Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Check out the New Video for promoting the Business Opportunity!

Hey Everyone,
We have long been looking for the right tool to utilize to get people exited about the Isagenix Business Opportunity.  For several years we have utilized the slide show webinar from sixfiguremakers.  The "opportunity tool" is a touchy thing.  Too much hype and your could send the new person into resistance mode.  Not enough excitement leads them to become disinterested.  We think we have found the perfect balance here.  Now we have a new video for you to share with everyone you talk to about the opportunity of Isagenix.  It's under 10 minutes long and power packed with fantastic information that will help people catch the vision.

Ask yourself, am I effectively communicating to my friends, family, customers, and potential business builders how special the Isagenix Opportunity is?  Rather than feeling like you have to hit every single point and force yourself on people, why not just ask them to give you 10 minutes to watch the video?  "I don't want to into all of it right now, but I do have a video that will paint the whole picture of why there is really nothing else like this out there."  Them follow up to see what they thought.  "So what did you think Jenn?...  Can you see why I am so exited about this opportunity now?...  Would you be interested in partnering with me?..."

We will be updating the Body Alive sites so that the "business" page will also feature this video.   So you will be able to share this with people by sending them to your Body Alive site, or you could also send them to http://www.escobargroup.biz

Would you like to watch it now?
Here it is!  Please let us know what you think about the video by commenting on this post.

Click Here to View the Video

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