Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Team ISABUNDANCE Won a Cruise!

Congratulations on Team Isabundance taking #3 overall in the IsaDerby II Contest!  Each of these members won a Royal Caribbean Balcony Suite Cruise for 2.  To earn the #3 spot in the Entire Company of Isagenix is quite an accomplishment!    True to their name, the team itself generated an Abundance of points, around 700 that is!

In addition Torry McGee was the 8th place individual point earner in the entire company with a Whopping 237 points himself!

Lisa Possanza was the 28th individual point earner in the entire company with an Amazing 159 points!

We look forward to being with you at the New Year Launch this month where you will be recognized on stage.  We are also so looking forward to hanging out with 4 out of 6 of you when we come to Florida for a Super Saturday in February!

Introducing Team Isabundance!  
Please look up these awesome members of our Isagenix family on Facebook if you would like to congratulate them.  They worked so hard to make this happen and they deserve all the recognition we can dish out at them! 

Lisa Possanza
Torry McGee

Dr. Corey Cameron

Tony Sanchez
Dr. Keith Brickell
Dr. Frank Darrow

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