Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Gift to You this Christmas


The Escobar Group wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   We count you among our most precious blessings and thank you for your trust and loyalty towards us as your support line leaders.  

As many of you know, The Escobars will not be attending the New Year Kickoff.  Tony and Randi both had surgeries just recently.  Tony had a hernia repaired that was caused by his son Sean requiring that he lift a heavy Washer and Dryer over his head. (Inside Joke)  Randi had Complete Knee Replacement Surgery which was long overdue.   Both are recovering wonderfully.   If you are attending the NYK and have any questions or would like to be connected to others whom are attending please let Sean know.   We will absolutely be present at the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration in August!  Hope that you will all be in attendance with us, you will not want to miss it!   The trick to having a giant team with you in attendance is to start getting commitments from your consultants as early as January of 2012.  If make the mistake of waiting until Summer hits, you will not be able to compete with all prior commitments that people have made for the summer.   Promoting such events can be HUGE for your business by the way.   Inviting people to join us at the annual celebration should be common practice as you never know unless you ask.  :)

As you know Crystal and Sean just had an early Christmas Present in their daughter Brooklyn being born.   Sean is going to devote some time to ensuring that the transition for Crystal and the kids is a smooth one.   He's still available to do phone calls throughout the day of course.

That brings me to the meaning of this message represented in the picture of Santa Holding a Magical Clock.  Time.  Time is precious.  Time is a commodity.  It's the most precious of all commodities really.  Can you put a value on your time?   Some might say, "yes well I earn $20 an hour at my job so my time is worth $20 an hour."   I find that degrading myself.   Surely you must realize that your time is priceless.  What is time with your loved ones worth?  What would time with past loved ones be worth?  What is time away from loved ones worth to you?   You see, the most precious gift that you can give to people is your time.  It's more valuable then money, fancy gifts, or flowers.  I recently heard my friend Kendrick Montgomery say, "you bet I saw potential in her, I gave her an hour of my time on my daughter's birthday!"  Wow, what perspective.  

Where most people of our level of achievement might be retired and inaccessible, we offer you the greatest of all gifts in 2012, our time.   We feel that this coming year is an opportune time to build, if not the most opportune time in the history of Isagenix.  The Economic Collapse coupled with our Isagenix Vehicle presents the perfect storm of opportunity for each of you!  You may not see another opportunity of this nature in your lifetime.  As Tony often says, "Seize the Opportunity and give it everything you've got!"   We are here to help you.  Please utilize us, leverage our success to share with those who have much business potential.  Ride this 2012 wave with us!  Lets strike while the iron is hot!  We cannot speak to everyone single person for you, there is not enough of us to go around.  We must allocate our time to speak to those who have past success in business, massive business potential or networks in place which they can easily influence.   Doctors of all kinds, Acupuncturists, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Gym Owners,  Hair Dressers, Heads of Church, Direct Sales reps, etc.  All are "Networkers" who can quickly compound your results in your business.     Please schedule such opportunities through Sean with a phone call or voicemail.    Many of you can attest that we will bend over backwards to accommodate such calls.

Once you hit the pinnacle of success, once you don't need any more money.  You will then  find that your heart turns to those who want the same and those who helped you achieve your success.   Each of you has contributed to our success and our goal is to help you now to realize your Isagenix Dreams.  

The Escobars
Tony, Randi, Sean, and Crystal

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