Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Urgent Info for your Business-Generating Referrals

With a product like ours we ought to be generating referrals!  The lifeblood of our business is referrals.  We live or die by referrals.  The top income earners in Isagenix know how to effectively mine for refferals from their active customers, everyone else just constanly looks to drum up the next customer period.  Would you rather have 1 person refer you to 10 of tehir friends or would you rather have to beat the pavement and sign up 10 all by yourself?  

In order to effectively generate referals we must first lay the foundation from with they can flow.   Coaching cleansers is the very foundation that I speak of.   If we effectily do our job of supporting a new customer we should naturally generate some referals from them based on their results.  Our goal should be to make our new customer a consultant before they even finish their cleanse!  If we do so, we have helped them recover almost half of their initial investment, but more importantly we may open their eyes to the lucrative Isagenix Opportunity!    

Let me share with you the email that I send new customers, it helps to create the framework whereby I can tap into that reservoir of referrals I'm speaking of.   Edit this letter and make it from you, then save it and share it with each of your new cleansers!   Teach your team to do the same. 

"Hello ________

Welcome to Isagenix.  You are going to be so grateful that you made this decision to take control of your health and your life!  I'm available any time you have any questions ok.   I'm going to add you to our Daily Coaching Email System called “IsaMentor” so that we can start getting the pre-product emails coming to you right away with great tips for you to prepare for the cleansing process.   It is invaluable information/education for you that will help keep you on track and motivate you so please take the time to digest each email.  I'll set up a tentative date for now, but please let me know when you decide on a specific start date so that I can be on track with you and get the emails to coincide with the day that you are on.  Speaking of your start date, I would make sure that you do not plan to  do the Liquid Cleanse Days on the weekend.  It is better to do them during the week in my opinion.  Pre-cleanse day 1 could be on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday to avoid weekend cleansing.

By the way, did I mention that you are going to LOVE this!  I've been doing it for 9 years, have coached thousands of people and the results never cease to amaze me on a daily basis.

The 3 Essential things you can do to ensure your success and get the most out of your investment are:

A.  Invite a cleanse buddy or buddies to join you.  Everything is more fun when it is done together.  More importantly our chances of succeeding go up 50-60%. We like to say, “Cleansing Solo is a No No!”  Do you have some people in your family, friends, or co-workers that would join you in this new adventure?  Some people even like to make a contest or a game out of it.  I had a group of women in Chicago do a group cleanse together and it was so effective, between the 5 of them they lost over 100 collective inches!  Oh yes that reminds me, please make sure you to take your measurements!  Many people over look that and it is so amazing, the inches that people lose.   Inches are even more important than pounds, especially to woman, after all who is going to pick you up.  lol

B.  Build a Support Team.  Even if the people in your life are not cleanse with you, they can still be a huge support during your cleansing process.  Do you think that the people you communicate with the most are influencing the results you are getting in life?  You better believe they are!   Lets get those people behind you, cheering you on and keeping your honest.  Cleansing in secret is counterproductive.  One of my latest cleansers invited her facebook friends to support her through her cleanse, she was amazed by outpouring of support she received. 

C.  Cleanse Community.  If you are on facebook, search for and join the “Body Alive Cleanse Group.”  I’ll do my best to add you myself, but can only do so if we are already facebook friends. On this group page you can read what other cleansers are saying, feel free to participate by asking question and posting your successes!  You can easily unsubscribe from the postings in the settings on the right hand side of the page if you need to.  There are hundreds of people on this page who are ready to cheer you on if you decide to participate. 

Remember, the people that do these things get 50-60% better results with the same products!  

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help you realize the same kind of results that got me so excited. 


What does Cleanse Coaching Look like to me? 
We ask people if they would like to get the most out of their investment by allowing us to support them through the process at no additional cost. People that get coached get 50-60% better results. What does support look like? 
1. Personal Health Analysis (getting clear on their health goals, making a friend)
2. IsaMentor Coaching Daily Email System, invaluable information and daily contact
3. Body Alive Cleanse Support (Facebook Group) the added benefit here is the culture, loads of support from current and past cleansers, creates retention and moves people into the business. 
4. Cleanse Buddies (We ask them to invite a couple of their close friends or family members to cleanse with them) 
5. Cleanse Support Team (They invite everyone they know to encourage them and keep them on track during the cleansing process) This will get them the results they are after as their friends hold them accountable. Cleansers want to be recognized for their success. This also generates referrals which will help transition the new person into the business. 
6. Day 3 Call from Cleanse Coach, Day 10 Call from Cleanse Coach. Record Results, Mine for Referrals, Move to Maintenance. 

That's it! The Coaching System is Business Building Disguised as Cleanse Support!!!! Think about it, our business is referral marketing, without consistent referrals things do not continue to grow. Our business also depends on residual use of our products, this only takes place when people are educated and realize their optimal result. Imagine, all reorders/autoships and all referrals of friends of friends of friends to infinite levels count towards your commission. Wow! The Coaching System will generate the optimal result, hence referrals/reorders. Get it, Got it, Good! 

Love ya, 

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