Wednesday, January 23, 2013

South Florida Team Get Ready! Tony and Randi will present on March 16th!

Tony and Randi will be there to present an Product/Opportunity Meeting on March 16th!  Please start getting the word out to all of contacts inviting them to come and learn from the best of the best!   If you are not in that market, why not go to work over the next 6+ weeks finding someone there?  Ask around within your sphere of influence or search for contacts online in that market.  Wouldn't you like to go visit somewhere like Florida to service your team?  Let me tell you it is rough! lol   Don't have to twist our arms!

Location to be determined near the Fort Lauderdale Area.  This will be on a Saturday, early evening.  We feel this is the most opportune time to get the largest response.  One thing is for certain, events like this will build your business and send it to new heights!  Lets work on getting the largest turnout ever before in that market.  All it takes is each leader brining 10 people to the event.  Remember that means you have to commit 20 to come, then you'll get your 10 to actually show up.  Better to know the odds up front and work it accordingly.

Please email with any questions.  Thanks to our South Florida Leadership for all of their help and hard work in putting this together!
Love you all!  Sean

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