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Race To Maintenance Protocol

(Side Note:  My sister Andrea has now lost 80 lbs on Isagenix!  So proud of her, she has earned every pound!  Please feel free to congratulate her.  You can find her on facebook by searching for "andrea escobar clawson isagenix")

The following protocol was developed by Peter Greenlaw of the RGG group.  This strategy has been instrumental in the success of the RGG group, which has hit 5 Star Golden Circle in its re-entry position in just 1 year.   Peter still starts everyone on the 9 day cleanse as he feels this is what "grabs" people and gets them wanting more.

Here is how the Race to Maintenance works.  On day 5 of their 9 day process people order the "Race to Maintenance."  The protocol, cost and all other details are all spelled out in the document below.

By asking people for this order on day 5, many customers are excited to order because of the emotional response and results they are having on their 9 day cleanse.   Peter gets about 90% of his customers to place the order.  The beauty of committing people to such a protocol is that they will have such tremendous results their chances of going off Isagenix are significantly less!   It is all about results and we still hold to the concept that "Coaching Cleansers" is key for creating long term users and residual income for yourself.

The BV on this order is 235 BV which is substantial.  Consider that their 9 day cleanse when they first and you now have a customer who has invested 335 BV with you in their initial 6 weeks!   Can you imagine what this will do for your business center and for your retention?

Of course, when it comes down to it, results are what matter most.  The results that the RGG group has been seeing have been unbelievable!  Best part is, "you get to eat Dinner!"

Here it is:
Race to Maintenance

The cleansing protocol prescribed by IsaMentor™ to support people in 
achieving their optimal results in the shortest period of time is a modified 
Isagenix 30-Day System, which is referred to as the Race to Maintenance. 
Dr. Dennis Harper of our Scientific Advisory Board has approved this protocol 
for helping people who have more weight to lose beyond the 9 day cleanse. 
The average loss for the 9 day system is around seven pounds and many of 
us want to achieve a greater amount of weight loss. This protocol gives 
people an additional 28 days of manageable deep cleansing, which gives 
them the boost they need to achieve the Cleansing Lifestyle.  That is the 
bigger goal for utilizing the Race to Maintenance. The subtle meaning of the 
name, Race to Maintenance, is that somewhere in the 28 days we will reach 
our desired weight, and then will continue to use the Isagenix products in a 
maintenance mode for the rest of our lives. And should someone desire to 
lose more than they do in 28 days, the Race to Maintenance protocol can be 
used until they do achieve their desired weight provided they do the modified 
shake days between cleanse days as described in the details below.  

Here is what your initial 9 day cleanse looked like: 
2 Pre-Cleanse Days (shake, meal, shake) 
2 Cleanse Days  
5 Shake Days (shake for breakfast, a 400-600 calorie lunch, and a 
shake for dinner) 
2 Cleanse Days 
Race To Maintenance will follow immediately after the conclusion of 
your 9 day cleanse 

Here is what your Race to Maintenance Looks like: 

5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie 
lunch, 400-600 calorie dinner,  shake for dessert)  
2 Cleanse Days 
5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie 
lunch, 400-600 calorie dinner,  shake for dessert)  
2 Cleanse Days  
5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie 
lunch, 400-600 calorie dinner,  shake for dessert)  
2 Cleanse Days 
5 Modified Shake Days (shake for breakfast, 400-600 calorie 
lunch, 400-600 calorie dinner,  shake for dessert)  
2 Cleanse Days 

Accelerator Capsules-Taken every day morning and early afternoon, 
never after 5pm 
Snacks-Enjoy 6 snacks per cleanse day, try to spread them out evenly 
about every 1.5 hours.   On Shake Days, enjoy 3 snacks total per day, again 
try to time those right in-between shakes and meals.  Adding 2 almonds per 
snack is allowed and enhances the texture and taste of the snacks 

Cleanse Day Timing

Shake/Meal/Meal/Shake Timing

Key Points: 
Stay active - light walking or bouncing is great to stimulate your lymphatic 
system.  Exercise should be light so that you increase circulation without 
expending too many calories. Take a walk or do a light yoga workout. 

Drink plenty of water ... for cleansing and also for the importance to our overall 
health and wellness. Drink no more than 
half of your body weight in oz of water.  

Call your support coach if you are uncomfortable at any time. Your coach can help 
you. There are many solutions and options with the Isagenix System. 

Do not let more than 2 hours pass without a meal or snack. Isagenix Snacks 
stabilize blood sugar levels and the Natural Accelerator capsule supports a healthy 

NO solid food on Cleanse days.  If you get to your breaking point, have a snack, if 
you absolutely need more, eat some raw low glycemic veggies.   

Remember your water! If you start to get a headache it is usually an indicator 
of not consuming enough water – drink 8-16 oz of water immediately. 

If you find your cleanse day a bit challenging, you may eat a small handful of nuts, 
a piece of celery or 1-2 IsaDelightTM Healthy Chocolates 

Rest and honor your body during this time – your body is working really hard.  

Meals may also be split into two smaller portion meals – your Isagenix Shake is 
the last meal of the day. Organic is best! Eat 4 to 6 oz of lean protein such 
as chicken, turkey, fish, seafood or grass fed beef; 3 to 4 cups of vegetables (i.e. 
romaine lettuce, cabbage, bell peppers, green beans, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, 
artichoke hearts, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, avocados, eggplant...) - they may 
be eaten raw as a salad, or you may steam them until tender. 

Blend the Cleanse for Life drink with water and ice to enjoy as a slushy!  

Relax, enjoy and be at peace.  Curl up with a good book.  Rent a good movie. 
Your body is working really hard on the inside – you’ve earned 
the time to relax! 

This is the beginning of the rest of your life!  What you’ve experienced will keep 
getting better and better as you continue to use the products. 

If people will stay the course for 28 days, they stand a great 
chance of transitioning their body to a "cleansing lifestyle" that 
will help keep them healthy. 
If this "Race to Maintenance" has allowed a person to achieve their 
weight loss goal, then the person can move on to a maintenance 
program (Shake and Cleanse Pack) to keep their weight stable at that 
level and to continue to improve the health of their body overall. 
If a person has not reached their weight loss goal by this time, 
they can simply continue modified shake days and two cleanse 
days, until they reach their goal. Then they can go on a 
maintenance program. 

Definition: Basal Metabolic Rate "BMR" You expend energy no matter 
what you're doing, even when sleeping. Thus your Basal Metabolic 
Rate is the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day - 
a tempting idea for some. If you've noticed that every year it becomes 
harder to eat whatever you want and stay slim, you may also have 
learned that your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) decreases as you age. 
Likewise, depriving yourself of food in hopes of losing weight also 
decreases your BMR, a foil to your intentions. However, a regular 
routine of cardiovascular exercise can increase your BMR, improving 
your health and fitness when your body's ability to burn energy 
gradually slows down.   NOTE: Before starting a nutritional or exercise 
program, please consult your doctor.  

Love ya!

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