Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is 2011 Your Year?


The Escobar Group, January 2011

The biggest stumbling block affecting most new network marketing businesses is a stumbling block that has stopped millions of potential distributors from becoming successful is a failure to adopt “the first step”.

The very first step is “An Absolute Commitment.”

An Absolute Commitment comes from getting absolutely motivated and inspired and staying that way. This makes it that much easier to take that first step where you become Absolutely Committed.

Randi and I know that you can start this business and become absolutely successful at it. We know you can make the success happen for you. You can do it.

Behind every motivation there is a motive – what is your motive?

Keep your passion and motivation level as high as you can to make sure you never quit, you never give up.
Fuel that fire in your heart by staying motivated & inspired, associating with people that are motivated and inspired. Get rid of negative influences and let them go.

Remember, You are motivated when you are feeling confident, positive and good about your self and your future. You are motivated when you have the passion, energy and drive to move forward into action. Motivation always leads to creativity, ingenuity and hard work.

You always know when you are motivated – time flies, especially when you are having fun. This business is a fun business.

It is very easy to loose track of time when you love what you do and you do what you love – mentally this is the very best place to be in.

Motivation provides the momentum that ensures things will happen for you. Think about motivation as the gasoline in your car – where can you go on an empty tank, but with gasoline you can go anywhere. And like the fuel in your car, your motivation must be the best fuel possible.

Absolute Commitment comes from a belief in yourself, your talents and abilities and your never quit attitude.

Yes indeed, it takes a certain mental attitude to stay motivated and to know it is possible to achieve anything your heart desires.

Embrace the opportunity of 2011. You will never see an opportunity like this again for another 25 years. People want to be a part of your business – you just have to convince them that they need what you have.

You have a way to enrich their lives with good health and financial wealth.

You have the greatest and most effective support team behind you 110%! This support team is here to provide you with a ton of information and education that can ensure your success.

This year is 2011 the best year in history for network marketing - seize it now! If you have a question, if you need help with a conference call, if you need information, call on us! We are the Escobar Group; we are industry record breakers that are here for you!
We are very proud of our success in this industry as multiple million-dollar earners. We are very proud and honored to serve you. We are committed to your “Absolute Success.”

Every member of our organization is here to help and serve you, to ensure that you realize the success enjoyed by our group through the educational forums, trainings, events and meetings that are made available to you.

It all starts with a belief in yourself and your choice to DO SOMETHING BIG IN 2011 and to KEEP GOING no matter what happens.

The time is now and timing is everything, 2011 will be the adventure of your lives as you immerse yourselves in your business. We know that in the past, the journey of every distributor was like a roller coaster. It had its ups and downs! There were the highs that went with the good days. But there were also the lows that went with the not so good days, days. Remember you will always learn much more from the not so good days.

Today is the start of year 2011 and more people are attracted to network marketing than at any other time in our history, especially to Isagenix, the “World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing.” Things have changed in our industry!

Our industry our company has suddenly evolved into a respected, bonafide profession that is attracting thousands of professional people every day into it.

Take advantage of this incredible year, 2011! It has never been easier to build a substantial Isagenix business.

This business is all about re-inspiring and re-motivating your selves. Do it now- it is your year! There will always be tough days even in 2011. The tough days will give you the opportunity to discover talents you never thought you had. If you have a tough day, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this day and how can I improve. 

Commit yourself to the pursuit of learning and gaining knowledge by reading for 30 minutes each and every day. It is this knowledge that will re-ignite the fire inside you.

Let the past go and remember 2011 is your year of opportunity – seize it, embrace it and watch your business explode!

The key to success is not being in the right place at the right time. It is simply taking advantage of an opportunity and sharing that opportunity with everyone in every place, all of the time
Tony Escobar

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