Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Business are we in? WEIGHT LOSS!

I hope that none of you resist this little training.   The reason you may resist it is because you want people to see Isagenix for what it really is.  I know how you feel, I have been there!   In fact I can remember a time where I think I was curtailing my own business's growth in an effort to require that everyone "get it!"    Isagenix goes Way Way beyond silly old Weight Loss!  However, for your business to really take off, you must focus on???????   You guessed it, silly old Weight Loss.   Enjoy the Cartoons!

See my goal would be that all of you generate a lot of interest in your market, not just a little.  I know that many of you don't like how people see this as just "Weight loss."  Neither do I!  I cringe when someone refers to Isagenix as a "diet."  Still I have to be completely candid with all of you as my partners.  I would say that in my experience 9 out of every 10 people that enroll in Isagenix with me and my organization do it for weight loss, what did you do?   They need the weight loss, that is what is their primary motive.  There is nothing wrong with that, good for them, they want to better themselves.   So here is what I have found.  No matter how much I stressed, "this is not weight loss" people would not hear me.  I think I even turned many of them off to the concept because they thought, "well I need weight loss period!"  That is all they can think about.   I've been guilty of suppressing the idea of Weight Loss with Isagenix.  Shame on me!  With Excess Weight causing so many health problems and being such an epidemic, how could I shy away from sharing the good news when I have something that absolutely works!    Something that will undoubtedly help them.

Why we need to absolutely embrace the concept of Weight Loss with Isagenix, here are just 5 simple reasons that come to mind:

1.  It is what people want, want to grow a business REALLY fast?  Want to help a lot more people?  Give them the weight loss talk, enroll them under those premises, when you coach them through the process you will be able to shift their "diet" mentality.  Don't try to shift their thinking before the sale, it is a bad bad idea.  

2.  People generally do not have a budget when it comes to weight loss.  Look at the cost of personal trainers, liposuction, and traditional diets/eating plans.  People do not care, they spend and spend and spend, because all they can think about is getting that weight off and keeping that weight off.    Remember that Americans are spending over 100 million dollars a day on Diets that don't work!

3.  Weight loss is "hype."  I'm talking about the good kind of hype, the kind that creates a stir or "buzz."  Want to generate more referrals and get more people in your organization paid?  Cater to the weight loss aspect of Isagenix, especially with women.  Women have always been and will always be sharing weight loss with each other, you can bank on it!    In Network Marketing you have to have a Knockout Sizzle Product that you can focus all of your promotional efforts around.  WE HAVE IT!  Many of us need to drop our pride, we want to look the part, as though we have an arsenal of products.  That we know technical data on each individual product.  Want to Really succeed in Network Marketing?  Have a 1 product focus!  Stop confusing people.   Be Duplicatable.  Don't worry, people will learn about the skin care, the chocolates, and the Colostrum down the road.  I have seen it with my own eyes thousands of times.  Once brand loyalty has been established based on the results of people on the 9 day cleanse, they will often gravitate towards the other products that we have to offer.   What was YOUR experience?  Did you buy the whole buffet when you started?  Would you have been turned off if someone had thrown the whole Catalog at ya and stuck you with a $500 bill?   We must also drop our pride around wanting others to perceive us as "health gurus."  My father is a health pro.  He can confirm that there are more broke health professionals per capita than almost any other profession!  Why?  Because they are too proud to focus on one concept, or one product.  That is beneath them.   

4.  People come back.  Sure, there are many "dieters" that will move on to the next thing even after having amazing results with Isagenix.  Don't worry, often times they come back.  That is the beautiful thing about our product, it works! ;)  Because it work, people often gravitate back to it.  I alway smile when people come back 2 months, 6 months, or even a year later.  They are coming back to Isagenix because nothing else produces the same result!    Over 200 people have lost over 100 lbs!  Nobody has those kinds of results!  WE DO!

5.   We have a money back guarantee!  Is anyone familiar with the best selling brochure in all of Isagenix?  It was done by Patrick Greenlaw, the front reads, "Just give it 4 days."  Essentially it tells people that they will lose more in their first 4 days then they ever have in 30!   It is true, the majority of the time that will abslutely be the case!  My goodness, we have the magic bullet when you really think about it!  If they aren't satisfied, they can get a refund.  Zero Risk.  

Does anyone else out there agree that we need to get back to the basics of building this Isagenix Business?    
"I gotta tell ya the good news!   I dropped 15 lbs and 15 inches in 9 days with an exciting new cleansing technology!!!!  No it is not a diarrhetic or a drug, and yes you do get food!  lol  I went on to lose 25 lbs in 3 weeks, my wife dropped 6 dress sized in 6 weeks and it was easy!  Nothing ever worked like this before!"    

(their response, "Oh wow, what is it?")  

"Well, I don't have time to go into it now, but I will email you a website ok?  I tell ya, it not only ripped the weight off of me, I have more energy and I'm sleeping better too!  I'm never going off this stuff!  Let me grab your email and phone #."  

Have we gotten away from our 15 second stories friends?   This is what I was taught 6 years ago by my mentors.  This is all I was supposed to say when sharing Isagenix with people.  It is Weight loss hype isn't it?  Is there anything wrong with that?  I don't think so.  It is the best lure that we have to catch the most people's interest.  All of the educating around "nutritional cleansing" will come later.  Lets just get them to take the first step!   

Are we a weight loss company?  
Do we have the best Weight Loss Product in Existence?  
Is The Weight Loss industry THE INDUSTRY to be in?  Yes, Lets Embrace it!

It's inflation proof, it is recession proof, it is Vanity, it is Health-we give people back their lives!

Isagenix Weight loss has generated my family a fortune!    If you want to build a huge income fast you have to give people what they want and you can't be shy about it.  :)

I hope you understand that my motive here.  I want you to have massive success.  I would prefer that you enroll 100 customers and then work on shifting their "diet Mentality through coaching, rather than only enroll 10 whom you "shifted" prior to enrolling.  "Fat," is a universal issue and that 80% of ALL Americans are wanting to drop excess weight and the other 20% are probably actively endeavoring to keep fat off of themselves. :)   

Notice the first video on your Body Alive Website, it's weight loss!   That site works by the way.   I've learned now from experience that the site will convert sales for you.  Get people excited with your personal story and then direct them to that site.  The larger the flow of people you have visiting that site, the larger your business and income will grow.   

love you all and thank you for all you do!

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