Friday, November 12, 2010

1st Annual "Turkey Cleanse" November 16-24th

Grow your friendships this Holiday Season, not your waistline!
Let’s face it, with the holidays right around the corner, staying committed to your health and weight-loss goals can be especially tough (can we have a moratorium on the baking this year please?)

Join us for our 1st Annual "Turkey Cleanse" starting Tuesday, November 16th! Last year, ODT Leader Kimber King coached 9 people through 9 days of cleansing, 9 days right before Thanksgiving and the results were incredible!

9 individuals participated in the her challenge and in just 9 days they released 88.5 lbs. and 133.5 inches!
Can you imagine how great they felt at their Thanksgiving Dinner last year?  That is an average release of 9.8 lbs. a person--in just 9 days!
This year the ODT Leadership is doing it again this year and are inviting all our Associates and Product Customers to join us!  
Send an email or call all your Associates and Product Customers right now to make sure they have a 9 day Pak on hand and invite them to join you! 
Make sure to share with them the results of last year's Turkey Cleanse!

Thank you to Kimber King, Isagenix Six Figure Income Earner and one of my dearest business partners for sharing this concept with us.  

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