Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Available Today, Pete Cerqua's High Intensity Fitness Revolution!

Team Body Alive,
We are so grateful for the marriage of Pete Cerqua's Fitness Platform and Isagenix!  Get his book and you will soon see why this is a match made in Heaven!  Your results on Isagenix will go through the roof!     My father, Tony Escobar was fortunate to write the forward for the book.  I'll provide that forward below so that you can hear his thoughts about Pete's philosophy.  This book is also a TREMENDOUS way to passively recruit new Isagenix Members.  Pete has an entire chapter entitled "High Intensity Nutrition" where Isagenix is the focus!  It's an emphatic, expert endorsement.  Just suggest this book to your friends and then make sure to follow up within a few days and ask about what they thought.   Remember that Follow up is always the key!  Pete's endorsement will have a major impact on them.   Pete has never endorsed a nutritional product like this before so his endorsement means a lot, this guy is a not the type to go around peddling products.  Just check out his Bio at www.petecerqua.com

Available today are Pete Cerqua's new High Intensity Fitness books, one for Women and one for Men!  Are you desirous to stick with those New Years Resolutions but need a simple game plan to follow?  You don't feel like you have the time to devote to a complex workout regimen or a personal trainer?  These are all about fast workouts that yield measurable results.  Meeting Pete last year in person and becoming close friends was a highlight of 2012 for me.  He is a total Class Act.  Pete is the Best Selling author of the 90 second fitness solution.  He owns 4 gyms in New York City and has been featured by Oprah and Dr. Oz.  This guys is the real deal.  He knows his stuff.  One chapter of the book talks about how weight loss is a result of diet, not necessarily the exercise.  He mentions how so many women live on those cardio machines day in and day out and yet they are flabby and weak.  Why spend an hour at the gym, its drudgery, when you can get the same results in 10-15 minutes per day?  There is also a chapter High Intensity Nutrition that is so simple and straight forward, anyone can follow it.   Crystal and I have been doing the entry level workouts with our kids, ages 4 and 7.  They love it and it is a major wakeup shot in the arm.  Talk about getting your brain and body working for you first thing in the morning in only minutes.  Crystal is going to take pictures of the kids and blog about it.  So grateful for Pete's expertise and to know him personally.  Keep up the great work my friend.  Buy the books here, you'll be thanking me.  It will seem overly simple at first, you'll soon see that is the beauty of it.

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Thanks! Sean

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