’t getting me or so many of you anywhere if we will just be honest. We will continue to prove otherwise, that there is a market for true holistic personal renovation. In fact, we don’t want the fluff. We want growers. We want people who want to overcome. Who want simplicity. Who want empowerment. Who want control. They is what it is all about and although it seems so simplistic, it really is quite profound and will become a household name. You will be hearing more from ER Shred because when people Come Alive, they can’t seem to shut up about it.  People who adopt the lifestyle only see compounding mind boggling results, just as we have.  

I took so many supplements over the years. πŸ˜³ Oh the handfuls of pills I would take every day. For years I did this and I was truly not thriving as a result. What a waste of money. I’m so discouraged by that. 

I no longer take any pills. Haven’t for a year. In fact there aren’t pills in our protocol. Crazy huh!? And I’m in the best overall health and of my life at 41 years old. That’s not to demonize all pills or all supplements though. I would never because there are so many good ones out there that are effective for so many of you. You’ve had a personal experience with those products and that is measurable by you and so I could never diminish that. Just fascinating though how all those pills never helped me in any measurable way. How many supplements are sold and how many people remain ill. Should the incidence of ill health not go downward as the sales of supplements increase? It has not been the case. Not at all. We just keep getting sicker and sicker overall as a human race. Go watch Fat Fiction if you have not. Just consider that maybe, just maybe everything in the world of dietary guidelines and political correctness is ass backwards and upside down. I’m here to tell you that it is! You had better get your diet figured out first and foremost people. Do that and then you will might more so realize the benefits of supplementation. Still be careful what you believe. Many Doctors and even Scientists who appear reputable and readily flaunt their credentials are just marketers looking for a pay day. They prey on the ignorance of the general public in a condescending and arrogant way. They will pitch anything and everything for a buck and they do. I believe they think they are better than us. You’ll see. They brag a lot about their education, but when given an opportunity they do not educate others, they pitch them. I believe many sell things they would not take themselves. In fact they go from company to company many of them claiming that each subsequent company has better products and technology than all the rest. How fortunate that they always land with the best and the brightest at that moment in time. They are pitch men. How do you sniff them out? Who can we trust/believe and who just wants to hawk products? The average person can’t rule them out through education unfortunately. Too many conflicting experts, data and research. You gotta be able to feel for yourself. I believe the 11 Day ER Shred Baseline Protocol, which is not a product, but an Elimination Reset Protocol teaches people how to feel intuitively, many for the first time. πŸ€― I’ve seen it too many times now. People feeling for the first time around their intuition. Not just around their food. Around everything. 

I was so sick thinking back. Debilitating brain Fog. My emotions a mess. My body couldn’t recover from things. I prayed to he well for years and then I stopped praying. I resigned to the idea that this was my reality. I’m messed up. I just didn’t realize that most everyone else I know is messed up too. They just don’t even realize it. You will never know how good you could feel, until you do and then your perspective is changed forever. 

Can I just tell you how much of a miracle this has been for me? It’s not fluff and it’s not hype. It has produced more measurable, life altering changes in me than all other supplements I have ever tried in my life combined and I have used hundreds of them. 

You see, if people do not understand why I am so damn passionate about ER then they don’t know my story and only my family knows my story. I had a compromise immune system my entire adult life. I was sick all the time. I just wish I could get back all of the years of ill health. All of the years of living a disingenuous life because I had to fake wellness, which I did strive for, but couldn’t achieve. I hated being a fake. I want to be genuine and sincere. Hell I even faked taking my own products for years because I couldn’t take many of them, my gut couldn’t do them or any other nutritional products. I have to tell ya, it feels so good not only to be truly well for the first time since my late teens, but to be able to help others get well too. That is where it’s at in this life. That is the gift. ER Shred is a protocol and a community sure. It’s also a mentality. We care sincerely, because we have been there too and we don’t ever want to forget. 


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