Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Social Media Wizards to the rescue! Create Leads for your Business!

Hello Isagenix Family!

The Social Success System is here, don't get left behind!  Listen to Tony Escobar Introduce the System:

Sean Bridger and Brad Cusworth
Simple Question, "where do we find people to talk to?"  It's a question that I get daily, yes every single day!   I'm sure you have asked yourself this very question many times.  Last night I was asked this very question by a gentleman who had just enrolled 7 people in the previous month!  He still was dying to know "where do I go now, how do I accomplish more?"  I commend you Rob, for the seriousness with which you are treating your business, you are on your way!  

Good news, the Wizards of Facebook to the Rescue!  My father met these gentlemen about 6 months ago during his travels to Australia.  They really know their stuff and have a technology that is not available any where else.  They can teach you the power that comes from Massive Online Leverage!   Reach more people in less time all from the comfort of your home!

Crystal and I have realized the power of Online Marketing over the last 2 years.  Through social media streams such as Myspace, Facebook and Blogging we have literally enrolled hundreds of new customers.  Now here is the best part, we didn't even know what we were doing per say!  We weren't trained on the do's and don'ts, we've just been shooting from the hip and have still encountered much success.  There more people looking for what we have to offer then vice versa, if people Really knew what we have, they would be lined up outside our front doors 100's deep waiting to get it!  Is that where you operate from?

Rather than resist the internet, technology and social media, lets embrace it!   Those who refused to embrace the computer age were all left behind in the business world.  If I told you that you have millions of leads at your finger tips would that interest you, I know it would because I am fully aware of thousands of Network Marketers who are spending 1000's of dollars purchasing so called "pre-qualified" leads only to be disappointed and discouraged.   Those are not the kind of leads that you are looking for my friends.  We must learn the skill sets to engage, connect, and persuade qualified leads to evaluate our product/opportunity.  We must develop the ability to create our own leads.  It is the Escobar Group's belief that these so called "Wizards" will do just that for you.

From the Wizards of Facebook, Brad Cusworth and Sean Bridger:
If your people embrace online strategies and combine them with  traditional marketing then we guarantee their business will explode.  Online Marketing Strategies will provide you with massive leverage in your business.  They are easy to duplicate and new distributors can simply plug in to a system that works.

Key Benefits of Social Media Tutorials
·         Distributors will learn how to use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to build quality relationships, add value and attract leads and prospects to their business (for free).
·         We teach these strategies via video tutorials, webinars, interviewing experts and articles.  All of this content is updated as new strategies emerge
·         Distributors will discover how to set up their own websites, how to send autoresponder emails, how to use wordpress for website creation and transferring files
·         We will have a forum and support desk to assist distributors with their Social Media Strategies and Technical Support
·         New content will be added to the membership site every week
·         There is zero risk.  There are no contracts, no fixed terms 

We believe Social Media Strategies and Online Marketing can solve everyone's biggest problem in Isagenix.  The key is educating your distributors so they can attract an abundance of and leads.

Video Testimonials
Kylie Bartlett
Eric Allen
Allan Galang
Ludwina Dautovic
John Casola
Shalonda Gordon
Jim Beach
Adrienne Smith
Stephen Spangenburg
Chris Barnes

The Social Success System is here, don't get left behind!  Listen to Tony Escobar's Introduction to the System:
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