Friday, December 2, 2011

The Newest IsaBaby has Arrived!
I'm going to let my remarkable wife Crystal tell the story below, but I just wanted to mention one thing here.  The Midwives were blown away by the health of the placenta and I really don't think they say it to everyone. lol   In fact they went on and on about how incredible this one was in relation to many of the others they'd seen.  We decided to encapsulate it, as I am convinced that it is beneficial for Momma.  Crystal wasn't about to stir fry that thing. lol  Did you know that pretty much every other animal on the face of the earth eats the placenta post birth!  I think there is a reason for that.  People that do so report many benefits including no postpartum depression etc.  I know that I am probably freaking many of you guys out now, hey we are IsaFamily and I can tell you anything right? :)  ,Just appreciate that we are the kind of weird people that spend $200 to encapsulate Isagenix Placentas, spare no expense for mom's health!    Oh and guess who also went on and on about our famous Isagenix Placenta?  The Placenta Encapsulation Specialist who sees these things all the time!    Funny, because I had a 40 something year old mom on facebook write me and brag about her Isagenix Placenta.  She said that her doctor went all around the hospital gathering the other doctors to show them the most healthy looking placenta that he had seen in his many years of delivering.  lol  She of course, proceeded to teach him about Isagenix!    What a fantastic marketing method!  I'm kidding, not really, totally duplicatable.  lol

I'll be taking some time off to assist Crystal with these 2 other kiddos.  Wow, realizing what my wife does on a daily basis.  Oliver is a full-time job himself.  :)

Now for the Wonderful Birth Story Click Here
Love, Sean

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