Monday, December 12, 2011

New Years Resolutions can help build your business!

What are the #1 and #2 New Years Resolutions?  You guessed it, LOSE WEIGHT AND MAKE MORE MONEY!   We can help with both can't we!!!!

The time as officially come to make a tremendous push for our New Year Cleanse 2012!   Your business could benefit greatly from this opportune timing if you play your cards right!  The beauty of this is that you are inviting people to "participate" rather than soliciting them to "buy" anything.   I remember walking into a mortgage office to deliver an old friend of mine a kit that she bought.  I asked her if she had anyone that might want to participate with her as it is more fun and enjoyable.   What happened next was a pleasant surprise.  I waited in the conference room as she went around and gathered 11 of her co-workers and they all sat there and listened to me present why they ought to cleanse their bodies.  They all joined, every single one of them and I walked away with 12 apps in hand and my friend made several hundred dollars although she wasn't even doing the business!   People love to do things together, it is in our nature!   Contact Everyone you know within the next 2 weeks and invite them to join us.  Lets see if we can make this the biggest New Years Cleanse in our history!   Time to go to work and ensure that 2012 starts off with a bang!

Money.  Money is not the root of all evil, it is the LOVE of money that is.  Believe me, money is a very good thing and you can do a lot of good with it.   We can not be shy away from teaching people about this wonderful  opportunity.  I understand that many of us shy away from the money side of Isagenix as we do not want to be perceived as solely money motivated.  Just remember, everything revolves around a product results.  Even if it was the money potential that hooked them, they are still going to need to cleanse their bodies to determine whether or not this is something that they want to share forward.   There are so many people hurting now and we believe we are only 75% of the way through the down turn.  That means we still have another 25% to go down before the economy starts to climb back up and make a recovery.   The last 4 years of economic crisis have resulted in 4 straight record years in Network Marketing.  When the economy struggles, we thrive because everyone starts looking for supplemental opportunities to make money to feed their families.  This is the busiest I've ever seen it through the Holidays, things are popping, I'm sure you are experiencing the same.  2012 will be a historic year in our industry.  We may not see timing like this again in our lifetime.  Lets seize the moment!  Build fast, it's easier to build fast with momentum and get it done than to build slow over time and not hit momentum at all.   Crystal and I think about the blessing that Isagenix has been in our lives and we think about all the people who need a blessing like this in their lives.  How can we not share?  


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