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Isagenix IsaLean Shakes

Our shakes are a major selling point.  Even people that despise protein shakes of any kind seem to appreciate them.  It is no surprise that the shakes are the #1 selling individual product for Isagenix.   They are organic in origin, originating from "Happy Cows" in New Zealand, where they do not use any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on the ...feed.  The cattle are not treated with growth hormones or even antibiotics for that matter.  Funny to me how some people say, "well I can go to Costco and get a massive bag of Whey protein for $15.00!"  We truly must educate people.  On the surface it would appear to such people as though Isagenix is just marking up their products like crazy, it is not the case.  We could easily use the same domestic Whey protein as everybody else and we could therefor have significantly greater profit margins.  Imagine container loads of the highest quality Organic Whey on the planet being shipped from New Zealand!  This is indeed what is taking place!   "Hence the Expense!"  My father is a biosynthesis and product formulator himself.   With over 20 years in that field, he knows what things cost.  He knows exactly what it costs to get such protein.  He also knows the necessity of such protein in conjunction with the cleansing process.   The reason he never recommended a single cleanse on the market, in spite of teaching the necessity of detoxification for 20 years, is because he never found one that was able to simultaneously replenish, protect and preserve.  Did you know that the IsaLean Shake has 7 Enzyme delivery systems?  Not 1 or 2!  Look up Enzymes on Wikipedia to learn of the significance.  Without them you have what is jokingly referred to as "Expensive Urine," as nutrients are not getting delivered to where they need to go.   Did you know that with the shake we are replacing the good bacteria in the body?  Look up the benefits of Lactobacillus Acidophilus.   Did you know the shake is the most perfect balanced and most nutrient dense meal on the phase of the earth?   Did you know that Organic Whey is the most complete protein available?  
Read Organic Whey article here:

Bottom line, my Father is disgusted by the markup of many nutritional products, and it's not just the Network Marketing arena.  He has repeatedly praised Isagenix for their no compromise policy when it comes to the finest ingredients derived from optimal sources.   I often challenge people who say that Isagenix is expensive to them.  I'll respond with, "I would be willing to provide you with a list of the 242 ingredients in our 9 day cleanse.  I challenge you to please go to Whole Foods or your local health food store and reproduce our Nutritional Cleansing Technology.   If you can do it for under $1000.00 then I'll give you the kit for free!"   :)    Not only will they not be able to do it for under a grand, they also do not have the know how to combine such ingredients into one system.  People do not fully appreciate the experience of our formulator John Anderson, having formulated over 2400 different products for over 650 different companies including Weider, GNC and Met-rx.   John saved his best for last.   Did you know that the body requires 200 nutrients to function and John included all 200 in our Cleansing System!

Have you ever heard the phrase, "you get what you pay for?"  I have a friend who used to buy shoes from a well known store for $15.  He would brag to me about how inexpensive his shoes were.  I often told him that shoes are not something you want to skimp on.   It didn't take long for him to realize the short lifespan of such shoes.  Not to mention the discomfort and effect that they would have on his feet, his back, and so forth.   He has now come to openly acknowledge that this is one area where you do not want to try and save money!

Have you ever heard of the phrase, "Pay me now or Pay me later?"  Many people have experienced this with a car, a home, or when they try to save by purchasing an inexpensive T.V..  When things break, when you have to do all kinds of repairs or replace things all together you start to ask yourself "was it worth the initial savings."  We should remember that our health is not something worth pinching pennies on.   In fact, it is the last place in the world that you want to try to save money!   What may be the effect of eating that inexpensive domestic whey?  In the short term, it may make you bloated and gassy.  In the long run it could have a significant impact on your body's PH, being highly acidic as a results of high heat pasteurization.  We've seen such things as acid indigestion, reflux and gout.  It is also high in Lactose, which also creates problems when live enzymes are not present.

Bottom line, your health is your most valuable asset, just ask anyone that has recently been diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  Without your health you cannot enjoy your life or your loved ones.

Making a Shake!  It's not rocket science, but you'll regret it if you don't take the time to walk people through this.  I recently had a friend of mine complain that he didn't like the way the shake tasted.  Having learned in the past that not everyone reads directions I asked him to explain how he made it. Turns out he was mixing it in 20 ounces of water! lol  That would definitely dilute and diminish the tastiness of our shakes.  Or how about that gal that tells me "it was disgusting" after she mixed it with warm water and a spoon!  I'm laughing out loud as I recall that one.  

Now this could differ ever so slightly.  Some people might prefer 8 ounces of water while others prefer it a little less thick, so they bump it up to 10-12 ounces.   Play with it and find the consistency that you prefer.  We are all different.   No matter what thickness you like, these pointers are are what I feel are essential for a wonderful shake:
1.  Cold Water
2.  3-4 cubes of Ice
3.  A good blender, one that will completely blend the ice.  No, you do not need to go out and buy a $400 Vitamixer.   The IsaBlender is inexpensive and and highly effective.  That is what Crystal and I have used for the last 7 years.   Its highly effective, convenient and cleanup is a synch.
4.  Drink your shake within 10 minutes of having made it, the enzymes are live once you activate the shake by blending it.  Drinking the shake within 10 minutes ensures that you get maximum benefit.
5.  Do not add fruit to your shake during your Deep Cleanses.   Doing so disrupts the shakes balance and may inhibit your weight loss results.   Once you make it to your ideal weight and move to the the Maintenance Program you can then add some frozen berries etc to your shake.  I once had a guy who added a banana to every shake he had during his 9 day.  That's 14 Bananas in 9 days!  Then he wondered why he didn't realize the weight loss results he hoped for.  Common sense right?  lol

Now for some fun, Watch my Son Oliver with his Isagenix Shake, works every time!

Please feel free to share additional tips in the comments section below.
Thank You, Sean

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