Monday, December 6, 2010

New Year Group Cleansing & The Law of the Harvest

Prelude to The Law of the Harvest Training:

***Important Announcement!  

It is time for each of us to start building our New Year's Group Cleanses.   Get your leaders to do the same!   Right NOW is the time to start creating the buzz about YOUR group cleanse in the New Year.  Contact all of your existing customer base and your past customer base and invite them to join you.   There is not a better time to invite people to cleanse with you!  What is always at the top of people's New Years Resolution Lists?  WEIGHT!  Lets capitalize on the Timing!  Approach this as a fun service that you are offering people.  When you call your friends, connect with them as follows, "Hey Sally, I don't know about you, but I totally splurged these Holidays and feel pretty gross! lol  I'm putting together a cleanse group for the New Year for all of those people who want to "Take Back Control!" lol   It's a lot of fun and effective to cleanse as a group versus going it alone.   I'll be building a facebook group page for all of us to connect on a daily basis to share how we are feeling and post success's and challenges.  I figured I'd invite you now, in case you need to plan ahead and get a 9 day kit so that you are ready to run with us on the 2nd of January.  Would you be interested in joining us?   Are there people who you know that might want to join us as well?"  
Dr. Corey Cameron recently shared with me the Power of Reconnecting existing customers to the cleansing experience.  We all need to periodically re-discover what it was that lit our fire about Isagenix.  Do you see how this group cleanse concept can accomplish that for you?  Get EVERYONE you can to join you, current, past, and soon to be customers, and friends of friends!  Make it your goal to build a huge cleansing group and you will enroll quite a few new customers as a side benefit.   Could you get your sister in law's entire office to join you?  I remember when I was able to attract an entire office, 11 women all cleansed together, just for the fun of it!   Could you get your entire aerobics class?  Readers club?  You get the idea. :)  Post an invitation to your Facebook page inviting your whole friend list.  Contact all the people in your rolodex, the beauty of this is that you are not asking them to "Buy Isagenix" per say.  It just so happens that they will need to buy Isagenix in order to participate.  It's an indirect approach that works.  You are asking them to "join you and your group."   It is a very passive, fun invitation.   Lets kickstart 2011 NOW!

The Law of the Harvest
-Sean Escobar

The New Year Brings with it a unique opportunity for each of us to Re-Invent ourselves in our Isagenix businesses.  When I say the word "Re-Invent" I do not mean to stop what we are currently doing which has brought us success, that would not be good business.  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  There have been people who have asked my father to change his presentation for no other reason then their desire to be entertained.  Certainly his presentation is not for existing customers, it is to enroll the new ones.  Being that his presentation is the most effective out there, why would he change it?  

Can we improve though?   We can always be improving.  The day that we have "arrived" as far as our Business Success is concerned may never come, there is just too much to learn.   Our income is truly a great gauge for how effective we are now.  The more service that we are providing, the more passionate we are about helping others, the more persuasive we are about what we are sharing, equates to more income for us.  That is really a wonderful concept isn't it.   We get back what we give out.  I know that for me, I am continually learning new things that take my success and efficiency to a better level.  Like when one of my partners Karen McDonald recently told me that "we can say more with less words."  Wow, that is truly powerful and it works.  We need to be listening to our customers needs more and then finding areas where we can fill those needs.   Versus blabbing our mouths off about all we know in an effort to demonstrate how well versed we are.  

We can truly learn something new every single day.  This is why one of my personal Resolutions is to make a conscious effort this New Year, to be even more coachable than ever before.   I also intend on cutting out all business ativities that do not bring about my desired result.   My personal motto for the new year, "Is what I am doing now contributing to my desired result?"   The word "fruit" obviously symbolizes results, success, making a difference for someone, or things coming to fruition."    I think it is an honest question that each of us need to be consistently asking ourselves.   In order for us to understand how it is we are going to bring about the desired result, we must first understand what we are?  What are we at a root level?  Are we Network Marketers?  No!  Are we Independent Isagenix Representatives?  No!  Are we Cleanse Sale People?  NO!   I truly believe that we are all, Educators.   We sell people information, the products are free.  The word Educator means to "give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to."   We are in the business of making people aware of potential dangers to their health and informing them of solutions that may support them in avoiding the damage caused by such dangers.   What is our Desired Result?  That truly varies from person to person.  For me, I am of the believe that "in order for me to help people reclaim their health and guide others in becoming financially free, the majority of my time must be spend educating such people."    

I know from doing Isagenix for 8 years and 5 years full time, that the work we put in during November/December comes to fruition in the New Year.  The people who see the most growth in the new year, are the ones who worked their tails off in those prior months.   Network marketing is very cyclical.   January/February/March are huge months!  So are September and October.  People do not realize the necessity of "building up" for those months.   How would you like your lowest month of the year to be 10k?  I know a lot of people that would take 10k as their High Month!   Still, the point is, that we must "build up" for such things to happen.  Working in the slower periods produces more of a result in the hot periods, and vice versa.     Right now many people will subscribe to "well it is the Holidays and people do not want to be bothered."  Don't sign up for that class!  The Holidays are a wonderful time to connect with extended family and friends who you might otherwise not have the opportunity.  You have a tremendous opportunity to share what you have been up to and to educate about what you are passionate about.  

Same thing goes for Events.   People do not realize the Power of Isagenix Events.  Whether they are home parties, tastings, trainings, regionals, etc.  Events Build Income!  The #1 most effective event of the years is obviously Convention.  If you get a team out to Convention, they will absolutely go to work and create results.  They will also become very loyal to Isagenix, which is essential to a stable residual income source.   Convention happens once a year only, but it really should be talked about all year long.  You should be getting commitments from people to come to convention as soon as they opt in for the business opportunity.  Many people back East cannot make it to "The New Year Launch" Event, it is too much of a commitment for them to come out west for Convention in August and then again in January for The New Year Event.   If they must choose one of the 2 events, make sure it is the Annual Convention in August.   If they can make it to both, that is ideal of course.   Did you know that the team you will have to this next year's convention will primarily be from the commitments you get in January and February?  It's the Law of the Harvest, you cannot invite people 1 month before and expect them to drop everything and come.  It is good business sense to start to build your list now!  Set a goal of how many people your will have with you at convention.  Maybe you say, "I am going to get 10 people on my team to join me this year!"  Then go to work NOW and start getting those commitments.  By planning ahead, you may surprise yourself, maybe you end up with 15-20 joining you.  

A wise farmer who hopes for a very large harvest in the Fall, is fully aware of the work, time, and energy that he must invest in the Spring.   With that said, let me introduce on of my favorite training articles of all time, "The Law of The Harvest."  

Body Alive Site Update.  
The Good News...We've enhanced the videos on the site so that they don't take an eternity to download.  We also updated the new Business Video on the "Business" page.  Check it out!  

The Better News...The Site Flat Out Works!  Those of you who have been getting that site into potential customers hands know that it does a tremendous job of educating and closing for you.  This provides you with tremendous leverage as you do not have to do all of the educating and order taking yourself.   Keeping the Law of the Harvest in mind, this site can only "pay out" a portion of what is "put in."  Many people do not understand the concept of "feeding the pipeline."  They won't come out the end if you didn't put them in to begin with.  

Our motivation in investing/building this site was that we would finally have a 1 product focus, like we did in the beginning.  Almost every Network Marketing 101 book will teach you the necessity of having a simple/duplicatable one product focus for enrolling new customers.  They can learn about all of the other wonderful products later.   Lets just get them on the 9 Day Cleanse and let them experience the Magic!  Ask yourself this question, "how was I bought in and what got me so excited?"  

Lets get out there and absolutely FLOOD the earth with your site!   Do you want to personally enroll 100 people this year?  Start getting creative and effective at getting your site out there to the masses.   

Happy Holidays Isagenix Family!


  1. Dr. Keith Brickell's Group Cleanse Invite:

    "Hello Friends, and let me be the first to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year !!!

    To start off your New Year on Cleaner, Healthier note, I'm organizing a Mass 11 day Isagenix Cleanse and inviting you to join us.

    Starting on January 2nd, I'm going to do an Isagenix 11 day cleanse; are you interested in starting the New Year off on a Healthier note?

    If you are, let me know. If you need to order your Isagenix Cleanse, do it now. Shipping during the Holidays will be crazy and I want you to have the supplies that you need available so we can all start together.

    So are you ready to start the year off Clean inside????? If not now.....WHEN???

    If you don't know about Isagenix and may be interested in joining us, go to the last two websites at the bottom of my E-signature and learn more about this incredible technology in Cellular detoxification.

    Dr Keith Brickell"

  2. Karen Malone's Group Cleanse Invite:
    "Good Morning all my healthy like minded friends!

    I’m trying for the first time ever to create a grand cleanse! The Grand Cleanse will be a supportive way for all of us to begin the New Year with an amazing support system!
    Some of you may have already completed the 9-day cleanse just recently and may be on your way! Great for you who have been able to maintain your journey of health with your shakes and cleanse drink.
    But, for some of us (me included) the 9-day is needed now!

    I just ordered my cleanse pak! I am getting it any day and I thought before I start I’ll ask all of you to join me and get the momentum going for the New Year!
    My great friend Lori just completed hers and looks and feels amazing, so thanks for the inspiration!! I am on my way too!

    How would like to join me!!! Many of you are also on Facebook and we can all link there as well. Some of you may not be aware of my blog that I started just weeks ago and I will be adding the process to the blog to make a place for you all to hear of my progress and to post your own!!!! If we join together we can make this amazing journey together and have the support we need in one another!

    Those whom are interested need to contact me asap! And, those whom are sharing this with their friends and family are welcome to join in!

    I will be using the daily cleanse support system as I always have and will add any new comers to the system.

    There is an abundant future out there! We are all here to be healthy and enjoy every minute of it!

    Thanks for your reading on and allowing me to invite you to join me!




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