Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In loving memory of my one of my dearest friends Chanie Walfish

Chanie Walfish, our Dear friend in Isagenix passed on December 20th, 2010. I was introduced to Chanie by Dr. Richard Hirsch over 6 years ago. Over the last 6 years Chanie and I became very close over friends, we talked quite often about a wide range of things, not just Isagenix. When my wife would ask, "who are you talking to?" the response was very often, "Chanie." Crystal could tell that this was a dear friend to me, not just an Isagenix Business Associate. What can I tell you about Chanie Walfish? Well, I think the main reason that we got along so well is because family is always Priority #1, first and foremost. She always told me about all of the different things going on. She bragged about how successful her husband Favi was, how he was such a tremendous business man. A couple of times she shared with me some of the pointers he had given her to help her in Isagenix and he certainly was "spot on" every time. She was so proud of her kids, and her son in law. She bragged about them all the time. Chanie was a very spiritual person, dedicated to her faith. We would joke that every time we talked she would be getting ready for a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah. She has a lot of family and friends and so there is a lot of celebrations. She would joke about all the food that she always had to be around at these events. She had a great sense of humor, fantastic! Chanie loved Isagenix. She was heavily involved, getting on as many calls and attending as many meetings as were available, you could always count on her to show up. She even walked several miles to hear Jim Rhodes speak, she was not supposed to drive that day for religious purposes, but she wanted to hear him so badly. I'm so grateful that my own Mother and Father were able to meet her in person on their trip to New York. They loved her the minute they saw her. Chanie was able to help many people through her efforts to share with others. What an Angel, always looking outward. I can't say enough good about this person.

I am not used to losing people who I am this close to. It is hard to put into words how I feel. I know she is in a better place now. So that provides some comfort, but I miss her already. I feel so sad for her family. I just can't express it. I love you Chanie Walfish.


Birth: 1953
Rockland County
New York, USA

Dec. 21st, 2010. Hundreds turned out today in Monsey, NY, for the levaya of Mrs. Chanie Walfish a”h, who was killed last night when a van jumped a curb and struck her. Police say Mrs. Walfish, 57, was hit by a van driven by a local store employee. Mrs. Walfish was a special education teacher at Yeshiva Darchei Noam in Spring Valley.

Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, who heads the school, said that she was a wonderful woman who loved teaching and her students loved her for it.

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam, said in an e-mail that Walfish had worked with remedial students in the yeshiva's resource room for many years.

"She was an extraordinary teacher who was devoted to and loved by all her students," Horowitz said.

At Horowitz's request Tuesday, students at the yeshiva wrote down their most treasured memories of their teacher.

Gabriel Umansky, 11, from Wesley Hills described Walfish as a kind, sweet woman.

"She was always so happy when we accomplished something. ... You know kids don't like school, but in her class, everybody loved school."

Yitzchak Lehmann, 11, credited Walfish with fostering his love of books.

"She helped me read and now I'm a book worm," he wrote. "I looked forward to being in her class. She helped me so much. ... She was always cheerful and nice and she greeted everyone with so much respect."

Police say they are not planning to charge the driver in the incident.

Mrs. Walfish is survived by her husband, R’ Favi Walfish; her mother, Mrs. Pauline Leiser; her brother, R’ Meir Leiser; her sisters, Mrs. Bracha Kaplan and Mrs. Raizel Fertig; and her children, R’ Avi Walfish, Mrs. Yitty Fried and Mrs. Frimi Walfish.

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